SOCRATES Invades Central Europe


  • Joseph Slowinski Indiana University



Corporate Education, Employment Qualifications, English (Second Language), Foreign Countries, International Education, Language Skills, Program Effectiveness, Training, Working Class


The objective of this article is to explore the current reality faced by higher education students in Central and Eastern Europe and to draw out the implications of this current reality for policy makers in the future. In the article, I explore the influence of transnational corporations' training programs on education as it currently pertains to Central and Eastern European higher education and employment. In addition, multinational corporate entities exercise influence on European Union policy through the role of lobby organizations and activities. I explore the influence of these practices on education with an emphasis on the emerging importance of Western language skills. In addition, I focus on the European Union and its efforts to expand into Central and Eastern Europe in order to provide a focal point for analysis.


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Author Biography

Joseph Slowinski, Indiana University

Joseph Slowinski currently is Associate Instructor at Indiana University where he teaches "Computers in Education." In addition, he is involved in post-communist education scholarship and serves as Assistant Editor of the Institute for the Study of Russian Education newsletter. He has earned a M.Ed. in Educational Administration and Supervision and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies with a focus on International and Comparative Education. Over the course of his career he has taught in England, Hungary and Switzerland.




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Slowinski, J. (1998). SOCRATES Invades Central Europe. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 6, 9.