Issue Title
Vol 21 (2013) Computer skills and digital media uses among young students in Rio de Janeiro Abstract   PDF
Rosalia Duarte, Sibele Cazelli, Rita Peixoto Migliora, Carlos Alberto Coimbra
Vol 17 (2009) Concept and Determinants of Quality in Higher Education. A Survey Conducted amongst Spanish University Lecturers. Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Antonio Cardona Rodríguez, Miren Barrenetxea Ayesta, Juan José Mijangos del Campo, Jon Olaskoaga Larrauri
Vol 12 (2004) Conceptions About Curriculum, School Content and The teachers in the process to produce texts Curriculum in Argentina Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Alejandra Amantea, Graciela Laura Cappeletti, Estela Beatriz Cols, Silvina Feeney
Vol 25 (2017) Conceptions about educational quality among teachers in the High School Educational System at the University of Guadalajara Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Jon Olaskoaga-Larrauri, Carlos Mendoza-Sepúlveda, Elia Marúm-Espinosa
Vol 25 (2017) Conceptions of public policies and discursive pratices: An analysis of higher education public policies in Lula’s Government (2003-2010) Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Márcio Barcelos, Marcio Silva Rodrigues
Vol 14 (2006) Concepts of Education and Education for Women Clients of a Health Center in Rio De Janeiro Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Isabela Cabral Félix de Sousa
Vol 24 (2016) Conceptualizing ICT leadership practices: A study in Colombian higher education Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Gary Alberto Cifuentes
Vol 23 (2015) Conceptualizing teacher professional identity in neoliberal times: Resistance, compliance and reform Abstract   PDF
David Hall, Ruth McGinity
Vol 13 (2005) Conflicting demands of No Child Left Behind and state systems: Mixed messages about school performance. Abstract   PDF
Robert L. Linn
Vol 10 (2002) Confusing the Messenger with the Message: A Response to Bolon Abstract   PDF
Victor L. Willson, Thomas Kellow
Vol 23 (2015) Connecting the dots: Understanding the flow of research knowledge within a research brokering network Abstract   PDF
Joelle Rodway
Vol 6 (1998) Consequences of Assessment: What is the Evidence? Abstract   PDF
William A. Mehrens
Vol 8 (2000) Consistency of Findings Across International Surveys of Math & Science Abstract   PDF
Michael O'Leary, Thomas Kellaghan, George Madaus, Albert Beaton
Vol 19 (2011) Constitutional Reform and the Opportunity for Higher Education Access in Ecuador Since 1950 Abstract   PDF   PDF (Español (España))
David Post
Vol 20 (2012) Constrained Curriculum in High Schools: The Changing Math Standards and Student Achievement, High School Graduation and College Continuation Abstract   PDF
Nathan Daun-Barnett, Edward P. St. John
Vol 11 (2003) Constraining Elementary Teachers' Work:Dilemmas and Paradoxes Created by State Mandated Testing Abstract   PDF
Sandra Mathison, Melissa Freeman
Vol 9 (2001) Constructing Outcomes in Teacher Education Abstract   PDF
Marilyn Cochran-Smith
Vol 25 (2017) Contemporary higher education reform in Ecuador: Implications for faculty recruitment, hiring, and retention Abstract   PDF
Mary Amanda Johnson
Vol 24 (2016) Context and curriculum in two global cities: A study of discourses of citizenship in Hong Kong and Singapore Abstract   PDF
Theresa Alviar-Martin, Mark Baildon
Vol 19 (2011) Context-Responsive Leadership: Examining Superintendent Leadership in Context. Abstract   PDF
Paul V. Bredeson, Hans W. Klar, Olof Johansson
Vol 24 (2016) Contexts for teacher practice: (Re)Considering the role of context in interventions in early childhood teacher engagement with new approaches to shared book reading Abstract   PDF
Katherine K. Delaney, Susan B. Neuman
Vol 21 (2013) Contexts, questions, and answers: What is new in youth and adult education? Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Sandra Regina Sales, Jane Paiva
Vol 15 (2007) Contextual effects of socioeconomic level on academic achievement in obligatory secondary education in the Basque Autonomous Community (Spain). Differential study about socioeconomic level of families and school centers. Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Luis Lizasoain, Luis Joaristi, José Francisco Lukas, Karlos Santiago
