Issue Title
Vol 6 (1998) Selection in Europe--the Case of Greece Abstract   PDF
Dionysios Gouvias
Vol 23 (2015) Self-evaluation processes of schools or internal evaluation of the system? Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Anabela Barros Pinto Sousa, Manuela Terrasêca
Vol 21 (2013) Sentinels guarding the grail: Value-added measurement and the quest for education reform Abstract   PDF
Rachael Gabriel, Jessica Nina Lester
Vol 27 (2019) Separate and Unequal – Title I and Teacher Quality Abstract   PDF
Elizabeth Iris Rivera Rodas
Vol 26 (2018) Serious games and sensibility regimes: Paradoxes in using games for human formation Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Rodrigo Lages e Silva, Gabriela da Silva Bulla, Leandro Paz da Silva, Julia de Campos Lucena
Vol 5 (1997) Service-Learning in Costa Rica and Indonesia Abstract   PDF
David D. Williams, William D. Eiserman
Vol 26 (2018) Seven school-related disasters: Lessons for policymakers and school personnel Abstract   PDF
Laura M. Stough, Donghyun Kang, Sungyoon Lee
Vol 22 (2014) Sexuality and School. Possible Programmatics perspectives Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Catalina Wainerman, Natalia Chami
Vol 13 (2005) Sharing the Wealth:National Board Certified Teachers and the Students Who Need Them Most Abstract   PDF
Daniel C. Humphrey, Julia E. Koppich, Heather J. Hough
Vol 27 (2019) Shortchanging complexity: Discourse, distortions, and diversity policy in the age of neoliberalism Abstract   PDF
Andrea Arce-Trigatti, Ashlee Anderson
Vol 8 (2000) Should Achievement Tests be Used to Judge School Quality? Abstract   PDF
Scott C. Bauer
Vol 9 (2001) Significance of Test-based Ratings for Metropolitan Boston Schools Abstract   PDF
Craig Bolon
Vol 22 (2014) Significance: U.S. Blind Spots in Judging Research Abstract   PDF
Kathryn M. Anderson-Levitt
Vol 21 (2013) Significant Trends in the Development of Finnish Teacher Training Education Programs (1860-2010) Abstract   PDF
Satu Uusiautti, Kaarina Määttä
Vol 9 (2001) Similarity of TIMSS Math and Science Achievement of Nations Abstract   PDF
Algirdas Zabulionis
Vol 14 (2006) Small schools and the pressure to consolidate. Abstract   PDF
Aimee Howley, Craig Howley
Vol 24 (2016) Smart money? Philanthropic and federal funding for the Common Core Abstract   PDF
Mindy L. Kornhaber, Nikolaus J. Barkauskas, Kelly M. Griffith
Vol 25 (2017) Social control in the municipal planning of education in Brazil Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Donaldo Bello de Souza, Alzira Batalha Alcântara
Vol 22 (2014) Social Epistemology, the Reason of “Reason” and the Curriculum Studies Abstract   PDF
Thomas Popkewitz
Vol 20 (2012) Social Exclusion in Educational Discourse: an Analysis Based on a Program of Investigation Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Juan Carlos González Faraco, Antonio Luzón Trujillo, Mónica Torres Sánchez
Vol 26 (2018) Social Impact Bonds in São Paulo’s state public school system: New modality of public-private partnership in Brazil Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   PDF
Fernando L. Cássio, Débora Cristina Goulart, Salomão Barros Ximenes
Vol 23 (2015) Social Index of Educational Effectiveness: A New Approach from the Perspective of Promoting Equity Abstract   PDF
Ulisses Azevedo Leitão
Vol 25 (2017) Social justice debate and college access in Latin America: merit or need? The role of educational institutions and states in broadening access to higher education in the region Abstract   PDF
Cristobal Villalobos, Ernesto Treviño, Ignacio Wyman, Judith Scheele
Vol 20 (2012) Social Networking Postings: Views from School Principals Abstract   PDF
Marlynn M. Griffin, Robert L. Lake
Vol 21 (2013) Social Pedagogy and Liberal Egalitarian Compensatory Programs: The Case of Head Start Abstract   PDF
Shelly Lynn Counsell, Robert Boody
Vol 21 (2013) Social pedagogy in modern times Abstract   PDF
Niels Rosendal Jensen
Vol 21 (2013) Social Pedagogy in the UK: Gaining a firm foothold? Abstract   PDF
Pat Petrie
Vol 21 (2013) Social pedagogy: historical traditions and transnational connections Abstract   PDF
Daniel Schugurensky, Michael Silver
