Issue Title
Vol 17 (2009) Education and youth in contexts of socioeconomic inequality. Trends and perspectives for Latin America. Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Pablo Christian Aparicio
Vol 12 (2004) Education, Cooperation and Development: The Latin American Situation at the Beginning of the XXI Century Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Isabel Neira Gómez, Marta Portela Maseda
Vol 29 (2021) Education faculty as knowledge brokers: Competing for access to New York State print media and policy influence Abstract   PDF
Gary Anderson, Nakia M. Gray-Nicolas, Madison Payton
Vol 24 (2016) Education for democracy: Articles from the intellectual Anisio Teixeira in the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper in 1968 Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Fernando Gouvêa
Vol 22 (2014) Education for Youth and Adults: enchantment and permanency at school Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Dóris Maria Luzzardi Fiss, Jeferson Ventura Machado
Vol 27 (2019) Education governance and privatization in Portugal: Media coverage on public and private education Abstract   PDF
Fátima Antunes, Sofia Viseu
Vol 25 (2017) Education in municipal agendas within the state of Tlaxcala, Mexico Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Adriana Carro Olvera
Vol 26 (2018) Education in the oral tradition of the African matrix in Brazil: Ancestry, resistance and human constitution Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Daniela Barros, Saulo Pequeno, Patrícia Lima Martins Pederiva
Vol 27 (2019) Education markets and schools’ mechanisms of exclusion: The case of Chile Abstract   PDF
Adrián Zancajo
Vol 27 (2019) Education, nationalism, cosmopolitanism: Toward a cosmopolitan public school Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Lilian do Valle
Vol 21 (2013) Education policies for gender equity: Probing into state responses Abstract   PDF
Nelly P. Stromquist
Vol 19 (2011) Education policy and employability: What are the most influential competencies? Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
María Jesús Freire Seoane, Mercedes Teijeiro Alvarez, Carlos Pais Montes
Vol 8 (2000) Education Policy in Portugal Abstract   PDF
Jesus Maria Sousa
Vol 13 (2005) Education Policy Reform and Professional Identities: The Case of Secondary Education in Spain Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Antonio Bolívar, María Jesús Gallego, María José León, Purificación Pérez
Vol 25 (2017) Education policy research in the big data era: Methodological frontiers, misconceptions, and challenges Abstract   PDF
Yinying Wang
Vol 29 (2021) Education populism? A corpus-driven analysis of Betsy DeVos’s education policy discourse Abstract   PDF
Michael Ian Cohen
Vol 27 (2019) Education, poverty and income transfer programs: The implementation of the Oportunidades Program in Mexico Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Breynner Ricardo Oliveira, Maria do Carmo de Lacerda Peixoto
Vol 23 (2015) Education premiums and skilled migration: Lessons for an educational policy Abstract   PDF
Camelia Tigau, Bernardo Bolaños Guerra
Vol 27 (2019) Education privatization in the United States: Increasing saturation and segregation Abstract   PDF
Frank Adamson, Meredith Galloway
Vol 19 (2011) Education Reform, Equal Opportunity and Educational Achievement: Do Trend Data Adequately Report Progress? Abstract   PDF
Robert Charles Knoeppel, Curtis A. Brewer
Vol 9 (2001) Education Reform From An International Perspective Abstract   PDF
Benjamin Levin
Vol 8 (2000) Education Reform in Hong Kong Abstract   PDF
Chris Dowson, Peter Bodycott, Allan Walker, David Coniam
Vol 25 (2017) Educational achievements: Does the gender of students matter? Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
María María Ibañez Martín, María Marta Formichella
Vol 24 (2016) Educational and socio-economic inequalities of pre-university Brazilian population: A view from the ENEM data Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Rodrigo Travitzki, Maria Eugénia Ferrão, Alcino Pinto Couto
Vol 11 (2003) Educational Aspirations and Postsecondary Access and Choice Abstract   PDF
