Issue Title
Vol 29 (2021) More than learning English? The impact of university intensive English language program attendance on international student academic achievement Abstract   PDF
Adam T. Clark, Dianna Lippincott, Jeongeun Kim
Vol 12 (2004) More than teacher directed or child initiated: Preschool curriculum type, parent involvement, and children's outcomes in the child-parent centers. Abstract   PDF
Elizabeth Graue, Melissa A. Clements, Arthur J. Reynolds, Michael D. Niles
Vol 3 (1995) Mothering for Schooling Abstract   PDF
Alison I. Griffith
Vol 22 (2014) Motivation, organization and career teachers: the Italian case Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Giuseppe Bertola, Daniele Checchi
Vol 23 (2015) Motivations for Internationalization of Higher Education: A Study of Multiple Cases in a Higher Education Denominational International System Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Everson Muckenberger, Irene Kazumi Miura
Vol 27 (2019) Motivations to set up and manage low-fee private schools in India Abstract   PDF
Hannah Mond, Poorvaja Prakash
Vol 28 (2020) Moving forward while looking back: Lessons learned from teacher evaluation litigation concerning Value-Added Models (VAMs) Abstract   PDF
Mark Paige
Vol 28 (2020) Muddy sensemaking: Making sense of socio-emotional skills amidst a vague policy context Abstract   PDF
Raquel Muñiz
Vol 24 (2016) Multicultural perspectives in deaf education Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Eva Navegantes, Celeste Azulay Kelman, Ana Iveniki
Vol 19 (2011) Multidimensional Framework for the Analysis of Innovations at Universities in Catalonia Abstract   PDF
Marina TOMAS, Diego CASTRO
Vol 28 (2020) Multifunctional leadership and school performance: A relationship mediated by the manager’s empowerment Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Maria do Carmo Romeiro, Liliane Lima da Silva
Vol 28 (2020) Multilevel study about the explanatory variables of the results of Mexico in PISA 2015 Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Alicia Alelí Chaparro Caso López, Adriana Gamazo
Vol 24 (2016) Multiple choice: How public school leaders in New Orleans's saturated market view private school competitors Abstract   PDF
Huriya Jabbar, Dongmei Li
Vol 26 (2018) Multiple perspectives accountability systems: A perspective from Vermont Abstract   PDF
Amy Fowler
Vol 10 (2002) Multisite Case Study of Florida's Millennium High School Reform Model Abstract   PDF
Carol A. Mullen
Vol 19 (2011) Municipal education departments: Planning and education outcomes Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Cynthia Paes de Carvalho, Alicia Catalano Bonamino, Dolores Bombardelli Kappel
Vol 12 (2004) Music education for the 21st century: Epistemology and ontology as bases for student aesthetic education. Abstract   PDF
José Luis Aróstegui, Robert Stake, Helen Simons
Vol 29 (2021) Myths and facts about the inclusion of immigrant students in Chilean classrooms: The case of writing Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Denisse Gelber, Natalia Ávila Reyes, María Jesús Espinosa, Rosario Escribano, Javiera Figueroa Miralles, Carolina Castillo
Vol 26 (2018) Narrative inquiry on tensions lived by a high school teacher in the process of curriculum making Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Diego Martín Alonso, Nieves Blanco García, J. Eduardo Sierra Nieto
Vol 28 (2020) Narrative of indigenous education and indigenous school education: The school and the teaching of the Balatiponé-Umutina people Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Eliane Boroponepa Monzilar
Vol 22 (2014) National Affiliation or Local Representation: When TFA Alumni Run for School Board Abstract   PDF
Rebecca Jacobsen, Tamara Wilder Linkow
Vol 14 (2006) National Board Certification as Professional Development: What Are Teachers Learning? Abstract   PDF
David Lustick, Gary Sykes
Vol 12 (2004) National Board Certified Teachers andTheir Students' Achievement Abstract   PDF
Leslie G. Vandevoort, Audrey Amrein-Beardsley, David C. Berliner
Vol 27 (2019) National School Food Program in the context of federalism: Under the gaze of the educational manager Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Rosaria Cal Bastos, Magnus Luiz Emmendoerfer, Amélia Carla Sobrinho Bifano, Maria das Dores Saraiva Loreto
