Issue Title
Vol 26 (2018) Relative age and school achievement in primary education in the Cantabria Region Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Paula González-Vallinas, Julián Librero, Salvador Peiró, José Luis San Fabián
Vol 13 (2005) Removing Incentives for "Dumbing Down" Through Curriculum Re-structure and Additional Study Time Abstract   PDF
Gordon Stanley, Robert G. MacCann
Vol 26 (2018) Reorganizing a countywide school district: A critical analysis of politics and policy development toward decentralization Abstract   PDF
Sarah Diem, Carrie Sampson, Laura Gavornik Browning
Vol 23 (2015) Repercussions of FUNDEF/FUNDEB on Initial Remuneration of Teachers from Pará’s State Public School System Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Fabrício Aarão Freire Carvalho
Vol 4 (1996) Reply to Stedman Vol. 4 No. 1 Abstract   PDF
David C. Berliner, Bruce J. Biddle
Vol 28 (2020) Representations of indigenous people in contemporary textbooks Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Luana Barth Gomes, Denise Regina Quaresma da Silva, Cledes Antonio Casagrande
Vol 8 (2000) Representations of Race, Gender and Ability in School Photography Abstract   PDF
Eric Margolis
Vol 19 (2011) Required security screenings for researchers: A policy analysis Abstract   PDF
Andrew A. Zucker
Vol 27 (2019) Research, action, activism: Critical solidarities & multi-scalar powers Abstract   PDF
Celina Su
Vol 23 (2015) Research and evidence in education decision-making: A comparison of results from two pan-Canadian studies Abstract   PDF
Gerald Galway, Bruce Sheppard
Vol 10 (2002) Research and Rhetoric on Teacher Certification Abstract   PDF
Linda Darling-Hammond
Vol 24 (2016) Research on the field of education policy: Exploring different levels of approach and abstraction Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF (English version)
Jefferson Mainardes, César Tello
Vol 11 (2003) Research or "Cheerleading"? Scholarship on Community School District 2, New York City Abstract   PDF
Lois Weiner
Vol 28 (2020) Research utilization in higher education rulemaking: A multi-case study of research prevalence, sources, and barriers Abstract   PDF
Rebecca Natow
Vol 17 (2009) Researcher perspectives on class size reduction. Abstract   PDF
Elizabeth Graue, Erica Rauscher
Vol 28 (2020) Researchers as knowledge brokers: A step toward research-informed policy? Lessons from the Israeli case Abstract   PDF
Rony Ramot, Gadi Bialik
Vol 27 (2019) Researching at the community-university borderlands: Using public science to study policing in the South Bronx Abstract   PDF
Brett G. Stoudt, María Elena Torre, Paul Bartley, Evan Bissell, Fawn Bracy, Hillary Caldwell, Lauren Dewey, Anthony Downs, Cory Greene, Jan Haldipur, Scott Lizama, Prakriti Hassan, Einat Manoff, Nadine Sheppard, Jacqueline Yates
Vol 23 (2015) Resource accountability: Enforcing state responsibilities for sufficient and equitable resources used effectively to provide all students a quality education Abstract   PDF
David G. Sciarra, Molly A. Hunter
Vol 4 (1996) Respecting the Evidence Abstract   PDF
Lawrence C. Stedman
Vol 26 (2018) Responding to policy challenges with research evidence: Introduction to the special issue Abstract   PDF
Elena Aydarova, David C. Berliner
Vol 15 (2007) Responding to the education reform agenda: A study of school superintendents' instructional leadership. Abstract   PDF
Paul V. Bredeson, Brad W. Kose
Vol 6 (1998) Response to Glenn Abstract   PDF
Stephen Arons
Vol 5 (1997) Response to Haskell's "Academic Freedom ... & Student Evaluation" Abstract   PDF
Jeffrey E. Stake
Vol 10 (2002) Response to Michelson and to Willson and Kellow Abstract   PDF
Craig Bolon
Vol 13 (2005) Response to "What do Klein et al. tell us about test scores in Texas?" Abstract   PDF
Stephen P. Klein, Laura S. Hamilton, Daniel F. McCaffrey, Brian M. Stecher
