Selection in Europe--the Case of Greece


  • Dionysios Gouvias University of Manchester



Access to Education, Admission (School), Elementary Secondary Education, Equal Education, Equal Opportunities (Jobs), Foreign Countries, Higher Education, Labor Market, Selection, Urban Youth


This article deals with inequality of access to higher education in Greece, and especially, the case of the Metropolitan Area of Athens. Specifically, I deal with a general overview of the debates about "selection" in the educational systems of Europe, with special reference to the case of Greece. It is argued here that in those levels of the educational "ladder" where the degree of specialisation and the need for individual selection is insignificant, inequalities exist, but are not profound. On the contrary, in the upper levels, and especially as the time to enter (or to be trained to enter) the labour market comes closer, students' success depends much more on externally assessed examination performance and, therefore, a more rigorous selection process emerges--a process that is decisively influenced by the labour- market requirements and limitations. Finally, an extended examination of the evolution of the Greek school-system and the changes in examination practices, and the relationship between the structure of the school system and the job-market, will be attempted.


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Author Biography

Dionysios Gouvias, University of Manchester

I graduated (with a honour's degree) from the Department of Sociology of the University of Crete, Greece, in 1993. I did my masters' degree (University of Manchester, Faculty of Education) on "Educational Policy", between 1994 and 1995. I registered as a Ph.D. candidate in the Research and Graduate School of the Faculty of Education, University of Manchester, in September 1995. During the last five years I have participated as a research assistant in two research projects on the socioeconomic transformation of certain regions in Greece. (These projects were funded by the Universities of Athens and Crete.) I participated in two Educational Conferences, one held in Athens (Greece), and one at the Birmingham University, School of Education, in 1996. My main research interests are inequalities in education (mostly in secondary), curriculum content, the relationship between educational policies and cultural settings, and between school and labour market structures.




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