Issue Title
Vol 12 (2004) The Effects of Performance Budgeting and Funding Programs on Graduation Rate in Public Four-Year Colleges and Universities Abstract   PDF
Jung-cheol Shinn, Sande Milton
Vol 26 (2018) The effects of the Fund for the Improvement of University Quality on the National University of Córdoba Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
María Celeste Escudero
Vol 14 (2006) The Eight-Year Study: From Evaluative Research to a Demonstration Project, 1930—1940. Abstract   PDF
Joseph Watras
Vol 24 (2016) The Emergence of High-Stakes Accountability Policies in Teacher Preparation: An Examination of the U.S. Department of Education’s Proposed Regulations Abstract   PDF
Maria Teresa Tatto, Corey Savage, Wei Liao, Stefanie L. Marshall, Paul Goldblatt, Leonardo M. Contreras
Vol 25 (2017) The emergent construction of unequal populations in Latin American education Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Jesús Aguilar Nery
Vol 25 (2017) The emphasis of student test scores in teacher appraisal systems Abstract   PDF
William C. Smith, Katarzyna Kubacka
Vol 20 (2012) The epistemological position of researchers in education policy: theoretical debates about the neo-Marxist, pluralist and post-structuralism perspectives Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Cesar Tello, Jefferson Mainardes
Vol 8 (2000) The equality of opportunities in the access of higher education Abstract   PDF
Ma. Jesus Freire
Vol 17 (2009) The equity of school facilities funding: Examples from Kentucky. Abstract   PDF
William J. Glenn, Lawrence O. Picus, Allan Odden, Anabel Aportela
Vol 22 (2014) The European Union and the genesis of the space of cooperation in higher education and academic recognition community Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Facundo Solanas
Vol 25 (2017) The evaluation of professional education graduates in Mexico: A reflection of the implementation of a policy of competitiveness in higher education Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
José Alfonso Jiménez Moreno
Vol 24 (2016) The evaluation of research activities at private universities: Present and future according to the CONEAU speech Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Laura Andrea Bustamante
Vol 26 (2018) The evolution of the academic profession in research universities in Chile Abstract   PDF
Daniela Veliz-Calderon, Daniel Theurillat, Victoria Paredes, Astrid Pickenpack
Vol 28 (2020) The evolution of the public university system in Argentina through expansive waves: Differentiation in the formation of labor force and capital accumulation (1971-2015) Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Mariana Mendonca, Nicolás Sebastián Pérez Trento
Vol 25 (2017) The failure of the U.S. education research establishment to identify effective practices: Beware effective practices policies Abstract   PDF
Stanley Pogrow
Vol 13 (2005) The Federal Law of Education in Argentina: Its Application in the Province of Buenos Aires Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
María Fernanda Arias
Vol 9 (2001) The formation of Argentina's Masters program in Social Science Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Ana M. Garcia de Fanelli
Vol 22 (2014) The Future of Education Research Journals: Challenges and responses Abstract   PDF
David Post
Vol 26 (2018) The genesis of ProEMI from the cognitive perspective of public policies Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Eliza Bartolozzi Ferreira
Vol 22 (2014) The Giants Awake: The Present and Future of Higher Education Systems in China and India Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Philip Altbach
Vol 22 (2014) The Global Transformation Toward Testing for Accountability Abstract   PDF
William C. Smith
Vol 13 (2005) The growth of private higher education in Brazil: implications for issues of equity, quality and public benefit Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Tristan McCowan
Vol 21 (2013) The growth of single-sex schools: Federal policy meets local needs and interests Abstract   PDF
Katherine Cumings Mansfield
Vol 28 (2020) The identity of the special education teachers in times of accountability policies Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Fabián A. Inostroza
Vol 26 (2018) The impact of a reform: Limitation of autonomy, narrowing of freedom, and erosion of participation Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Miriam Prieto, Patricia Villamor