Vol 26 (2018) Response to “Redesigning Systems of School Accountability”: Addressing underlying inequities Abstract   PDF
Elizabeth Gil, Taeyeon Kim
Vol 6 (1998) Restructuring Chinese Higher Education Abstract   PDF
Fang Zhao
Vol 10 (2002) Restructuring Teachers' Work Abstract   PDF
Lisa Kirtman
Vol 7 (1999) Restructuring the Schoolbook Provision System in Indonesia Abstract   PDF
Dedi Supriadi
Vol 23 (2015) Retención escolar y educación de calidad: logros y desafíos pendientes en una escuela secundaria argentina Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Natalia Rosli, Paula Carlino, Carolina Roni
Vol 23 (2015) Rethinking Institutional Secularization as an (Im)possible “Policy” Abstract   PDF
Ezequiel Gomez Caride
Vol 18 (2010) Rethinking Mentoring: Comparing Policy and Practice in Special and General Education Abstract   PDF
Leah Wasburn-Moses
Vol 24 (2016) Rethinking privatization policies in education: The enclosure of the school Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Noelia Fernández-González
Vol 25 (2017) Rethinking side effects of accountability in education: Insights from a multiple methods study in four German school systems Abstract   PDF
Corrie Thiel, Sebastian Schweizer, Johannes Bellmann
Vol 25 (2017) Rethinking the relationship between education and the work world from a gender perspective: Considerations based on a longitudinal study in Greater Buenos Aires Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Ana Miranda, Milena Arancibia
Vol 4 (1996) Review of Apple's "Cultural Politics & Education" Abstract   PDF
Dieter Misgeld
Vol 6 (1998) Review of Arons's Abstract   PDF
Charles L. Glenn
Vol 4 (1996) Review of Berliner & Biddle "The Manufactured Crisis" Abstract   PDF
Lawrence C. Stedman
Vol 3 (1995) Review of De Young,"Life & Death of a Rural American High School: Farewell Little Kanawha" Abstract   PDF
Craig Howley, Paul Theobald
Vol 4 (1996) Review of Frederick Bennett's "Computers as Tutors" Abstract   PDF
Greg Sherman
Vol 3 (1995) Review of Hanushek "Making Schools Work" Abstract   PDF
Herbert Gintis
Vol 5 (1997) Review of Howley, Howley & Pendarvis Abstract   PDF
Pat Clifford
Vol 4 (1996) Review of Ravitch "National Standards" Abstract   PDF
Michael W. Apple
Vol 4 (1996) Review of Sherman Dorn's "Creating the Dropout" Abstract   PDF
Aimee Howley
Vol 22 (2014) Reward for fulfillment of goals: the case of some incentives to partially state-funded Chilean universities Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Carlos H. Wörner
Vol 5 (1997) Rhetoric and Educational Policies on the Use of History Abstract   PDF
Jessie Y. Y. Wong
Vol 25 (2017) Righting past wrongs: A superintendent’s social justice leadership for dual language education along the U.S.-Mexico border Abstract   PDF
David DeMatthews, Elena Izquierdo, David S. Knight
Vol 21 (2013) Role of High Schools in Undocumented Students' College Choice Abstract   PDF
H. Kenny Nienhusser
Vol 26 (2018) Roles of local foundations in German community-based initiatives: Devolving criticism of philanthropy to the local? Abstract   PDF
Franz Koranyi, Nina Kolleck
Vol 5 (1997) ROTC Policy Regarding Homosexuals Abstract   PDF
Lee S. Duemer
Vol 28 (2020) Rural education in the public school system of the state of Tocantins, Brazil (1999-2013) Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   Spanish translation (Español (España))
Cícero da Silva, Letícia Brito de Oliveira Suarte, Rosângela Ribeiro de Sousa Leitão
Vol 28 (2020) Safety, advocacy, and the teacher’s role: Pre-service teachers and school shooting policies Abstract   PDF
May Hara
Vol 13 (2005) Savings education: Learning the value of self-control. Abstract   PDF
Patricia A. Hutton, James M. Holmes
