Popular Education: A collective construction from the South and bottom up


  • Marco Raúl Mejia J. Planeta Paz, Expedición Pedagógica, Programa Ondas




popular education, identities in Latin American, educational and pedagogical proposal


The present article is about the maturity of popular education. By tracing its historical, conceptual, and methodological development, it shows its accumulated experience and the way it collects the most diverse Latin American critical traditions -- and also from other continents--, to give shape to an educational and pedagogical proposal for all of society and educators committed to build a fairer society without differences that exclude. In this sense, alternative groups are seeking to educate human beings who are to build on their different social milieus respect for differences, unveiling of inequality and inequity, and are willing to reestablish democracy from local identities and, in this text, from the South. In this perspective, the text shows those conceptual, social and practical axes on which popular education builds its force in the 21st century and gives answers from their built projects to shape a political and pedagogical proposal in a context of cognitive capitalism and neoliberal globalization.



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Author Biography

Marco Raúl Mejia J., Planeta Paz, Expedición Pedagógica, Programa Ondas

Licenciado en filosofía y letras de la universidad javeriana de Colombia, Magister de la Maestría en educación y desarrollo de CINDE-NOVA y Candidato a Doctor del Proyecto Interdisciplinario de Investigaciones Educativas (PIIE), Santiago de Chile. Educador popular colombiano. Seguidor y continuador de la tradición de las pedagogías críticas latinoamericanas y alumno de Paulo Freire. Desde estas perspectivas ha realizado propuestas metodológicas en los ámbitos educativos formales, no formales e informales que hoy son recogidas en los procesos de transformación de ellos en América Latina.



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Mejia J., M. R. (2014). Popular Education: A collective construction from the South and bottom up. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 22, 62. https://doi.org/10.14507/epaa.v22n62.2014



Educação de Jovens e Adultos; aprendizagem no século 21