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Vol. 30 (2022): New Articles

Published: 2022-11-22

Analysis of cultural validity of the International Study of Civic Education and Citizenship

José Alfonso Jiménez Moreno, César Gómez Monarrez, Miguel Angel Orozco Vergara (170)

Relations between public education policies and Portugal's performance on PISA

Domingos Fernandes, Cláudia Neves, Luís Tinoca, Sofia Viseu, Susana Henriques (168)

Seeing behind the fog: A case study on teachers’ working conditions during the pandemic in the state of Paraná, Brazil

Andréia Faxina Wiese, Francisca Vieira Lima, Fabiana Paulino Alexandre Retamero, Sonia Maria Chaves Haracemiv, Anna Kaiper-Marquez (165)

University governance and relationships with stakeholders: The managers' view

Graziele Alano Gesser, Clésia Maria de Oliveira, Carla Regina Magagnin Roczanski, Pedro Antônio de Melo (162)

Applying a socio-ecological model to understand the psychosocial support services available to students with disabilities in universities

Yaw Akoto, William Nketsia, Maxwell Peprah Opoku, Mark Owusu Fordjour, Emmanuel Kofi Opoku (152)

What informs the multi-actor indicator on school coexistence in Chile? A mixed design analysis

Paula Ascorra, Marían Bilbao, Karen Cárdenas, Verónica López, Claudia Carrasco (151)

Predictive models for higher education dropout: A systematic literature review

Marcelo Ferreira Tete, Marcos de Moraes Sousa, Talia Santos de Santana, Salatyel Fellipe Silva (149)

Student learning and teacher retention for graduates of Texas Noyce programs

Michael Marder, Catherine Horn, Sarah Stephens, Annelies Rhodes (147)

The political and sociopedagogical challenges of good education in Castilla y León, Spain

Leoncio Vega Gil, Juan Carlos Hernández Beltrán, Marta Lambea Ortega, Eva García Redondo, Victor González López, Yadirnacy Vargas Hernández, David Revesado Carballares (141)

Participation as government technique under the new public education system in Chile

Enrique Baleriola, Tabata Contreras-Villalobos, Francisca Sánchez, Romina Díaz, Ana Hormazábal (130)

Exploring the predictors of teacher retention among beginning teachers in Ethiopia

William Nketsia, Ali Sani Side, Maxwell Peprah Opoku, Fekede Tuli Gemeda (108)

University research networks as spaces for collaboration and social capital: The case of REUNI+D

Juana M. Sancho-Gil, Fernando Hernández Hernández, Teresa González Ramírez, Adriana Gewerc Barujel, Víctor M. Hernández Rivero (91)

Who supports MO private school choice? Evidence from likely voters in Missouri

Amy J. Shelton, J. Cameron Anglum, Evan Rhinesmith, Abigail Burrola (81)

What happens after edTPA?

Kristen V. Napolitano, Meghan E. Marrero, Amanda M. Gunning, Latanya T. Brandon, Jessica F. Riccio (80)

A convenient rhetoric or substantial change of teacher racial diversity? A text mining analysis of federal, state, and district documents

Sing Hui Lee, Briana N. Keith, Yasmine Bey, Yinying Wang, Xiulong Yang, Xiang Li, Shihao Ji (78)

Academic tutoring during COVID-19: Higher education students’ perspectives

Salvador Ponce, Yessica Martínez, Paul Yitzen Ruelas, David Guadalupe Toledo (70)

Equity and performance in the National High School Exam: A study on sex and race in Brazilian municipalities

Caroline Ponce de Moraes, Rodrigo Tosta Peres, Maria Tereza Serrano Barbosa, Carlos Eduardo Pedreira (68)

Design and implementation of teachers’ peer evaluation in Mexico

Ana Razo, Jimena Hernandez-Fernandez, Ivania de la Cruz (67)

Tensions and directions of internationalization in Brazil: Between competition and solidarity

Kyria Rebeca Finardi, Ana Rachel Macêdo Mendes, Kleber Aparecido da Silva (58)

Media and human rights education: New times, new challenges

Kelly Maia Cordeiro, Izadora Martins da Silva de Souza, Renato Pontes Costa (41)

Public management of Brazilian Smart Cities and their effects on local education

Leonardo Flach, Jonatas Dutra Sallaberry, Lauren Dal Bem Venturini, Luísa Karam Mattos, Bárbara Rocha Bittencourt (24)

Socio-educational accompaniment during formative itineraries with migrant youth in the protection system

Deibe Fernández-Simo, Xosé Manuel Cid-Fernández, María Victoria Carrera-Fernández (5)

Teacher remuneration in Brazil and the dispute of the public fund (2008–2020)

Maria Dilneia Espíndola Fernandes, Marcos Edgar Bassi, Rosana Maria Gemaque Rolim (48)

Assessment of the redistributive equity of the new FUNDEB model

Alexsandro do Nascimento Santos, Caio de Oliveira Callegari, Antonio Cesar Russi Callegari (46)

Higher education in Latin America in times of crisis

Suzana dos Santos Gomes, Savana Diniz Gomes Melo, Felipe Zurita (31)

(De)structuring teacher careers at Brazilian federal universities

Francilene Macedo Rocha, Savana Diniz Gomes Melo, Rafaela Campos Duarte Silva (35)

Access and equity for students with disabilities in Colombian higher education

Adalia Vidarte, Juanita Reina Zambrano, Allison Mattheis (61)

Internal migrant students in Chile transitioning to the university: Experiences in a triple rupture scenario

Fernanda Goñi, Catalina Moraga, Macarena Sanhueza, Ximena Catalán, María Soledad Cruz, Gonzalo Gallardo, Daniela Veliz (63)

Disciplinary diversity in Chilean undergraduate student engagement

Gonzalo Zapata, Peodair Leihy, José Salazar, Daniela Espinoza (64)

Experiences of Unifesp undergraduates: The evaluation of graduates

Maria Angélica Pedra Minhoto, Magali Aparecida Silvestre, Deise Lopes de Souza, Regina Célia Reis (65)

Educational policies and equity: Introduction to the special issue

Carmen Rodríguez-Martínez, Diego Martín-Alonso, Javier Marrero-Acosta (114)

Educational policies of privatization in Spain and their impact on equity

Carmen Rodríguez-Martínez, Eva Guzmán-Calle, Diego Martín-Alonso (115)

Rationalities in the management of an inclusive education policy in the secondary schools of Valencia

Luis Aguilar Hernández, Isabel M. Gallardo Fernández, Clara Arbiol González, Laura Monsalve Lorente (117)

Educational policies for equity in teacher training

Teresa García Gómez, Rosa Vázquez Recio, Guadalupe Calvo García (119)
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