Vol 27 (2019) Scale development and validation to measure institutional conditions to promote educational innovation with ICT Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Gary Alberto Cifuentes, Diana Alejandra Herrera Velásquez
Vol 22 (2014) Scaling Down: A Modest Proposal for Practice-based Policy Research in Teaching Abstract   PDF
Frederick Erickson
Vol 27 (2019) School and social inclusion in Italy: The contribution of associations for disabled people Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Antonello Mura
Vol 21 (2013) School autonomy in Portugal: The case of the educational community in Algoz – Silves Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Francisco de Paula Rodríguez Miranda, Francisco José Pozuelos Estrada, Francisco Javier García Prieto
Vol 2 (1994) School Choice Abstract   PDF
Gene V Glass
Vol 28 (2020) School choice and post hoc family preference in Spain: Do they match up? Abstract   PDF
Jesús Rogero-García, Mario Andrés-Candelas
Vol 25 (2017) School choice or the politics of desperation? Black and Latinx parents of students with dis/abilities selecting charter schools in Chicago Abstract   PDF
Federico R. Waitoller, Gia Super
Vol 19 (2011) School Choice Participation Rates: Which Districts are Pressured? Abstract   PDF
Yongmei Ni, David Arsen
Vol 9 (2001) School Choice Policies in the Political Spectacle Abstract   PDF
Linda Miller-Kahn, Mary Lee Smith
Vol 28 (2020) School choice within the upper class. Community, identity and social closure Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Cristián Bellei, Victor Orellana, Manuel Canales
Vol 15 (2007) School commitment and alcohol use: The moderating role of race and ethnicity. Abstract   PDF
Tamela McNulty Eitle, David James Eitle
Vol 22 (2014) School drop-out in urban high schools in Argentina: New indicators for planning education inclusion policies Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Cora Steinberg
Vol 23 (2015) School Enrichment Activities as a Strategy to Contribute to the School Inclusion of Students With High Ability/Giftedness Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Soraia Napoleão Freitas, Andréia Jaqueline Devalle Rech
Vol 27 (2019) School failure of disadvantaged students from a critical discourse analysis approach Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Ignacio Calderón Almendros, Olga Cruz Moya, María Teresa Rascón Gómez
Vol 28 (2020) School funding disparities and the plight of Latinx children Abstract   PDF
Bruce D. Baker, Ajay Srikanth, Preston C. Green III, Robert Cotto
Vol 6 (1998) School Improvement Policy--Site-Based Management Abstract   PDF
C. Kenneth Tanner, Cheryl D. Stone
Vol 23 (2015) School Inclusion Policy and Curricular Practices: Teaching Strategies for Target Audience Conceptual Elaboration of Special Education Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   TRANSLATEDV23N28.PDF
Regina Célia Linhares Hostins, Suelen Garay Figueiredo Jordão
Vol 22 (2014) School knowledge, science, institution and democracy Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Jesús Romero Morante
Vol 23 (2015) School Objects? When New Characters Enter the Scene Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Vera Lucia Gaspar da Silva, Lucia de Graca Cruz Dominues Amante
Vol 25 (2017) School participation and educational inclusion: A case study of high school student experiences Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Gabriela de la Cruz Flores, Diego Ilinich Matus Ortega
Vol 23 (2015) School Processes and Internal Efficiency: What is the Relationship with the Academic Achievement in Mexican Vocational Schools? Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Ademir Alfredo Ramirez-Zambrano, Francisco Justiniano Velasco-Arellanes, José Ángel Vera-Noriega
Vol 4 (1996) School Reform: Lessons from the Departed Abstract   PDF
J. Dan Marshall, James P. Valle
Vol 10 (2002) School Rituals and Educational Practice Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Magister Pablo Daniel Vain