Vol 26 (2018) Navigating the contested terrain of teacher education policy and practice: Authors respond to SCALE Abstract   PDF
Nick Henning, Alison G. Dover, Erica K. Dotson, Ruchi Agarwal-Rangath, Christine D. Clayton, Martha K. Donovan, Susan Ophelia Cannon, Stephanie Behm Cross, Alyssa Hadley Dunn
Vol 26 (2018) Navigating the contested terrain of teacher education policy and practice: Introduction to the special issue Abstract   PDF
Elena Aydarova, David C. Berliner
Vol 14 (2006) NCLB: Local implementation and impact in southwest Washington state. Abstract   PDF
Linda Mabry, Linda Mabry and Jason Margolis
Vol 25 (2017) Neglecting democracy in education policy: A-F school report card accountability systems Abstract   PDF
Kevin Murray, Kenneth R. Howe
Vol 25 (2017) Neoliberalism, Resistance, and Self-Limiting Language Abstract   PDF
Christopher Lubienski
Vol 16 (2008) Networks of Production and Dissemination of Information on Education in Latin America and the Caribbean: Their Usefulness for Decision Makers Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Francisco Téllez
Vol 11 (2003) Networks of schools. Abstract   PDF
Robert W. McMeekin
Vol 23 (2015) New accountability in California through local control funding reforms: The promise and the gaps Abstract   PDF
John T. Affeldt
Vol 4 (1996) New Directions In Professional Development Abstract   PDF
Rebecca Novick
Vol 26 (2018) New genealogies and the courage of truth: Toward an ethics of adversarial public educational scholarship and policy activism Abstract   PDF
James P. Burns, Colin D. Green, Jaime Nolan
Vol 22 (2014) New medical programs as a symbol: between academic legitimacy and market signaling Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Enrique Fernandez Darraz, Andres Bernasconi
Vol 23 (2015) New Public Management and the new professionalism in education: Framing the issue Abstract   PDF
Gary Anderson, Kathryn Herr
Vol 22 (2014) Nineteenth-Century World’s Fairs as Accountability Systems: Scopic Systems, Audit Practices and Educational Data Abstract   PDF
Noah W. Sobe, David T. Boven
Vol 23 (2015) No Child Left Behind and Administrative Costs: A Resource Dependence Study of Local School Districts Abstract   PDF
Stephen R. Neely
Vol 24 (2016) No Child Left Behind: A postmortem for Illinois Abstract   PDF
Wm. Gregory Harman, Camille Boden, Jeremy Karpenski, Nicole Muchowicz
Vol 14 (2006) No more aggregate NAEP studies? [editorial]. Abstract   PDF
Sherman Dorn
Vol 23 (2015) No Stone Left Unturned: Exploring the Convergence of New Capitalism in Inclusive Education in the U.S. Abstract   PDF
Federico R. Waitoller, Elizabeth B. Kozleski
Vol 28 (2020) Normocentrism, diversity, and otherness: Deconstructing Chilean inclusive education policies Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Hugo Parra Munoz, Catalina Garrido Reyes, Andrea Carrasco Lobos, Mauricio Vergara Rodríguez, Felipe Hidalgo Kawada, David Meza Buzzetti
Vol 23 (2015) Not Ready for College, but Ready for the Military: A Policy Challenge for the College- and Career-Readiness Agenda Abstract   PDF
Erin L Castro
Vol 28 (2020) Novice middle school teachers’ preparedness for teaching, and the helpfulness of supports: A survey of one state Abstract   PDF
Bradford Chaney, Henry Braun, Frank Jenkins
Vol 26 (2018) Obligatoriness challenged: Who leaves whom? School’s exclusion of young people in vulnerable conditions Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Nora Gluz, Inés Rodríguez Moyano
Vol 25 (2017) Occupational stress in elementary school faculty members in Rio Grande do Sul: A gender analysis Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Marcus Levi Lopes Barbosa, Denise Regina Quaresma da Silva, Lisiane Machado de Oliveira Menegotto, Ronei Saldanha Lopes
Vol 9 (2001) Occupational Trends and Program Priorities Abstract   PDF
Dan Rosenthal, Kitty C. Collier
Vol 24 (2016) OECD teaching assessment policies: Approaching the experience in Mexican basic education Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Yazmín Cuevas Cajiga, Tiburcio Moreno Olivos
Vol 24 (2016) OER “produsage” as a model to support language teaching and learning Abstract   PDF
