2017 Annual Report


The year 2017 has been a productive one for EPAA/AAPE, as this year's annual report details below. 

Happy holidays, and a special thank you to our Volume 25 (2017) authors, reviewers, guest editors, and volunteers.


Audrey Amrein-Beardsley

EPAA/AAPE Lead Editor

Annual Report Volume 25 (2017)


124 articles were published

  • 28 articles in Portuguese
  • 23 articles in Spanish
  • 73 articles in English
  • 263 authors from 18 countries, including Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Denmark, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Mexico, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Uruguay, the United Kingdom, and the United States
  • 372 reviewers collaborated with EPAA/AAPE
  • 14 video-commentaries posted on the YouTube channel of EPAA/AAPE
  • 6 special issues published



  • 5921 subscribers to our listserv
  • Using Google Analytics EPAA/AAPE has 767,528 page views.
  • Public Knowledge Project (PKP) Publishing reports 107,801 total views of EPAA/AAPE articles during 2017, with an average of 870 views per article.


Several EPAA/AAPE articles were featured or mentioned in news media outlets (The New York Times, Inside Higher Education, Chicago Teachers Union, A Just Chicago, among others)

EPAA/AAPE has an average weekly reach of 500-600 followers in Facebook, with a total of 1.9K likes and 1K Twitter followers – follow us @epaaaape!




548 Submissions received during 2017                      

56 Submissions accepted for publication                     

185 Submissions still under review                               

10% Acceptance Rate 


Time to Publication

7 days (interval for publication)

72 days to review (average time for contacting authors with letters of acceptance/rejection)

153 days to publication (average time between reception, revision and publication)



  • Using the h-index of Google Scholar EPAA/AAPE is the highest ranked Open Access journal in the “education policy” category and one of the top 5 education policy journals. 
  • Using Google Scholar EPAA/AAPE articles have been cited 6795 times since 2012.
  • EPAA/AAPE continues to publish higher numbers of articles than in previous years, maintaining its h5-index, or the number of articles that have been cited more than 10 times over the past five years (2013/h5= 13; 2014/ h5= 15; 2015/h5= 18; 2016/h5=17; 2017/h5=24).  
  • EPAA/AAPE has comparable trajectories with higher-ranked education policy journals, especially considering those journals have longer histories, are sponsored by large organizations (AERA and Taylor & Francis), are journals that have paid subscriptions, administered and marketed by large publishers, and are sold as part of bundles of journals.
  • EPAA/AAPE is listed by 20 scholarly indexing agencies, including Scopus, PubMed, Directory of Open Access Journals, EBSCOHost, Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) Outlet Ranking, Redalyc (Mexico), and Qualis (Brazil).
  • Using Scopus, EPAA/AAPE’s h-index is 36 (The h-index indicates average citations) and is in the Quartile 2 of the SCImago Journal Rankings (SJR).




Education Finance and English Language Learners, guest editor Oscar Jiménez-Castellanos


Discursive Perspectives Part 2 Contemporary Approaches to the Study of Education Policy and Discourse, guest editors Jessica Nina Lester, Chad R. Lochmiller & Rachael Gabriel


School Diversification and Dilemmas across Canada in an Era of Education Marketization and Neoliberalization, guest editors Ee-Seul Yoon & Christopher Lubienski


Restructuring and Resisting Education Reforms in Chicago’s Public Schools, guest editors Federico R. Waitoller & Rhoda Rae Gutierrez


Reformas a la Educación Superior. América Latina en Contexto Internacional Comparado, guest editors Sergio Celis & Andrés Bernasconi     


Global Perspectives on High-Stakes Teacher Accountability Policies, guest editors Jessica Holloway, Tore Bernt Sørensen & Antoni Verger




Editorial support for EPAA/AAPE has been provided by edXchange, a knowledge mobilization initiative supported by Arizona State University’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College.


Upcoming Special Issues in 2017


Redesigning Assessment and Accountability (Soung Bae, Jon Snyder, Elizabeth Leisy Stosich)

Navigating the Contested Terrain of Teacher Education Policy and Practice (Elena Aydarova, David     Berliner)

Políticas de inclusión y extensión de la obligatoriedad escolar: Alcances, contradicciones y desafíos en la materialización del derecho a la educación (Nora Gluz, Dalila Andrade Oliveira, Cibele Rodrigues)

Edtech and the Policies of Human Formation (Lílian do Valle, Daniel Mill, Aldo Victorio Filho)

Management and Management Policies in Lusophone Countries (Almerindo Janela Afonso, Geovana Mendonça Lunardi Mendes)

Rethinking Education Policy and Methodology in a Post-truth Era (Jennifer R. Wolgemuth, Mirka Koro-Ljungberg, Travis M. Marn, Anthony J. Onwuegbuzie, Shaun M. Dougherty)


Changes in Editorships


EPAA/AAPE welcomed the following new Associate Editors during 2017:


Associate Editor for English

  • Lauren McArthur Harris, Arizona State University, United States


Associate Editors for Spanish

  • Angelica Buendia, Metropolitan Autonomous University, Mexico
  • José Luis Ramírez, Universidad de Sonora, Mexico


With Thanks


We would like to thank Associate Editors David Garcia and Margarita Jimenez Silva for their service in 2017.


We would also like to recognize the following volunteers for their service in 2016:

  • Matheus Holanda, Universidade de Fortaleza, Brazil
  • Esther Pretti, Arizona State University, United States