Issue Title
Vol 10 (2002) Teacher Absenteeism in Urban Schools Abstract   PDF
James E. Bruno
Vol 15 (2007) Teacher community in elementary charter schools. Abstract   PDF
Marisa Cannata
Vol 19 (2011) Teacher Community in Urban Elementary Schools: The Role of Leadership and Bureaucratic Accountability Abstract   PDF
John M. Weathers
Vol 21 (2013) Teacher Education challenges for Schools of Education: Pragmatism and Simplification Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Maria Izaura Cação
Vol 17 (2009) Teacher evaluation as a policy target for improved student learning: A fifty-state review of statute and regulatory action since NCLB. Abstract   PDF
Helen M. Hazi, Daisy Arredondo Rucinski
Vol 10 (2002) Teacher Inequality Abstract   PDF
Andrew J. Wayne
Vol 27 (2019) Teacher job satisfaction by principal support and teacher cooperation: Results from the Schools and Staffing Survey Abstract   PDF
Amanda Olsen, Francis Huang
Vol 11 (2003) Teacher learning in context: The special case of rural high school teachers Abstract   PDF
Jay Paredes Scribner
Vol 26 (2018) Teacher perceptions of a new performance evaluation system and their influence on practice: A within- and between-school level analysis Abstract   PDF
Matthew Finster, Anthony Milanowski
Vol 26 (2018) Teacher perceptions of influence, autonomy, and satisfaction in the early Race to the Top era Abstract   PDF
Kim B. Wright, Samantha M. Shields, Katie Black, Manjari Banerjee, Hersh C. Waxman
Vol 21 (2013) Teacher Preparation and Language Policy Appropriation: A Qualitative Investigation of Teach For America Teachers in Arizona Abstract   PDF
Amy J Heineke, Quanna Cameron
Vol 26 (2018) Teacher preparation for emergent bilingual students: Implications of evidence for policy Abstract   PDF
Francesca Lopez, Lucrecia Santibanez
Vol 17 (2009) Teacher qualification and the achievement gap in early primary grades. Abstract   PDF
Donald Easton-Brooks, Alan Davis
Vol 8 (2000) Teacher Quality and Student Achievement Abstract   PDF
Linda Darling-Hammond
Vol 24 (2016) Teacher salary: Challenges for monitoring the valuation of Brazilian teachers in the context of Goal 17 of the National Education Plan Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Márcia Jacomini, Thiago Alves, Rubens Barbosa de Camargo
Vol 8 (2000) Teacher Supply and Demand: Surprises from Primary Research Abstract   PDF
Andrew J. Wayne
Vol 15 (2007) Teacher Teams in Compulsory Secondary Education: Possibilities and Uncertainties Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Mª Teresa González González
Vol 9 (2001) Teacher Test Accountability. Abstract   PDF
Larry H. Ludlow
Vol 20 (2012) Teacher training: literature and inventive memory in the construction of narratives about teacher training Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Cláudia Bechara Fröhlich, Simone Moschen
Vol 17 (2009) Teacher turnover: An issue of workgroup racial diversity. Abstract   PDF
Kitae Sohn
Vol 25 (2017) Teacher work motivation in the era of extrinsic incentives: Performance goals and pro-social commitments in the service of equity Abstract   PDF
Rick Mintrop, Miguel Ordenes
Vol 23 (2015) Teachers and Curriculum Materials in the Teaching of Social and Natural Sciences. An Analysis on Andalusian Teachers’ Beliefs and Reflective Practice (Spain) Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Gabriel Travé-González, Francisco José Pozuelos-Estrada, Antonio Soto-Rosales
Vol 8 (2000) Teachers and Tests Changes in the New York State Testing Program Abstract   PDF
S. G. Grant
Vol 7 (1999) Teachers in Charter and Traditional Schools Abstract   PDF
Sally Bomotti, Rick Ginsberg, Brian Cobb
Vol 23 (2015) Teachers in Specialized Education Support Services: Responsibilities and Impossibilities Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Juliana Telles de Castro, Alexandre Fernandez Vaz
Vol 11 (2003) Teachers Voices Interpreting Standards Abstract   PDF
Leo C. Rigsby, Elizabeth K. DeMulder
