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Student Experience in Latin American Higher Education

5 Items

Editors:  Maria Veronica Santelices, Sergio Celis

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  • Experiences with academic writing: A longitudinal study with diverse students

    Natalia Ávila Reyes, Javiera Figueroa, Lina Calle-Arango, Solange Morales
  • Student engagement and student characteristics in research universities

    Ana Maria Carneiro, Leonardo Uchoa Pedreira
  • “Witch doctors” or professionals? The graduates of Mexico´'s first intercultural university and the struggle for legitimacy

    Marion Lloyd
  • Why not ask for help when I need it? Obstacles to the search for institutional academic support (IAS) in Chilean universities

    Constanza Lobos Guerrero, Gonzalo Gallardo, Jorge Valenuzela
  • Resilience in higher education: A conceptual model and its empirical analysis

    Samuel de Oliveira Durso, Luís Eduardo Afonso, Susan Beltman