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Intervenção mediada por pares: Conceito e implicações para a pesquisa e para as práticas pedagógicas de professores de alunos com autismo
Fabiane dos Santos Ramos, Daniele Denardin de Bittencourt, Síglia Pimentel Höher Camargo, Carlo Schmidt
A inclusão de alunos com autismo tem sido um desafio para os educadores que apontam carências em sua formação, especialmente quanto a alternativas de intervenção no contexto escolar. A literatura internacional destaca evidências de efetividade de uma modalidade de intervenção ainda ausente na literatura nacional, conhecida como Intervenção Mediada por Pares (IMP). Este estudo tem por objetivo...

What does the literature say about teaching methods for students with autism spectrum disorder? An integrative literature review
Mariana Queiroz Orrico de Azevedo, Débora R. P. Nunes
Considering the considerable number of students with autism who attend regular classes, it is necessary that teachers implement intervention practices that favor the academic development of this population.  In this scenario, the primary purpose of this study is to identify, through an integrative literature review, teaching methods implemented by teachers of children with autism, in regular...

Tracking the educationalization of the world: Prospects for an emancipated history of education
Daniel Tröhler
This article reconstructs the rise, the national differentiations and the decline of the genre history of education and outlines subsequently what the history of education could mean if it emancipated itself from the conditions that led to its emergence, religion and nationalism – conditions, that, nota bene, are by no means as dominant as they once were.

Charter schools, parent choice, and segregation: A longitudinal study of the growth of charters and changing enrollment patterns in five school districts over 26 years
Doug Archbald, Andrew Hurwitz, Felicia Hurwitz
In 1975, a court-ordered busing program was launched to desegregate the schools of New Castle County, Delaware. It was by many accounts one of the most significant and successful desegregation programs in the nation (Armor & Rossell, 2002; Orfield, 2014; Raffel, 1980). In 1995, the districts of the county were declared “unitary” and the court order was lifted. Shortly thereafter, new...

The library as space of cultural mediation and aesthetic education
Adair De Aguilar Neitzel, Cássia Ferri, Adeneri Nogueira de Borba
This research aims at discussing the cultural potency of school and university libraries, and therefore, their contribution to the aesthetic education of users. It is a qualitative research and has as corpus of analysis two libraries in the city of Itajaí, Santa Catarina, Brazil: the Municipal Public and School Library Norberto Cândido Silveira Jr. and the Central and Community Library of the...

The New Professionalism? Charter Teachers’ Experiences and Qualities of the Teaching Profession
A. Chris Torres, Jennie Weiner
While teacher professionalism remains a contested topic, scholars increasingly acknowledge the field has entered a “new professionalism” wherein its parameters are dictated by management and the organization rather than those within the occupation. Many argue that this shift has served to decrease teachers' sense of professionalism, efficacy and persistence. Simultaneously, no-excuses charter...

The evolution of the academic profession in research universities in Chile
Daniela Veliz-Calderon, Daniel Theurillat, Victoria Paredes, Astrid Pickenpack
Faculty members are fundamental for the development and success of higher education organizations, and building strong academic cadres is a major challenge, especially for research universities. While there are no fully-fledged research universities in Chile (Bernasconi, 2007), a few strive to get closer to that ideal by way of the professionalization their faculty. This study follows this...

Teaching of ethics in public administration courses: An analysis from Pedagogical Projects of Course and the National Curricular Guidelines
Laís Silveira Santos, Mauricio C. Serafim, Marcello Beckert Zappellini, Silvia Maria Knabben Corrêa Zappellini, Martha Kaschny Borges
The National Curricular Guidelines (DCN) of the undergraduate program in Public Administration bring the discussion and the teaching of ethics as a basic and indispensable disciplinary content to the education of the student. From this finding, the interest in knowing how its teaching occurs and assists the professional education of undergraduate students in Public Administration in Brazil...

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