Shouping Hu
Vol 3 (1995) Educational Assessment Reassessed Abstract   PDF
William L. Sanders, Sandra P. Horn
Vol 3 (1995) Educational Change in Alberta, Canada Abstract   PDF
Charles F. Webber
Vol 25 (2017) Educational equity and opportunity to learn: Access to teachers in Brazil Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Lara Elena Ramos Simielli
Vol 23 (2015) Educational Expertise, Advocacy, and Media Influence Abstract   PDF
Joel R. Malin, Christopher Lubienski
Vol 27 (2019) Educational inclusion and the right to education: The senses in dispute Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Ingrid Sverdlick
Vol 25 (2017) Educational inequality of opportunity in Argentina Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Monserrat Serio
Vol 24 (2016) Educational justice for undocumented students: How school counselors encourage student persistence in schools Abstract   PDF
Emily Crawford, Fernando Valle
Vol 14 (2006) Educational liberalization under the AGCS/GATS: Analyzing the current state of negotiations Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Antoni Verger
Vol 29 (2021) Educational policies and Chilean civic-military dictatorship (1973-1990): The process of neoliberal and authoritarian transformation of teachers’ training and workspaces Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Felipe Zurita
Vol 26 (2018) Educational policies of teacher formation in focus: Changes and continuities Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Elvira Cristina Martins Tassoni, Camila Mattos dos Reis
Vol 8 (2000) Educational Policy in the United States: Context of Current Debates; Impact in Latin America Abstract   PDF
Mónica Eva Pini
Vol 11 (2003) Educational Policy Reform and its Impact on Equity Work in Ontario: Global Challenges and Local Possibilities Abstract   PDF
Goli M. Rezai-Rashti
Vol 24 (2016) Educational process for people with autism spectrum disorder from the analysis of scientific production available in SciELO – Brazil (2005-2015) Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Fabiana Ferreira do Nascimento, Mara Monteiro da Cruz, Patricia Braun
Vol 20 (2012) Educational processes and practices of amerindian people in Brazil a perspective on contemporary research Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Maria Aparecida Bergamaschi
Vol 16 (2008) Educational Quasi-Market in Chile: The Discourse of Policy Makers Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Claudio Almonacid, Antonio Luzón, Mónica Torres
Vol 1 (1993) Educational Reform in an Era of Disinformation Abstract   PDF
David C. Berliner
Vol 28 (2020) Educational reforms and secondary school teachers: The weight of the teaching tradition Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
María Verdeja Muñiz
Vol 6 (1998) Educational Research in Latin America Abstract   PDF
Abdeljalil Akkari, Soledad Perez
Vol 7 (1999) Educational Research in Latin America: A Response to Akkary and Pérez Abstract   PDF
Mariano Narodowski
Vol 26 (2018) Educational responsibility for a critical citizen commitment Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
María Lozano Estivalis, Joan Andrés Traver Martí, Tomás Segarra Arnau
Vol 28 (2020) Educational scholarship policies for higher education, internationalization, and evaluation of Brazilian graduate programs: A study with panel regression Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Luísa Karam de Mattos, Leonardo Flach, Pedro Antônio de Mello
Vol 7 (1999) Educational Selection Between Public School and Private School in Galicia Abstract   PDF
Prof. María Jesús Freire, Prof. José Venancio Salcines
Vol 6 (1998) Educational Standards and the Problem of Error Abstract   PDF
Noel Wilson
Vol 26 (2018) Educational technologies as tools: Critical considerations on a fundamental metaphor Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Giselle Martins dos Santos Ferreira, Márcio Silveira Lemgruber
Vol 12 (2004) Educational Values and Sexual Difference: Reality and educational policies in the Spanish context Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Isabel Carrillo