Vol 9 (2001) Teachers Who Grow As Collaborative Leaders Abstract   PDF
Richard D. Sawyer
Vol 16 (2008) Teachers' response to standards-based reform: Probing reform assumptions in Washington State. Abstract   PDF
Hilary Loeb, Michael S. Knapp, Ana M. Elfers
Vol 23 (2015) Teachers’ Engagement with Educational Research: Toward a Conceptual Framework for Locally-Based Interpretive Communities Abstract   PDF
Sardar M. Anwaruddin
Vol 25 (2017) Teacher’s time organization and its relationship to job satisfaction: Chilean case evidence Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Veronica Cabezas, María Paz Medeiros, David Inostroza, Constanza Gómez, Vicente Loyola
Vol 22 (2014) Teacher’s Training for Educational Quality Teaching Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Andrea Alliaud
Vol 8 (2000) Teaching and Learning Policy Review in Hong Kong and the U.S. Abstract   PDF
Orlan Lee
Vol 26 (2018) Teaching and research in Colombia from the perspective of academic capitalism Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Isabel C. Montes, Pilar Mendoza
Vol 22 (2014) Teaching approaches of university professors in Mexico Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Etty Haydee Estévez Nenninger, Claudia Gabriela Arreola Olivarría, Angel Alberto Valdés Cuervo
Vol 11 (2003) Teaching Children to Read : The Fragile Link Between Science & Federal Education Policy Abstract   PDF
Gregory Camilli, Sadako Vargas, Michele Yurecko
Vol 26 (2018) Teaching of ethics in public administration courses: An analysis from Pedagogical Projects of Course and the National Curricular Guidelines Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Laís Silveira Santos, Mauricio C. Serafim, Marcello Beckert Zappellini, Silvia Maria Knabben Corrêa Zappellini, Martha Kaschny Borges
Vol 10 (2002) Technical and Ethical Issues in Indicator Systems Abstract   PDF
Carol Taylor Fitz-Gibbon, Peter Tymms
Vol 14 (2006) Technical Problems and Political Uses of National Assessments in the Argentinian Educational System Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Silvina Gvirtz, Silvina Larripa, Verónica Oelsner
Vol 8 (2000) Technology & School Reform: A View from Both Sides of the Tracks Abstract   PDF
Mark Warschauer
Vol 10 (2002) Technology is Changing What's "Fair Use" in Teaching Abstract   PDF
Linda Howe-Steiger, Brian C. Donohue
Vol 1 (1993) Technology Refusal Abstract   PDF
Steven Hodas
Vol 26 (2018) Tensions in the management of the Benefit of Continued Provision at School Program Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Reginaldo Célio Sobrinho, Monica Isabel Carleti Cunha, Edson Pantaleão
Vol 10 (2002) Testing and Diversity in Postsecondary Education: The Case of California Abstract   PDF
Daniel Koretz
Vol 22 (2014) Testing Like William the Conqueror: Cultural and Instrumental Uses of Examinations Abstract   PDF
Sherman Dorn
Vol 7 (1999) Testing On Computers Abstract   PDF
Michael Russell
Vol 9 (2001) Testing Times: A School Case Study Abstract   PDF
Ivor Goodson, Martha Foote
Vol 5 (1997) Testing Writing on Computers Abstract   PDF
Michael Russell, Walt Haney
Vol 13 (2005) Texas charter school legislation and the evolution of open-enrollment charter schools. Abstract   PDF
Carrie Y. Barron Ausbrooks, Edith J. Barrett, Theresa Daniel
Vol 8 (2000) Texas Gains on NAEP: Points of Light? Abstract   PDF
Gregory Camilli
Vol 24 (2016) TFA and the magical thinking of the “best and the brightest” Abstract   PDF
Megan Blumenreich, Bethany Rogers
Vol 4 (1996) The 1976 Illini: Sweet Memories of Alma Mater Abstract   PDF
Diya Dutt
Vol 24 (2016) The academic achievement of Limited English Proficient (LEP) youth in new and established immigrant states: Lessons from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) Abstract   PDF
Lisa P. Spees, Stephanie Potochnick, Krista M. Perreira
Vol 9 (2001) The Academic Journal: Has it a Future? Abstract   PDF
Gaby Weiner
Vol 9 (2001) The Accountability Bind Abstract   PDF