Vol 23 (2015) Social representations and educational guidance of the professorship Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Sonsoles San Román, Carlos Vecina, Elisa Usategui, Ana Irene del Valle, Mar Venegas
Vol 8 (2000) Social Science Research Findings and Educational Policy Dilemmas Abstract   PDF
Steven I. Miller, Marcel Fredericks
Vol 21 (2013) Social Segregation and Educational Attainment Inequality in Argentina Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Natalia Krüger
Vol 27 (2019) Socioeconomic school segregation as a dimension of educational exclusion: Fifteen years of evolution in Latin America Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Natalia Krüger
Vol 6 (1998) SOCRATES Invades Central Europe Abstract   PDF
Joseph Slowinski
Vol 10 (2002) Socratic Pedagogy, Race and Power Abstract   PDF
Peter Boghossian
Vol 7 (1999) Solving the Policy Implementation Problem Abstract   PDF
Gregg A. Garn
Vol 6 (1998) Some Comments on Assessment in U.S. Education Abstract   PDF
Robert Stake
Vol 27 (2019) Some pennies are more equal than others: Inequitable school facilities investment in San Antonio, Texas Abstract   PDF
Marialena D. Rivera, Sonia Rey Lopez
Vol 11 (2003) Some Salient Features of Guatemala's Public and Private School Sectors Abstract   PDF
Carlos R. Ruano
Vol 22 (2014) Sorting out the signal: Do multiple measures of teachers’ effectiveness provide consistent information to teachers and principals? Abstract   PDF
Katharine O. Strunk, Tracey L. Weinsten, Reino Makkonen
Vol 12 (2004) Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Accreditation:Impact on Elementary Student Performance Abstract   PDF
Darlene Y. Bruner, Lance Lamar Brantley
Vol 21 (2013) Space of Faculty Formation: History of Education classes Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Doris Bittencourt Almeida
Vol 26 (2018) Spanish educational legislation reforms during the current democratic period: A critical perspective Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Vicente Llorent-Bedmar, Verónica Cobano-Delgado Palma
Vol 27 (2019) Speaking cooperation, acting competition: Supply-side subsidies and private schools in socioeconomically disadvantaged contexts in Buenos Aires Abstract   PDF
Mauro C. Moschetti, Carolina Snaider
Vol 27 (2019) Special Education as public policy: A project of the military regime? Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Monica de Carvalho Magalhães Kassar, Andressa dos Santos Rebelo, Gilberta Sampaio de Martino Jannuzzi
Vol 27 (2019) Special Education during times of dictatorship Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Katia Regina Moreno Caiado, Maria Edith Romano Siems-Marcondes, Marcia Denise Pletsch
Vol 27 (2019) Special education in Brazilian educational policies: A historical approach Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Luana Leal Ribeiro, Renata Maldonado da Silva
Vol 23 (2015) Special Education in Perspective: Implications for Articulated Teaching in High School and Technological Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Fabiane Adela Tonetto Costas, Claucia Honnef
Vol 27 (2019) Special Education in the state of Rio Grande do Sul: History, politics and management (1970-1980) Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Andréa Asti Severo, Mayara Costa da Silva, Claudio Roberto Baptista
Vol 22 (2014) Special Education: policies and teaching-learning processes Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   translatedv22n77
Marcia Denise Pletsch, Geovana Mendonça Mendes Lunardi
Vol 20 (2012) Special higher teacher education programs in Brazil: Questioning the transfer of teacher education programs to universities Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   PDF (Português (Brasil))
isabel Melero Bello, Belmira Oliveira Bueno
Vol 23 (2015) Spiral of Decline or “Beacon of Hope:” Stories of School Choice in a Dual Language School. Abstract   PDF
Timothy Marc Pearson, Jennifer R. Wolgemuth, Soria E. Colomer
Vol 4 (1996) Staff Development Policy Abstract   PDF
Robert T. Stout
Vol 5 (1997) Staffing Up and Dropping Out Abstract   PDF
Mark Fetler