Vol 17 (2009) Contextual Influences on Superintendents' Time Usage Abstract   PDF
Kim Jones, Aimee Howley
Vol 7 (1999) Contextualizing Homeschooling Data: A Response to Rudner Abstract   PDF
Kariane Mari Welner, Kevin G. Welner
Vol 17 (2009) Continued Progression, Work and Teaching as a Profession Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Ivanise Monfredini
Vol 23 (2015) Continuing Education for Public Administrators in Special Education: Local Policy for School Inclusion Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Denise Meyrelles de Jesus, Edson Pantaleão, Mariangela Lima de Almeida
Vol 11 (2003) Continuing Education Reform in Hong Kong Abstract   PDF
Chris Dowson
Vol 21 (2013) Continuous reform of vocational training in Spain, or the paradox between school integration and segregation Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Rafael Merino
Vol 22 (2014) Contributions to the history of teacher unionism in Portugal: From study groups to the assertion and crisis of the teacher union movement Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Manuel Tavares
Vol 23 (2015) Cooperative learning and embodied accountability: an ethnographic analysis of classroom participation in an English school Abstract   PDF
Laura Luna Figueroa
Vol 10 (2002) Corrective Action and School Choice in NYC Abstract   PDF
Doug Hamman, E. Allen Schenck
Vol 13 (2005) Corrective Action in Low Performing Schools: Lessons for NCLB Implementation from First-generation Accountability Systems. Vol. 13 No. 48 Abstract   PDF
Heinrich Mintrop, Tina Trujillo
Vol 6 (1998) Counseling in Turkey: Current Status and Future Challenges Abstract   PDF
Suleyman Dogan
Vol 24 (2016) Countryside education: Conceptual harmonization and historical evolution in Brazil Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Giuliano Alves Borges e Silva, João Luiz Passador
Vol 21 (2013) Crafting Coherence from Complex Policy Messages: Educators’ Perceptions of Special Education and Standards-Based Accountability Policies Abstract   PDF
Jennifer Lin Russell, Laura E. Bray
Vol 24 (2016) Creating positive contexts of reception: The value of immigrant teachers in U.S. early childhood education programs Abstract   PDF
Jennifer Keys Adair
Vol 23 (2015) Crème de la Crème: The Teach For All Experience and Its Lessons for Policy-Making in Latin America Abstract   PDF
Belen Cumsille R., Ariel Fiszbein
Vol 6 (1998) Critical Evaluation for Education Reform Abstract   PDF
Gisele A. Waters
Vol 6 (1998) Criticizing the Schools, Then and Now Abstract   PDF
Benjamin Levin
Vol 9 (2001) Critique of "An Evaluation of the Florida A-Plus Accountability Program" Abstract   PDF
Gregory Camilli, Katrina Bulkley
Vol 23 (2015) Cultivating disruptive subjectivities: Interrupting the new professionalism Abstract   PDF
Kathryn Herr
Vol 24 (2016) Cultivating political powerhouses: TFA corps members experiences that shape local political engagement Abstract   PDF
Rebecca Jacobsen, Rachel White, Sarah Reckhow
Vol 5 (1997) Cultural Differences and the Construction of Meaning Abstract   PDF
Robert A. Peña
Vol 22 (2014) Curriculum and school knowledge in contemporary society: challenges for the education of people with disabilities Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   v22n80translated PDF
Geovana Mendonça Lunardi Mendes, Fabiany Cassia Silva
Vol 14 (2006) Curriculum as praxis: Ensuring quality technical education in Singapore for the 21st century. Abstract   PDF
Tiew Ming Yek, Dawn Penney
Vol 25 (2017) Curriculum, normativity and policies of recognition from school trajectories of “gay boys” Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Thiago Ranniery
Vol 15 (2007) Curriculum Reforms and Physical Education: the Theoretical-Conceptual knowledge of the Spanish School Population Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Juan Luis Hernández Álvarez, Roberto Velázquez Buendía, Eugenia Martínez Gorroño
Vol 24 (2016) Data and performativity in doctoral education: Information gaps and suggestions for overcoming them Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   PDF English Translation
Catalina Wainerman, Iván Matovich
Vol 2 (1994) Dealing with Diversity Abstract   PDF
Benjamin Levin, J. Anthony Riffel
Vol 15 (2007) Decentralization, Local Powers and Social Participation in Education in Bolivia: The Cases of Tarabuco and La Paz (1997-2003) Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Mario Yapu