Katrina Bulkley
Vol 12 (2004) The achievement gap: Should we rely on SAT scores to tell us anything about it? Abstract   PDF
Dale Whittington
Vol 12 (2004) The Advanced Placement Expansion of the 1990s:How Did Traditionally Underserved Students Fare? Abstract   PDF
Kristin Klopfenstein
Vol 22 (2014) The agency costs in university institutions: an analytical model for its evaluation Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Marcelo Rabossi
Vol 11 (2003) The Allures and Illusions of Modernity:Technology and Educational Reform in Egypt Abstract   PDF
Mark Warschauer
Vol 10 (2002) The Amalgamation of Chinese Higher Education Institutions Abstract   PDF
David Y. Chen
Vol 8 (2000) The Appalachian Rural Systemic Initiative Abstract   PDF
Stephen A. Henderson, Wimberly C. Royster
Vol 14 (2006) The Argentine Universities in the Context of Policies of the 90s: The Case of the Joint Degree in Science Education UNICEN Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Iris Richmond
Vol 21 (2013) The BA in History: An Hermeneutic place to think about the meaning of the classroom Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Rosana Silva de Moura
Vol 12 (2004) The Balance Between Higher Education Autonomy and Public Quality Assurance:Development of the Portuguese System for Teacher Education Accreditation Abstract   PDF
Bártolo Campos
Vol 3 (1995) The Bell Curve: An Essay Review Abstract   PDF
John C. Culbertson
Vol 4 (1996) The Bell Curve: Corrected for Skew Abstract   PDF
Haggai Kupermintz
Vol 18 (2010) The Black-White Achievement Gap Revisited Abstract   PDF
Henry Braun, Lauren Chapman, Sailesh Vezzu
Vol 14 (2006) The Black-White achievement gap: Do state policies matter? Abstract   PDF
Henry I. Braun, Aubrey Wang, Frank Jenkins, Elliot Weinbaum
Vol 24 (2016) The case of the Polytechnic High School: Evaluating its implementation in public schools Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Jorge Alberto Rosa Ribeiro, Margareth Fadanelli Simionato
Vol 18 (2010) The Changing Distribution of Teacher Qualifications Across Schools: A Statewide Perspective Post-NCLB Abstract   PDF
Karen J. DeAngelis, Bradford R. White, Jennifer B. Presley
Vol 25 (2017) The changing landscape of school choice in Canada: From pluralism to parental preference? Abstract   PDF
Lynn Bosetti, Deani Van Pelt, Derek Allison
Vol 5 (1997) The Circle of Learning: Individual and Group Processes Abstract   PDF
Ernest Chang, Don Simpson
Vol 18 (2010) The Citizen School: Inclusive policies and practices Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Jose Clovis de Azevedo, Carolina Contreiras Rodrigues, Sumaia Fuchs Curço
Vol 25 (2017) The color of time on the progression of letters: Notes between black and white on the passage from orality to literacy Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Cláudia Bechara Fröhlich, Simone Moschen
Vol 23 (2015) The Common Sense as Experience of Democratic Construction: Studies in Schools in Contexts of Poverty in Chile Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Silvia Redon Pantoja, José Félix Angulo Rasco, Natalia I. Vallejos
Vol 25 (2017) The consolidation of the evaluative state through accountability policies: Trajectory, enactment and tensions in the Chilean education system Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Lluís Parcerisa, Alejandra Falabella
Vol 26 (2018) The constitution of the academic field of education policy in Brazil: Historical aspects Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF
Silvana Stremel, Jefferson Mainardes
Vol 26 (2018) The construction of the education researcher's ethos: The students’ perspective Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Teresa Yurén, Luis Enrique García, Evelyn Moctezuma Ramírez, Silvia Briseño Agüero, Ana Esther Escalante
Vol 23 (2015) The Construction of the Pedagogic Political Project: Contributions of Collaborative Action Research Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Dirléia Fanfa Sarmento, Cledes Antônio Casagrande
