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Learning Assessments for Sustainability?

6 Items

Editors: Oren Pizmony-Levy, Dafna Gan

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  • Climate change concern among youth: Examining the role of civics and institutional trust across 22 countries

    Erika Lyn Kessler
  • Is youth pessimism good for the environment? Insights from PISA 2015

    Margarita Pivovarova, Jeanne M. Powers, Ketevan Chachkhiani
  • Introduction to special issue: Learning assessments for sustainability? Exploring the interaction between two global movements

    Oren Pizmony-Levy, Dafna Gan
  • Failing the test or the failure of the test: The case of environmental education in Israel

    Ruth Zuzovsky
  • More is not always better: A study of country-level factors associated with adolescents’ environmental attitudes using a multilevel analysis of PISA 2006

    Byoung-gyu Gong, Yi Zheng
  • Perspectives on environmental education, citizenship, and assessment: A case study of elementary school teachers and principals in Israel

    Dafna Gan