Vol 25 (2017) (De)coloniality in management education: Exploring limits and possibilities Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Valério Carvalho Filho, Ana Sílvia Rocha Ipiranga, Alexandre de Almeida Faria
Alissa Berg, Felicia M. Mensah
Vol 24 (2016) Democracy in Uruguay: Body education and leisure in the “New Model of Physical Education” (1985-1990) Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Cecilia Seré Quintero, Alexandre Fernandez Vaz
Vol 21 (2013) Democracy’s College: The American Community College in the 21st Century: Framing the Issue Abstract   PDF
Amelia Marcetti Topper, Jeanne M. Powers
Vol 12 (2004) Democratic education across school types: Evidence for the U.S. from NHES99 Abstract   PDF
Clive R. Belfield
Vol 7 (1999) Demonstrated Actions of Instructional Leaders Abstract   PDF
George J. Petersen
Vol 24 (2016) Deregulation and personalization in elite schools: Teacher’s work and the production of privileged groups Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Sandra Ziegler
Vol 20 (2012) Desafios da arte contemporânea para a educação: práticas e políticas Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Luciana Gruppelli Loponte
Vol 22 (2014) Desegregation, Accountability, and Equality: North Carolina and the Nation, 1971-2002 Abstract   PDF
Scott Baker, Anthony Myers, Brittany Vasquez
Vol 19 (2011) Design and Implementation Issues in Longitudinal Research Abstract   PDF
Larry H Ludlow, Joseph Pedulla, Sarah Enterline, Emilie Mitescu Reagan, Mac Cannady, Stephanie Chappe
Vol 13 (2005) Designing Finance Structures to Satisfy Equity and Adequacy Goals Abstract   PDF
Richard A. King, Austin D. Swanson, Scott R. Sweetland
Vol 25 (2017) Desire for democracy: Perspectives of parents impacted by 2013 Chicago school closings Abstract   PDF
Kelly P. Vaughan, Rhoda Rae Gutierrez
Vol 24 (2016) Determinants involved in the construction of the violence of gender. The case of the primary schools in a province of Spain Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Emilia Moreno Sánchez, Carmen Márquez Vázquez
Vol 24 (2016) Development of a scale to measure teaching practices for engaging Mexican families in education Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Alberto Valdés Cuervo, Ernesto Alonso Carlos Martínez, Maricela Urías Murrieta, Teodoro Rafael Wendlandt Amezaga
Vol 24 (2016) Development of policies for a digital repository for a higher education institution with technological disadvantages Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
José Alonso Fernández López, María Manuela Pintor Chávez, Marcela Georgina Gómez Zermeño
Vol 20 (2012) Developmental State Policy, Educational Development, and Economic Development: Policy Processes in South Korea, 1961-1979 Abstract   PDF
Ki Su Kim
Vol 4 (1996) Developmentalism: An Obscure but Pervasive Restriction Abstract   PDF
J. E. Stone
Vol 21 (2013) Dialectics instead of dichotomy: Perspectives on the twin ambition of the disability movement. Abstract   PDF
Lisbeth Eriksson
Vol 11 (2003) Differences in cognitive outcomes between cognitive and non-public school students and private secondary education in Argentina: A multilevel analysis Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Rubén Cervini
Vol 18 (2010) Different histories, similar opinions? Perspectives of presidents of public and private universities on Argentina’s higher education system Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
María Fernanda Arias
Vol 25 (2017) Digital accessibility: An analysis of homepages of Federal Education Institutions of Brazil Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Daniel Luís Arenhardt, Tatiane Stefanel Franchi, Vânia Medianeira Flores Costa, Márcia Zampieri Grohmann
Vol 15 (2007) Digital equity in education: A Multilevel examination of differences in and relationships between computer access, computer use and state-level technology policies. Abstract   PDF
Jonathan D. Becker
Vol 12 (2004) Discipline in School, Gender and Sexuality: Practices and Punishment production of identity Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Maria de Fátima Salum Moreira, Lilian Piorkowsky dos Santos
