Call for Papers: Special Issue on English Language Teaching in Public Primary Schools in Latin America

Education Policy Analysis Archives/Archivos Analíticos de Políticas Educativas

Deadline: January 31, 2016

In Latin America, the push to include English in primary education began to gain strength in the 1990s in countries like Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico.  Since then, most of the countries in the region have followed suit and currently have English Language Teaching (ELT) programs in their public schools. 

However, despite the importance and scale of the efforts to implement ELT programs, there has been relatively few research articles published examining how ELT programs are working in the region.  There is a need, then, to generate a space to analyze, and discuss the experiences, programs and policy processes related to the implementation of ELT, and specially assessing the progress and challenges with disputes ranging from the role of English as a lingua franca, to the economic value and cultural aspects involved in teaching English as a foreign, or as a second language.

The journal Education Policy Analysis Archives/Archivos Analíticos de Políticas Educativas (EPAA/AAPE) invites researchers doing work on the topic of English Language Teaching (ELT) in primary schools in Latin America to collaborate on a special issue of the journal.  The aim of the special issue is to identify and analyze the main issues and trends in the teaching of ELT in primary schools, especially in public schools in the region.  The editors of the special issue are looking for original contributions that document the evolution and current state of public primary ELT programs in any of the countries of the region that will examine the following aspects: historical development of public primary ELT programs in the country, expansion and current coverage of the program, description of the current program(s)  (aims, contents, theoretical orientation, methodology, materials and resources, and so forth), profiles of teachers, and main problems and accomplishments. 

About the journal: For more than 20 years EPAA/AAPE has been a peer-reviewed, open-access, international, multilingual, and multidisciplinary journal.  It is indexed at EBSCO Education Research Complete, Directory of Open Access Journals, ERIC, H.W. WILSON & Co, QUALIS – International 2 (CAPES, Brazil), SCOPUS, and SOCOLAR-China. It is designed for researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and development analysts concerned with education policies. EPAA/AAPE accepts unpublished original manuscripts in English, Spanish and Portuguese without restriction as to conceptual and methodological perspectives, time or place. We will not consider manuscripts submitted for publication elsewhere.  However, for this special issue, the manuscripts should be submitted in English (in order to facilitate their wider readership by researchers in other countries) and address only countries in Latin America. 

Submission of manuscripts: All manuscripts should be submitted electronically through the EPAA/AAPE website ( and follow the journal’s format and guidelines.

We will not evaluate manuscripts submitted elsewhere or that have been previously published.

Submission deadline: January 31, 2016

Estimated Publication date: June 27, 2016

Special Issue Editors:

José Luis Ramírez-Romero, Universidad de Sonora (México),

Peter Sayer, University of Texas, San Antonio (United States),


Education Policy Analysis Archives/Archivos Analíticos de Políticas Educativas



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