Vol 27 (2019) Stakeholders and managerial practices in basic public school: A multi-case study Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Ananda Silva Singh, Vanyne Aparecida Franco Freitas, Valdir Machado Valadão Junior
Vol 13 (2005) Staking out the successful student Abstract   PDF
Christopher Brown
Vol 4 (1996) Standard Errors in Educational Assessment Abstract   PDF
Greg Camilli
Vol 18 (2010) Standardized Assessments: Six Critical Reflections Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Ignacio Barrenechea
Vol 27 (2019) Standards and competency frameworks for school administrators: Global, comparative and critical perspectives Abstract   PDF   PDF (Español (España))
Augusto Riveros, Wei Wei
Vol 27 (2019) Standards for school principals in Mexico and Spain: A comparative study Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Miguel Angel Díaz-Delgado, Inmaculada Garcia-Martinez
Vol 16 (2008) Standards-based mathematics reforms and mathematics achievement of American Indian/Alaska Native eighth graders. Abstract   PDF
Motoko Akiba, Ya-Fang Chiu, Yue-Lin Zhuang, Heather E. Mueller
Vol 26 (2018) Start Here, Or Here, No Here: Introductions to Rethinking Education Policy and Methodology in a Post-Truth Era Abstract   PDF
Jennifer R. Wolgemuth, Mirka Koro-Ljungberg, Travis M. Marn, Anthony J. Onwuegbuzie, Shaun M. Dougherty
Vol 3 (1995) State Actions for Personnel Evaluation Abstract   PDF
Carol B. Furtwengler
Vol 25 (2017) State and institutional policies on in-state resident tuition and financial aid for undocumented students: Examining constraints and opportunities Abstract   PDF
Gabriel R. Serna, Joshua M. Cohen, David H. K. Nguyen
Vol 22 (2014) State regulation and educational segregation in the Province of Buenos Aires Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Cecilia Veleda
Vol 24 (2016) State school finance inequities and the limits of pursuing teacher equity through departmental regulation Abstract   PDF
Bruce D. Baker, Mark Weber
Vol 8 (2000) State Standards & Opportunity to Learn in New Jersey Abstract   PDF
William A. Firestone et al, Gregory Camili, Michelle Yurecko, Lora Monfils, David Mayrowetz
Vol 27 (2019) State-level autonomy in the era of accountability: A comparative analysis of Virginia and Nebraska education policy through No Child Left Behind Abstract   PDF
Ryan Richard Ruff
Vol 13 (2005) State-level high school completion rates: Concepts, measures, and trends. Abstract   PDF
John Robert Warren
Vol 10 (2002) State-Mandated Testing and Teachers' Beliefs and Practice Abstract   PDF
Sandra Cimbricz
Vol 27 (2019) State-wide implementation of edTPA in preparation for high-stakes testing: A mixed-methods study of the concerns of edTPA coordinators Abstract   PDF
Joyce E. Many, Ruchi Bhatnagar, Carla Tanguay, Shaneeka Favors-Welch, Clarice Thomas, Susan Ophelia Cannon, Tamra Ogletree, Jihye Kim, Shannon Howrey, Sohyun An, Karen Kurz, Judi Wilson
Vol 8 (2000) Statewide Professional Development Conference Abstract   PDF
Paul V. Bredeson, Jay Paredes Scribner
Vol 25 (2017) Staying and concluding higher education: What Indians say about the Universidade Estadual do Centro-Oeste do Paraná [UNICENTRO] – Brazil Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Juliane Sachser Angnes, Maria de Fátima Quintal de Freitas, Marcel Luciano Klozovski, Zoraide da Fonseca Costa, Carla Marlana Rocha
Vol 21 (2013) STEM Club Participation and STEM Schooling Outcomes Abstract   PDF
Michael A Gottfried, Darryl Williams
Vol 22 (2014) Stigma without Sanctions: The (Lack of) Impact of Private School Vouchers on Student Achievement Abstract   PDF
Daniel H. Bowen, Julie R. Trivitt
Vol 26 (2018) Storying teacher education policy: Critical counternarratives of curricular, pedagogical, and activist responses to state-mandated teacher performance assessments Abstract   PDF
Nick Henning, Alison G. Dover, Erica K. Dotson, Ruchi Agarwal-Rangnath
Vol 22 (2014) Strategies and tactics in academic knowledge production by multilingual scholars Abstract   PDF
Mary Jane Curry, Theresa M Lillis
Vol 27 (2019) Strategies for attracting and retaining educators: What does the evidence say? Abstract   PDF