Teresa MacKinnon, Sarah Pasfield-Neofitou
Vol 23 (2015) Official Policies and Teachers’ Tendency to Act: Exploring the Discrepancies in Teachers’ Perceptions Abstract   PDF
Orly Shapira – Lishchinsky, Israel Zvi Gilat
Vol 5 (1997) Off-loading Responsibility in Alberta's Post-Secondary System Abstract   PDF
Robert J. Barnetson
Vol 29 (2021) On diversity, identity and socialization: Inequality of educational outcomes Abstract   PDF
Caroline Sotello Viernes Turner
Vol 23 (2015) On Doing an Analysis of Equity and Closing the Opportunity Gap Abstract   PDF
Deborah A. Verstegen
Vol 2 (1994) On Education & the Common Good Abstract   PDF
John Covaleskie
Vol 14 (2006) On ideology, causal inference and the reification of statistical methods: Reflections on "Examining instruction, achievement and equity with NAEP mathematics data." Abstract   PDF
Harold Wenglinsky
Vol 13 (2005) On school choice and test-based accountability. Abstract   PDF
Damian W. Betebenner, Kenneth R. Howe, Samara S. Foster
Vol 9 (2001) One University's Experience with Foreign-trained Teachers Abstract   PDF
Belinda Bustos Flores
Vol 25 (2017) Open competition or balkanized coexistence? The effects of market segments on Toronto private schools Abstract   PDF
Roger Pizarro Milian, Scott Davies
Vol 26 (2018) Open Educational Resources’ impact and outcomes: The essence of OpenKnowledge and its social contribution Abstract   PDF
Santiago Mengual-Andrés, Andrés Payá-Rico
Vol 22 (2014) Opening the “black box”: Organizational differences between charter schools and traditional public schools. Abstract   PDF
Xin Wei, Deepa Patel, Viki M Young
Vol 4 (1996) Opening up Jewish Education to Inspection Abstract   PDF
Judy Keiner
Vol 29 (2021) Opportunity for all? The differential impacts of North Carolina’s revised comprehensive articulation agreement by race/ethnicity Abstract   PDF
Rachel E. Worsham, Melissa Whatley, Jonathan E. Loss
Vol 24 (2016) Opting out: Parents creating contested spaces to challenge standardized tests Abstract   PDF
Dana Mitra, Bryan Mann, Mark Hlavacik
Vol 16 (2008) Organizational Change in Distance Higher Education: the Re-negotiation of Employee's Psychological Contract Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Gabriela Topa, José. F. Morales
Vol 16 (2008) Organizational commitment, job satisfaction and intention to leave: A comparative analysis between part-time and full-time faculties Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Pep Simo, Jose M Sallan, Vicenç Fernandez
Vol 26 (2018) Other memories, other heritage and decolonialities: Theoretical-methodological contributions to the history of Africa and Afro-descendants and history of Indigenous peoples in Brazil Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Elison Antonio Paim, Helena Maria Marques Araújo
Vol 10 (2002) Overview of Private Education Development in Modern China Abstract   PDF
Zeyu Xu
Vol 28 (2020) Overwhelmed: Accountability and work intensification in the neo-liberal university. The case of Chile Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Vicente Sisto
Vol 19 (2011) P-20 Education Policy: School to College Transition Policy in Washington State Abstract   PDF
Paul E Pitre
Vol 22 (2014) Paradigms, Power, and PR in New York City: Assessing Two School Accountability Implementation Efforts Abstract   PDF
Craig Peck
Vol 7 (1999) Paradoxes in the redefinition of the work of the professorate Abstract   PDF
José Contreras Domingo
Vol 23 (2015) Parental Trigger Laws and the Power of Framing in Educational Politics Abstract   PDF
Abe Feuerstein
Vol 22 (2014) Participation in learning assessments in the developing world, 1960-2009 Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
David H. Kamens, Aaron Benavot
Vol 25 (2017) Partnerships between intercultural preschools and Mapuche communities in Metropolitan Region, Chile: Negotiations in a contact zone Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Rukmini Becerra Lubies, Simona Mayo González
Vol 13 (2005) Patenting productivity and intellectual property policies at Research I universities: An exploratory comparative study. Abstract   PDF
Pilar Mendoza, Joseph B. Berger
Vol 21 (2013) Patterns in Student Assignment to Elementary School Classrooms Abstract   PDF
