Opening up Jewish Education to Inspection


  • Judy Keiner University of Reading



Educational Objectives, Educational Practices, Elementary Secondary Education, Evaluation Methods, Foreign Countries, Government Role, Government School Relationship, Hebrew, Institutional Characteristics, Jews, National Curriculum, Religious Education


Although Jewish schools in England are generally deemed successful, internal communal surveys have highlighted concerns about their teaching of Jewish studies and modern Hebrew. The UK government in 1993 established detailed national criteria for four-yearly published inspections of all schools. This imposed the need to develop criteria for the evaluation of these specifically Jewish subjects, and both schools and foundation bodies have begun to respond through training and development activities. Analysis of the first published reports, shows evidence of mismatch between Jewish schools' aims for Jewish Studies and their practice. Common findings on modern Hebrew teaching indicate concerns about planning, methodology and assessment. The response of Jewish communal bodies is explored, showing an increasing focus and some rivalry towards servicing the inspection and development needs of Jewish schools. Jewish communal press reporting and parental response to inspection is considered.


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Author Biography

Judy Keiner, University of Reading

Judy Keiner is Senior Lecturer in Education, Department of Education Studies and Management, University of Reading, England. She is also a school inspector. Her undergraduate degree is in English literature, and has postagrduate degrees in sociology and information technology. She taught in primary and secondary schools and in further and higher education and has worked for over 25 years in teacher education. Her current research interests focus on Jewish education and on the use of the World Wide Web by children. Samples of her current work may be reached via her Web page at




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