Vol 13 (2005) The impact of degree field on the earnings of male and female college graduates Abstract   PDF
Catherine E. Freeman, Thomas D. Snyder, Brooke Connolly
Vol 14 (2006) The impact of language and high-stakes testing policies on elementary school English language learners in Arizona. Abstract   PDF
Wayne E. Wright, Daniel Choi
Vol 14 (2006) The Impact of Lifelong Learning Teacher Education in Secondary School Results Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Paula González-Vallinas, David Oterino, José Luis San Fabián
Vol 25 (2017) The impact of school leadership and school environment on teacher job satisfaction in Latin America Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Cynthia Martínez-Garrido
Vol 18 (2010) The Impact of Skills Development on Competitiveness: Empirical Evidence from a Cross-Country Analysis Abstract   PDF
Eldah Nyamoita Onsomu, Moses W. Ngware, Damiano K. Manda
Vol 16 (2008) The impact of state intervention on "underperforming" schools in Massachusetts: Implications for policy and practice. Abstract   PDF
Patrick J. McQuillan, Yves Salomon-Fernandez
Vol 20 (2012) The Impact of State-Wide Exit Exams in Germany: A Descriptive Case Study Abstract   PDF
Isabell van Ackeren, Rainer Block, Esther Dominique Klein, Svenja Mareike Kühn
Vol 24 (2016) The impact of teacher attitudes and beliefs about large-scale assessment on the use of provincial data for instructional change Abstract   PDF
Derek T. Copp
Vol 19 (2011) The Impact of the Kalamazoo Promise on School Climate Abstract   PDF
Gary Miron, Jeffrey N. Jones, Allison J. Kelaher-Young
Vol 28 (2020) The implications of the Qualis journal classification in publication practices in Brazil between 2007 and 2016 Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Alause Da Silva Pires, Eliseo Berni Reategui, Ana Cristina Xavier França, Eric Bettinger, Sérgio Roberto Kieling Franco
Vol 23 (2015) The Influence of Multiple Administrations of a State Achievement Test on Passing Rates for Student Groups Abstract   PDF
Joseph F. T. Nese, Gerald Tindal, Joseph J. Stevens, Stephen N. Elliott
Vol 22 (2014) The Influence of Rankings and Incentive Systems on Academic Publishing in South African Universities Abstract   PDF
Crain Soudien
Vol 8 (2000) The Influence of Scale on School Performance Abstract   PDF
Robert Bickel, Craig Howley
Vol 27 (2019) The influence of school accountability incentives on Advanced Placement access: Evidence from Pennsylvania Abstract   PDF
Paul Beach, Keith Zvoch, Michael Thier
Vol 12 (2004) The Influence of School Policy and Practice on Mathematics Achievement During Transitional Periods Abstract   PDF
Janet K. Holt, Cynthia Campbell
Vol 12 (2004) The Influence of Socioeconomic Factors on Kentucky's Public School Accountability System:Does Poverty Impact School Effectiveness? Abstract   PDF
Robert Lyons
Vol 11 (2003) The Information Technology & Communication and University Evaluation Indicators in Spain Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Antonio Cardona Rodríguez, Miren Barrenetxea Ayesta
Vol 6 (1998) The Internet and the Truth about Science Abstract   PDF
George Meadows, Aimee Howley
Vol 27 (2019) The interpellation of inclusion policies to school grammar of the Argentinian high school Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Cecilia Evangelina Melendez, José Alberto Yuni
Vol 26 (2018) The intersections of selves and policies: A poetic inquiry into the hydra of teacher education Abstract   PDF
Stephanie Behm Cross, Alyssa Hadley Dunn, Erica K. Dotson
Vol 20 (2012) The introduction in Spain of educational policies based on a “business” oriented style of schools' management: The case of Andalucía Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
F. Javier Merchán
Vol 21 (2013) The Invisible Handbook: Three decades of higher education policy in Chile (1980-2010) Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   PDF English translation
Jose Miguel Salazar Zegers, Peodair Seamus Leihy
Vol 24 (2016) The invisible schism: Teachers’ and administrators’ differing perceptions of education reforms Abstract   PDF
Sarah Melvoin Bridich
Vol 25 (2017) The landscape of education “reform” in Chicago: Neoliberalism meets a grassroots movement Abstract   PDF
Pauline Lipman
Vol 21 (2013) The Legal Consequences of Mandating High Stakes Decisions Based on Low Quality Information: Teacher Evaluation in the Race-to-the-Top Era Abstract   PDF