Vol 22 (2014) The construction of the school curriculum: reflections about cultural difference Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Maria de Lourdes Rangel Tura, Talita Vidal Pereira
Vol 14 (2006) The Contract-Programs in Universities: Lessons from the International Comparison Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Ana M. García de Fanelli
Vol 16 (2008) The cost-effectiveness of comprehensive school reform and rapid assessment. Abstract   PDF
Stuart S. Yeh
Vol 23 (2015) The covert mechanisms of education policy discourse: Unmasking policy insiders’ discourses and discursive strategies in upholding or challenging racism and classism in education Abstract   PDF
Melanie Bertrand, Wendy Y. Perez, John Rogers
Vol 24 (2016) The creation of performance funding in Michigan: Partnership, promotion and points Abstract   PDF
Renata Opoczynski
Vol 14 (2006) The Democratization of educational inequalities in France and the United Kingdom: A Global Update, a Local Reading Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Antonio Luzon, Mónica Torres
Vol 15 (2007) The Democratization of the Educational Administration in Argentina: A Comparison of Provincial Policies Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Jorge M. Gorostiaga
Vol 22 (2014) The deployment of inclusive education programs in a Brazilian municipality: the guarantee of an effective teaching-learning process? Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   translatedv22n78 (Português (Brasil))
Andressa Santos Rebelo, Mônica de Carvalho Magalhães Kassar
Vol 22 (2014) The Development and Implementation of a National, Standards-based, Multi-method Teacher Performance Assessment System in Chile Abstract   PDF
Sandy Taut, Yulan Sun
Vol 22 (2014) The Development of Educational Accountability in China and Denmark Abstract   PDF
Palle Rasmussen, Yihuan Zou
Vol 1 (1993) The Devil's Bargain: Educational Research and the Teacher Abstract   PDF
Ivor F. Goodson
Vol 24 (2016) The differences in grades among primary students according to their poverty situation: Decomposition analysis for 17 countries of Latin America and Caribbean Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Jorge Augusto Paz
Vol 24 (2016) The differential effects of parental involvement on high school completion and postsecondary attendance Abstract   PDF
Terris Raiford Ross
Vol 23 (2015) The discursive construction of lower-tracked students: Ideologies of meritocracy and the politics of education Abstract   PDF
Kate T. Anderson
Vol 25 (2017) The discursive construction of superintendent statesmanship on Twitter Abstract   PDF
Todd M. Hurst
Vol 10 (2002) The Distribution of Emergency Permit Teachers in California Abstract   PDF
Laura Goe
Vol 24 (2016) The dynamics of chronic absence and student achievement Abstract   PDF
Rebecca A. London, Monika Sanchez, Sebastian Castrechini
Vol 21 (2013) The Early Childhood Education and International Organizations: When Focus is not Prioritize Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Rosânia Campos
Vol 26 (2018) The educational attention of the population in Argentina during the last decades: Between the illusory distribution, the efficient modernization and the discourses of the right to education Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Graciela Clotilde Riquelme, Natalia Herger, Jorgelina S. Sassera
Vol 2 (1994) The Educational System and Resistance to Reform: The Limits of Policy Abstract   PDF
John F. Covaleskie
Vol 24 (2016) The EDUCO program, impact evaluations, and the political economy of global education reform Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   PDF (English version)
D. Brent Edwards, Jr., Claudia Elizabeth Loucel Urquilla
Vol 12 (2004) The Effect of Charter School Legislation on Market Share Abstract   PDF
Simona Kúscová, Jack Buckley
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