Vol 23 (2015) Educator Evaluation Policy that Incorporates EVAAS Value-Added Measures: Undermined Intentions and Exacerbated Inequities Abstract   PDF
Kimberly Kappler Hewitt
Vol 22 (2014) Educators of Urban ProJovem: Who are these young actors of youth and adult education? Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Diógenes Pinheiro, Luiz Carlos Gil Esteve, Miguel Farah Neto
Vol 21 (2013) Educators Of Young Workers Who Study: Learning to Teach Abstract   pdf (Português (Brasil))
Analise de Jesus Da Silva
Vol 25 (2017) Educomunicação as a public policy to promote authorial work at school Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Ana Claudia Pavão Siluk, Lilian Roberta Ilha Saccol, Angela Balbina Neves Picada
Vol 26 (2018) Effect of the double school day on the academic performance of Colombian students: An empirical analysis to inform the full day policy Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Claudia Patricia Ovalle-Ramirez
Vol 18 (2010) Effective teaching strategies and inclusive education practices: A case study in Andalucia Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
José Maria Fernández Batanero
Vol 12 (2004) Effective Technological Delivery in Nigerian Polytechnics:Need for Academic Manpower Development Policy Abstract   PDF
J. K. Adeyemi, E. E. Uko-Aviomoh
Vol 7 (1999) Effects of 4X4 Block Scheduling Abstract   PDF
R. Brian Cobb, Stacey Abate, Dennis Baker
Vol 14 (2006) Effects of a State Mandated Policy (Site-Based Councils) and of Potential Role Incumbents on Teacher Screening Decisions in High and Low Performing Schools. Abstract   PDF
I. Phillip Young, Kimberly Miller-Smith
Vol 7 (1999) Effects of Block Scheduling Abstract   PDF
William R. Veal, James Schreiber
Vol 12 (2004) Effects of High-School Size on Student Outcomes:Response to Howley and Howley Abstract   PDF
Valerie E. Lee
Vol 27 (2019) Effects of New Hampshire’s innovative assessment and accountability system on student achievement outcomes after three years Abstract   PDF
Carla M. Evans
Vol 27 (2019) Effects of public policies on the preferences and orientation of the activities carried out by academics in STEM areas of IES de México Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Edgar Oswaldo González Bello, Etty Haydeé Estévez Nenninger, Carlos Javier Del Cid García
Vol 28 (2020) Effects of the economic crisis on new university professors Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Cristina Goenechea, Noemi Serrano-Díaz, Concepción Valero Franco
Vol 28 (2020) Effects of the evaluation and accreditation processes on academics. A case study of a Colombian higher education institution Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Nelcy Suárez-Landazábal, Angélica Buendía
Vol 9 (2001) Effects of Vouchers:Another Look at the Florida Data Abstract   PDF
Haggai Kupermintz
Vol 8 (2000) Effects on Funding Equity of the Arizona Tax Credit Law Abstract   PDF
Glen Y. Wilson
Vol 21 (2013) El significado de estudiar para los jóvenes de bachillerato Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Luz Marina Ibarra Uribe, Ana Esther Escalante Ferrer, César Darío Fonseca Bautista
Vol 9 (2001) Elementary Principal/Superintendent Relationship as Perceived by Teachers Abstract   PDF
Catherine H. Glascock, Diane Taylor
Vol 26 (2018) Elementary principals’ social construction of parents of color and working class parents: Disrupting or reproducing conflicting and deficit orientations of education policy? Abstract   PDF
Melanie Bertrand, Rhoda Freelon, John Rogers
Vol 10 (2002) Elm Street School:A Case Study of Professional Development Expenditures Abstract   PDF
H. Alix Gallagher
Vol 24 (2016) ELT in Brazilian public schools: History, challenges, new experiences and perspectives Abstract   PDF
Ricardo Luiz Teixeira de Almeida
Vol 27 (2019) Embargoed exchanges: A critical analysis of emerging market dynamics in U.S. and Cuban academic exchange Abstract   PDF
Taylor C. Woodman
Vol 22 (2014) Embodiment and educational policy sense making Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Augusto Riveros
Vol 11 (2003) Embracing Pedagogical Pluralism:An Educator's Case for (at Least Public) School Choice Abstract   PDF
David J. Ferrero