Bruce D. Baker, Joseph O. Oluwole, Preston C. Green III
Vol 14 (2006) The legend of the large MCAS gains of 2000-2001. Abstract   PDF
Gregory Camilli, Sadako Vargas
Vol 26 (2018) The library as space of cultural mediation and aesthetic education Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Adair De Aguilar Neitzel, Cássia Ferri, Adeneri Nogueira de Borba
Vol 11 (2003) The Limits of Sanctions in Low-Performing Schools Abstract   PDF
Heinrich Mintrop
Vol 10 (2002) The Link Between Teacher Classroom Practices and Student Academic Performance Abstract   PDF
Harold Wenglinsky
Vol 23 (2015) The Link of Teacher Career Paths on the Distribution of High Qualified Teachers: A Chilean Case Study Abstract   PDF
Maria del Rosario Rivero
Vol 25 (2017) The long journey: Perspectives on the coordination of Chilean higher education Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   English translation
Jose M. Salazar, Peodair S. Leihy
Vol 26 (2018) The maelstrom of online programs in Colombian teacher education Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Pedro Pineda, Jorge Celis
Vol 26 (2018) The many functions of evaluation in education Abstract   PDF
D. C. Phillips
Vol 22 (2014) The many inventions of the EJA Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Sandra Regina Sales, Jane Paiva
Vol 3 (1995) The Matthew Principle Abstract   PDF
Craig Howley
Vol 21 (2013) The mechanisms of distortion between ages and courses in Brazil: an ethnic and social divide, and a challenge for education policy Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Xavier Rambla, Rosangela Saldanha Pereira, Liliana María Gallego
Vol 22 (2014) The Media Got it Wrong! A Critical Discourse Analysis of Changes to the Educational Policy Making Arena Abstract   PDF
Peter Piazza
Vol 22 (2014) The middle schools role in the production of social inequalities Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Ines Dussel
Vol 27 (2019) The movement of higher education access in Portugal from 1960 to 2017: An ecological analysis Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Leanete Thomas Dotta, Amélia Lopes, Carlinda Leite
Vol 28 (2020) The multidimensionality of school performance: Using multiple measures for school accountability and improvement Abstract   PDF
Min Sun, Alec Kennedy, Eric M. Anderson
Vol 8 (2000) The Myth of the Texas Miracle in Education Abstract   PDF
Walt Haney
Vol 27 (2019) The National Federation of Apaes in the context of the civil-military dictatorship in Brazil: Construction of hegemony in the field of special education Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Heulalia Charalo Rafante, João Henrique da Silva, Katia Regina Moreno Caiado
Vol 16 (2008) The Negotiations of Services of Health and Education in Argentina: Between Commercial Liberalization and Technical Cooperation Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Mercedes Botto, Juliana Peixoto Batista
Vol 26 (2018) The New Professionalism? Charter Teachers’ Experiences and Qualities of the Teaching Profession Abstract   PDF
A. Chris Torres, Jennie Weiner
Vol 13 (2005) The No Child Left Behind Act and the legacy of federal aid to education. Abstract   PDF
Lee W. Anderson
Vol 27 (2019) The organization of the teachers’ unions in the Paraná Municipal Education System: Mapping the relation between union representation and teacher remuneration Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Andréa Barbosa Gouveia
Vol 9 (2001) The Participation of National Minorities in Pre-Modern Educational Systems Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Carlos R. Ruano
Vol 28 (2020) The pedagogical dimension of equity in higher education Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Marisol Silva
Vol 25 (2017) The performance of scientific research in management in Portugal: Some causes and consequences Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Margarida M. Pinheiro
Vol 24 (2016) The performance teacher evaluation model in Mexican educational reform Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Graciela Cordero, Coral González
Vol 22 (2014) The Performing School: The Effects of Market & Accountability Policies Abstract   PDF
Alejandra Falabella
Vol 26 (2018) The philosophical basis of optimism in Distance Education Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Danilo Bantim Frambach, Marcio Francisco Teixeira de Oliveira