Vol 12 (2004) School Size, Achievement, and Achievement Gaps Abstract   PDF
Bradley J. McMillen
Vol 12 (2004) School Size and the Influence of Socioeconomic Status on Student Achievement:Confronting the Threat of Size Bias in National Data Sets Abstract   PDF
Craig B. Howley, Aimee A. Howley
Vol 14 (2006) School size, student achievement, and the "power rating" of poverty: Substantive finding or statistical artifact? Abstract   PDF
Theodore Coladarci
Vol 7 (1999) School to Work Opportunities Act Policy--An Effort at Backward Mapping Abstract   PDF
Arthur M. Recesso
Vol 23 (2015) School Vouchers and Student Neighborhoods: Evidence from the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program Abstract   PDF
Deven E. Carlson, Joshua M. Cowen
Vol 10 (2002) School-Based Management: Views from Public and Private Elementary School Principals Abstract   PDF
Mary T. Apodaca-Tucker, John R. Slate
Vol 8 (2000) School-based Standard Testing Abstract   PDF
Craig Bolon
Vol 27 (2019) Schools as market-based clusters: Geospatial and statistical analysis of charter schools in Ohio Abstract   PDF
Elizabeth A. Gilblom, Hilla I. Sang
Vol 19 (2011) Schools’ Strategic Responses to Competition in Segregated Urban Areas: Patterns in School Locations in Metropolitan Detroit Abstract   PDF
Charisse Atibagos Gulosino, Christopher Lubienski
Vol 24 (2016) Science teachers’ data use practices: A descriptive analysis Abstract   PDF   Teacher Survey PDF
Virginia Snodgrass Rangel, Carlos Monroy, Elizabeth Bell
Vol 28 (2020) Science teaching in the village: An experience with Aikanã students and native fruit plants Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Luzia Aikanã, Reginaldo Oliveira Nunes, Iuri Cruz Oliveira
Vol 22 (2014) Scientific Journals of Universities of Chile, Colombia, and Venezuela: Actors and Roles Abstract   PDF   PDF (Español (España))
Jorge Enrique Delgado Troncoso
Vol 24 (2016) Scientific production and MOOCs in a higher education context: A social network analysis approach Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Dora Simões
Vol 26 (2018) Scientifically based research in a post-truth era Abstract   PDF
Jessica Van Cleave
Vol 9 (2001) Second Year Analysis of a Hybrid Schedule High School Abstract   PDF
James B. Schreiber, William R. Veal, David J. Flinders, Sherry Churchill
Vol 11 (2003) Secondary Education in Argentina during the 1990s Abstract   PDF
Jorge M. Gorostiaga, Clementina Acedo, Susana E. Xifra
Vol 28 (2020) Secondary schools facing the challenge of universalization: Debates and experiences in Argentina Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Myriam Southwell
Vol 28 (2020) Secondary vocational education: Political context and school practices of a discontinued education offer Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
António Pinto, Fernando Rodrigues Silva, Paulo Delgado, Fernando Diogo
Vol 24 (2016) Seeing through transparency in education reform: Illuminating the “local” Abstract   PDF
Jill Koyama, Brian Kania
Vol 25 (2017) Seeking stability in Chicago: School actions, (c)overt forms of racial injustice, and the slow violence of neoliberal rationality Abstract   PDF
Ann M. Aviles, Jessica A. Heybach
Vol 25 (2017) Segregation and inequality in Chicago Public Schools, transformed and intensified under corporate education reform Abstract   PDF
Pavlyn Jankov, Carol Caref
Vol 9 (2001) Segregation of Children Who Migrate to the U.S. From Puerto Rico Abstract   PDF
Luis M. Laosa
Vol 28 (2020) Segregation within integrated schools: Racially disproportionate student-teacher assignments in middle school Abstract   PDF
Tracey A. Benson, Amber Bryant, Tuba Gezer
Vol 6 (1998) Selection in Europe--the Case of Greece Abstract   PDF
Dionysios Gouvias
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