Distance Learning in Higher Education


  • Gary A. Berg Chapman University




Distance Education, Higher Education, Commercialization


The Western Governors University (WGU) and the California Virtual University (CVU) are revealing examples of the complex issues involved in implementing distance learning on the public policy level. Although technology is certainly important, it has masked the fact that the WGU and CVU initiatives mark the rise of learner-centered higher education and the increased role of business in the academy. In comparing and contrasting WGU and CVU, it is clear that the WGU is a more radical proposition because of competency-based credit and the connection with private industry. Two important issues driving public policy are raised in these two efforts: First, are the California and Western Governors Association initiatives the product of the commercialization of education or the result of a reform of higher education that may lead to an increased learner-centered orientation? Second, what is the appropriate role of private industry in higher education?


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Author Biography

Gary A. Berg, Chapman University

Gary A. Berg is currently Director of Extended Education at Chapman University and has worked in adult education administration for twelve years at Chapman University, the California School of Professional Psychology, the Directors Guild of America, and UCLA Extension. He is involved in various forms of distance learning administration, has written articles on new media, and is currently a doctoral student at Claremont Graduate University.




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