Vol 25 (2017) The physical-chemical concept of matter in Latin American Primary Schools: When and how much is done Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Santiago Atrio Cerezo, M. Araceli Calvo Pascual
Vol 28 (2020) The place of mathematics in the training of indigenous teachers in the Alto Solimões Region/AM Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Elisângela Aparecida Pereira de Melo, Gerson Riberiro Bacury, Pedro Ferreira da Silva, Domingos Anselmo Moura da Silva
Vol 26 (2018) The policies for expanding educational opportunities in Brazil and the school trajectories in the education of young people and adults in high school in Rio de Janeiro Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Elionaldo Fernandes Julião, Mônica Dias Peregrino Ferreira
Vol 26 (2018) The policy filtering process: Understanding distinctive state responses to the National College Completion Agenda in the United States Abstract   PDF
Paul G. Rubin, James C. Hearn
Vol 27 (2019) The policy of inclusive education and the future of specialized institutions in Brazil Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Encéia Gonçalves Mendes
Vol 6 (1998) The Political Legacy of School Accountability Systems Abstract   PDF
Sherman Dorn
Vol 28 (2020) The political process of international education: Complementarities and clashes in the Manitoba K-12 sector through a multi-level governance lens Abstract   PDF
Merli Tamtik, Angela O'Brien-Klewchuk
Vol 9 (2001) The Political University in Argentina in the 1990's Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Adriana Chiroleu, Osvaldo Iazzetta, Claudia Voras, Claudio Diaz
Vol 26 (2018) The politics of admission to the teaching career in Mexico: Results of an alleged suitability Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Graciela Cordero Arroyo, Jose Alfonso Jimenez Moreno
Vol 25 (2017) The politics of schools and money: Building awareness about channeling practices for supplemental resource allocations to serve English language learners Abstract   PDF
Irina Okhremtchouk
Vol 10 (2002) The Possibility of Reform: Micropolitics in Higher Education Abstract   PDF
Susan Haag, Mary Lee Smith
Vol 28 (2020) The preschool PISA: A new paradigm of children’s assessment in early childhood education Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Efstratia Sofou, Magdalena Jiménez Ramírez
Vol 24 (2016) The presidential platform on twenty-first century education goals Abstract   PDF
Ariel Tichnor-Wagner, Allison Rose Socol
Vol 9 (2001) The "Private School Advantage" in Argentina Abstract   PDF
Gustavo E. Fischman
Vol 26 (2018) The problem of ICT policy translation: Contributions to overcome a technical rationality Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Gary Alberto Cifuentes, María Camila Valbuena Osorio
Vol 25 (2017) The procrastination influence on academic performance and the moderating role of personal sense of power Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Elder Semprebon, Hugo Dias Amaro, Ilse Maria Beuren
Vol 22 (2014) The production and publication of statistical information on education in Argentina. Elements for a diagnosis Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Belen Sánchez
Vol 13 (2005) The Professional Culture of Teachers in Secondary Education: A Biographical Study Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
José Ignacio Rivas Flores, Maria Del Pilar Sepulveda Ruiz, Pilar Rodrigo Munoz
Vol 16 (2008) The Professional Ethic Values Promoted by Governing Documents of a Public University in Mexico Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Cecilia Osuna Lever, Edna Luna Serrano
Vol 26 (2018) The professoriate and the post-truth era: A historiographic analysis of expert judgment and the destabilization of objective truth Abstract   PDF
Rachel E. Friedensen, Ezekiel Kimball
Vol 25 (2017) The promise and realities of Pay for Success/ Social Impact Bonds Abstract   PDF
Kenneth J. Saltman
Vol 11 (2003) The Public Accounts and the Education Sector in Portugal: assumption of the legal economy, efficiency and effectiveness Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Prof. Doutor J. J. Marques de Almeida, Mestre Maria da Conceição de Costa Marques
Vol 27 (2019) The public/private relationship in special education policies during the dictatorship period in Brazil (1964-1985) Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
José Geraldo Silveira Bueno, Márcia de Souza Lehmkhul, Ricardo Schers de Goes
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