Ryan Bosworth, Hao Li
Vol 2 (1994) Payment by Results Abstract   PDF
Brendan A. Rapple
Vol 21 (2013) Pedagogia Social e resiliência: diálogos possíveis. Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Margareth Martins, Flávia Monteiro de Barros Araujo
Vol 26 (2018) Pedagogies of the South and political subjectivation: People´s High Schools in Argentina as part of “Latin American pedagogical movements” Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Shirly Said
Vol 26 (2018) Peer-mediated intervention: Concept and implications for research and pedagogical practice of teachers of students with autism Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   English Translation
Fabiane dos Santos Ramos, Daniele Denardin de Bittencourt, Síglia Pimentel Höher Camargo, Carlo Schmidt
Vol 27 (2019) People with disabilities in capixaba schools after 1964: Exception issues Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Denise Meyrelles Jesus, Regina Helena Silva Simões, Miriã Lúcia Luiz
Vol 10 (2002) Perceptions of a National Achievement Assessment Program Abstract   PDF
Marielle Simon, Renée Forgette-Giroux
Vol 29 (2021) Perceptions of classroom quality and well-being among Black women teachers of young children Abstract   PDF
Erica B. Edwards, Nicole Patton Terry, Gary Bingham, Jeremy L. Singer
Vol 14 (2006) Perceptions of the impact of accountability on the role of principals. Abstract   PDF
James E. Lyons, Bob Algozzine
Vol 6 (1998) Performance Indicators Abstract   PDF
E. Raymond Hackett, Sarah D. Carrigan
Vol 23 (2015) Performance Measures for Teachers and Teacher Education: Corporate Education Reform Opens the Door to New Legal Issues Abstract   PDF
Diana Pullin
Vol 8 (2000) Performance Models in Higher Education Abstract   PDF
Janet Atkinson-Grosjean, Garnet Grosjean
Vol 11 (2003) Performance Standards': Utility for Different Uses of Assessments Abstract   PDF
Robert L. Linn
Vol 20 (2012) Personal development in secondary education: the Irish Transition Year Abstract   PDF
Aidan Clerkin
Vol 26 (2018) Perspectives and challenges for higher education in Latin America and the Caribbean: Interview with Roberto Leher, Rector of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, with comments made by Mário Luiz Neves de Azevedo, from the State University of Maringá Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Fernanda Geremias Leal, Roberto Leher, Mário Luiz Luiz Neves De Azevedo
Vol 26 (2018) Perspectives on evaluation from curricular contexts Abstract   PDF
William Schubert
Vol 27 (2019) Physical education and biopolitics in post-dictatorship Uruguay (1985-1990) Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Rodrigo Piriz, Alexandre Vaz
Vol 28 (2020) Placing blame or a call to action? An analysis of Uwezo in the Kenyan press Abstract   PDF
Jeremy Monk
Vol 26 (2018) Planning as strategy for improving Black and Latinx student equity: Lessons from nine California community colleges Abstract   PDF
Eric R. Felix, Marlon Fernandez Castro
Vol 25 (2017) Planning of higher education in Argentina: Between regionalization policies and university innovation processes (1995-2015) Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Giselle González, Julieta Claverie
Vol 21 (2013) Playing school with a screen and a keyboard Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Judith Kalman, Oscar Enrique Hernández Razo
Vol 28 (2020) Policies and practices in the training of school authorities in Argentina. Discursive and experiential tensions Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Ingrid Sverdlick, Analía Motos
Vol 22 (2014) Policies and practices of inclusive education: conditions and contradictions in the daily life of a primary school Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Flávia Faissal Souza, Débora Dainez, Ana Luiza Bustamante Smolka, Roberta Gomes Scian, Cristina Hulshof
Vol 28 (2020) Policies and practices of promise in teacher evaluation: The introduction to the special issue Abstract   PDF   HTML
Audrey Amrein-Beardsley
Vol 28 (2020) Policies for mandatory public education management in Uruguay Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Adriana Aristimuño, Pablo Landoni-Couture, María Inés Vázquez
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