Performance Indicators


  • E. Raymond Hackett Auburn University
  • Sarah D. Carrigan University of North Carolina at Greensboro



Case Studies, Decision Making, Educational Finance, Educational Indicators, Educational Policy, Evaluation Methods, Evaluation Utilization, Higher Education, Hypothesis Testing, Institutional Characteristics, Policy Formation


Measures of overall institutional performance were explored from a decision support perspective with twenty similar Carnegie Classification Baccalaureate II institutions. The study examined the usefulness of performance indicators in campus decision making following both a hypothesis testing and case study approach. Two conclusions were reached: first, that the performance measures most commonly cited in the literature as measures of institutional financial viability are of limited use for institution specific policy development; and second, that performance indicators are most effectively used within an institution specific, whole system framework.


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Author Biographies

E. Raymond Hackett, Auburn University

E. Raymond Hackett is Executive Director of the College Information Systems Association, a data sharing consortium of liberals arts colleges and universities. He is also an Assistant Professor in the Educational Leadership program at Auburn University. Dr. Hackett has served as a state system-level policy analyst and as a campus vice president for administration and finance.

Sarah D. Carrigan, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Sarah D. Carrigan is Coordinator of Institutional Studies at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and formerly served as the Research Director for the College Information Systems Association. Dr. Carrigan has also served as a campus residence life director at a liberal arts college.




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Hackett, E. R., & Carrigan, S. D. (1998). Performance Indicators. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 6, 17.