Anne Podolsky, Tara Kini, Linda Darling-Hammond, Joseph Bishop
Vol 27 (2019) Strategies for the internationalization of education and curriculum: From universities to territories of basic education Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Juarues da Silva Thiesen
Vol 25 (2017) Stress and academic performance among accounting graduate students in Brazil Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Marise Santana de Rezende, Gilberto José Miranda, Janser Moura Pereira, Edgard Bruno Cornacchione Júnior
Vol 8 (2000) Student Assessment as a Political Construction: The Case of Uruguay Abstract   PDF
Luis Benveniste
Vol 5 (1997) Student Evaluation of Faculty: View from the Court Abstract   PDF
Robert E. Haskell
Vol 5 (1997) Student Evaluation of Faculty:Psychometric Validity of Court's Views Abstract   PDF
Robert E. Haskell
Vol 8 (2000) Student Evaluation of Teaching: Methodological Critique Abstract   PDF
Robert Sproule
Vol 27 (2019) Student perceptions of a primary education degree and its impact on the development of their professional skills Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Mercedes Cuevas López, Francisco Díaz Rosas
Vol 26 (2018) Student policies in teacher training: Pedagogical problems and debates in South American perspective Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Alejandra Birgin, Alejandro Vassiliades
Vol 22 (2014) Student records in the construction of student’s problems Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Silvina Cimolai
Vol 26 (2018) Student retention and dropout in Higher Education in Latin America and the Caribbean: A systematic review Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Felipe René Munizaga Mellado, María Beatriz Cifuentes Orellana, Andrés Jacob Beltrán Gabrie
Vol 25 (2017) Student retention policies in public higher education in comparative perspective: Argentina, Brazil and Chile Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Hustana Maria Vargas, Rosana Heringer
Vol 1 (1993) Students and Educational Productivity Abstract   PDF
Benjamin Levin
Vol 23 (2015) Students’ acceptance of university institutions Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Javier Calvo de Mora, María-Jesús Gallego-Arrufat, Francisco-J. Lamas, Pedro-Antonio García-López
Vol 27 (2019) Studies on initial teacher education in Mozambique and its relationship with teacher training policies (2012-2017) Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Santa Mónica Julião Mugime, Feliciano Mapezuane Mahalambe, José Cossa, Carlinda Leite
Vol 23 (2015) Study about attitudes toward school and educational expectations of immigrant students Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Rosa María Rodríguez Izquierdo
Vol 17 (2009) Study of the determinants of efficiency applying Hierarchical Linear Models in the assessment PISA 2006: the case of Spain Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Esther López Martín, Enrique Navarro Asencio, Xavier G. Ordóñez Camacho, Sonia J. Romero Martínez
Vol 5 (1997) Studying the Rural in Education Abstract   PDF
Craig B. Howley
Vol 25 (2017) Subjects of, or subject to, policy reform? A Foucauldian discourse analysis of regulation and resistance in UK narratives of educational impacts of welfare cuts: The case of the ‘bedroom tax’ Abstract   PDF
Erica Burman, Anat Greenstein, Joanna Bragg, Terry Hanley, Afroditi Kalambouka, Ruth Lupton, Lauren McCoy, Kate Sapin, Laura Winter
Vol 14 (2006) Successive Student Cohorts and Longitudinal Growth Models: An Investigation of Elementary School Mathematics Performance Abstract   PDF
Keith Zvoch, Joseph J. Stevens
Vol 23 (2015) Superintendents’ Recommendations for a New Federal Framework for Educational Accountability Abstract   PDF
S. Dallas Dance
Vol 8 (2000) Support for parent participation in primary school Abstract   PDF
Judith K. Bernhard, Marlinda Freire, Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw
Vol 7 (1999) Supporting Community-Oriented Educational Change Abstract   PDF
Linda Mabry, Laura Ettinger
Vol 3 (1995) Surviving the Doctoral Years Abstract   PDF
Scott P. Kerlin
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