Vol 28 (2020) Emergency certified teachers’ motivations for entering the teaching profession: Evidence from Oklahoma Abstract   PDF
Tyler J. Mobra, Daniel E. Hamlin
Vol 27 (2019) Emotional education in primary school: A learning for life Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
María del Pilar Sepúlveda Ruiz, María José Mayorga Fernández, Rocío Pascual Lacal
Vol 26 (2018) Employability and professional development: What happens after graduation? Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Márcia Roseli da Costa, Cássia Ferri
Vol 20 (2012) Empowered Or Beleaguered? Principals’ Accountability Under New York City’s Diverse Provider Regime Abstract   PDF
Dorothy Shipps
Vol 24 (2016) English in public primary schools in Colombia: Achievements and challenges brought about by national language education policies Abstract   PDF
Doris Correa, Adriana González
Vol 24 (2016) English language education in primary schooling in Argentina Abstract   PDF
Melina Porto
Vol 25 (2017) English Language Learner education finance scholarship: An introduction to the special issue Abstract   PDF
Oscar Jiménez-Castellanos
Vol 25 (2017) English language learner teacher effectiveness and the Common Core Abstract   PDF
Tammy Johnson, Lorra Wells
Vol 11 (2003) English Learners in California Schools: Unequal resources, 'Unequal outcomes Abstract   PDF
Patricia Gándara, Russell Rumberger, Julie Maxwell-Jolly, Rebecca Callahan
Vol 26 (2018) Enrollment of special education students in a Brazilian public university Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))   English translation
Kele Cristina da Silva, Sandra Martins Eli Sartoreto de Oliveira, Lúcia Pereira Leite
Vol 26 (2018) Enrollment of students with disabilities in charter schools: Contemporary national and state level findings Abstract   PDF
Lucy Barnard-Brak, Marcelo Schmidt, M. Hassan Almekdash
Vol 28 (2020) Entangled educator evaluation apparatuses: Contextual influences on new policies Abstract   PDF
Jake Malloy
Vol 24 (2016) Entering the teaching career: Brazilian and Chilean experiences Abstract   PDF (Português (Brasil))
Angelo Ricardo Souza, Diana Cristina Abreu
Vol 10 (2002) Entrepreneurial Ambitions in the Public Sector Abstract   PDF
Linda A. Renzulli
Vol 23 (2015) Entrevistas comunitarias, la recuperación del conocimiento comunitario desde la escuela. El caso de las Secundarias Comunitarias Indígenas, Oaxaca, México Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Julieta Briseño
Vol 28 (2020) Epistemic polyphony of research on the students’ experiences: The Latin-American case Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Carolina Guzmán-Valenzuela, Andrés Rojas-Murphy Tagle, Carolina Gómez-González
Vol 26 (2018) Equal educational policies in Spain. Gender equality in teaching studies Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Teresa González-Pérez
Vol 21 (2013) Equality of Educational Opportunities at Public Primary Schools in Argentina Abstract   PDF
Cecilia Adrogue
Vol 27 (2019) Equitable access to capable teachers: The states respond Abstract   PDF
Gary Sykes, Kacy Martin
Vol 25 (2017) Equitable leadership on the ground: Converging on high-leverage practices Abstract   PDF
Mollie K. Galloway, Ann M. Ishimaru
Vol 25 (2017) Equity and access in charter schools: Identifying issues and solutions Abstract   PDF
David T. Marshall
Vol 25 (2017) Equity and efficiency of Minnesota educational expenditures with a focus on English learners, 2003-2011: A retrospective look in a time of accountability Abstract   PDF
Nicola A. Alexander, Sung Tae Jang
Vol 27 (2019) Equity in access and graduation in higher education: Reflections from the Southern Cone Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Ana María García de Fanelli, Cecilia Adrogué
Vol 20 (2012) Equity in Higher education in Mexico: The need for a new concept and new policies Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Marisol Silva Laya
Vol 23 (2015) Equity of Access to Higher Education: The “Class Rank” as a Mechanism of Inclusion in the Chilean Admission System Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Daniel Casanova
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