Vol 25 (2017) Discursive contestations and pluriversal futures: A decolonial analysis of educational policies in the United Arab Emirates Abstract   PDF
Elena Aydarova
Vol 25 (2017) Disparate use of exclusionary discipline: Evidence on inequities in school discipline from a U.S. state Abstract   PDF
Kaitlin P. Anderson, Gary W. Ritter
Vol 15 (2007) Disparities in Access to Educational Media and Child Labor Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Facundo Luis Crosta
Vol 6 (1998) Distance Learning in Higher Education Abstract   PDF
Gary A. Berg
Vol 8 (2000) Distance Learning: The Case of Political Science Abstract   PDF
Steffen Schmidt, Mark C. Shelley, Monty Van Wart, Jane Clayton, Erin Schreck
Vol 18 (2010) Distortion or Clarification: Defining Highly Qualified Teachers and the Relationship between Certification and Achievement Abstract   PDF
Jacob M Marszalek, Arthur L Odom, Steven M. LaNasa, Susan A. Adler
Vol 10 (2002) District Fiscal Policy and Student Achievement Abstract   PDF
Gary G. Huang, Binbing Yu
Vol 20 (2012) District-Wide Effects on Data Use in the Classroom Abstract   PDF
Jeffrey C. Wayman, Vincent Cho, Jo Beth Jimerson, Daniel D. Spikes
Vol 3 (1995) Diversifying Finance of Higher Education Abstract   PDF
John C. Weidman
Vol 23 (2015) Do Algorithms Homogenize Students’ Achievements in Secondary School Better Than Teachers’ Tracking Decisions? Abstract   PDF
Florian Klapproth
Vol 12 (2004) Do EMO-operated Charter Schools Serve Disadvantaged Students? The Influence of State Policies Abstract   PDF
Natalie Lacireno-Paquet
Vol 21 (2013) Do In-School Feeding Programs Have an Impact on Academic Performance and Dropouts? The Case of Public Schools in Argentina. Abstract   PDF
Cecilia Adrogue, Maria Eugenia Orlicki
Vol 23 (2015) Do Teacher-Coaches Make the Cut? The Effectiveness of Athletic Coaches as Math and Reading Teachers Abstract   PDF
Anna Jacob Egalite, Daniel H. Bowen, Julie R. Trivitt
Vol 15 (2007) Do the Policies and Practices of Teacher Education Serve to Improve Education? A Response Based on the Analysis of the Social Construction of Teaching Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Jesús Romero Morante, Alberto Luis Gómez
Vol 16 (2008) Does high-stakes testing increase cultural capital among low-income and racial minority students? Abstract   PDF
Won-Pyo Hong, Peter Youngs
Vol 22 (2014) Does Money bring happiness? The relationship between inputs and quality in education Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
José Marcelino de Rezende Pinto
Vol 13 (2005) Does Teacher Preparation Matter? Evidence about Teacher Certification, Teach for America, and Teacher Effectiveness. Abstract   PDF
Linda Darling-Hammond, Deborah J. Holtzman, Su Jin Gatlin, Julian Vasquez Heilig
Vol 9 (2001) Does the Degree of Campus "Wiredness" Matter? Abstract   PDF
Shouping Hu, George D. Kuh
Vol 21 (2013) Dropping out in Adult and Youth Education. Stories of abandonment or determination? Practitioners’ uses and tactics to self manage life Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Inês Barbosa de Oliveira, Maria Clara Gama Cabral Coutinho
Vol 19 (2011) Eastern European Scientists in Mexico: An Exploration of their Immigration Experiences Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Isabel Izquierdo
Vol 21 (2013) Ecologies of education quality Abstract   PDF
Beth Graue, Katherine Kresin Delaney, Anne Sontag Karch
Vol 8 (2000) Economic Perspectives on Investments in Teacher Quality Abstract   PDF
Margaret L. Plecki
Vol 22 (2014) Educating for science. Elements to define an education policy that supports the training of scientists. The case of Mexico. Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Francisco Javier Segura Mojica, Hugo Alejandro Borjas García
Vol 19 (2011) Education Alignment and Accountability in an Era of Convergence: Policy Insights from States with Individual Learning Plans and Policies Abstract   PDF
L. Allen Phelps, Julie Durham, Joan Wills
Vol 12 (2004) Education and Alternate Assessment for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities: Implications for Educators Details   PDF
Mary C. Zatta, Diana C. Pullin
Vol 22 (2014) Education and Social Cohesion in Latin America: a micro-political Perspective Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Silvina Gvirtz, Jason Beech
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