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Education and its Interfaces with Administration, Accounting, and Economics

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Editors: Thiago Alves, Zara Figueiredo Tripodi, Ursula Dias Peres

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  • Does the student cost calculated by school reveal conditions of inequality or difference?

    Jokasta Pires Vieira Ferraz
  • What is the cost of the right to quality public education?

    Maíra Gallotti Frantz
  • Educational policies and the Auditing Program in Federative Entities: Corruption, poor administration, or institutional incapacity of resources allocated by federal financial assistance?

    Gilda Cardoso de Araujo, Neide César Vargas; Pedro Paulo Pimenta
  • Teacher remuneration in the Siope: Limits and potentials of an analytical database

    Rosana Evangelista da Cruz, Magna Jovita Gomes de Sales e Silva, Maria Osmarina Moura Bezerra de Sousa
  • Education and federalism: The vicissitudes of financing and governance in the National Education Plan

    Weder de Oliveira
  • The construction of the first provisional Fundeb (2005-2007) and the permanent Fundeb (2015-2020): Comparative analysis of legislative processes

    Daniel Cara, Iracema Santos do Nascimento