Impact of Instructional Assessment on Elementary Children's Achievement


  • Samuel J. Meisels Erikson Institute



Iowa Tests of Basic Skills, Work Sampling System, Elementary Education


This study examined the trajectory of change in scores on the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS) of low-income, urban, third and fourth graders who had been enrolled in classrooms where the Work Sampling System (WSS), a curriculum-embedded performance assessment, was used for at least three years. The ITBS scores of children exposed to WSS were compared with those of students in a group of non-WSS contrast schools that were matched by race, income, mobility, school size, and number of parents in the home and to a comparison group of all other students in the school district.


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Author Biography

Samuel J. Meisels, Erikson Institute

Samuel J. Meisels is president of the Erikson Insititute. An emeritus professor of education at the University of Michigan, Dr. Meisels's research concerns the development of alternative assessments from birth through grade 5, policy studies of early intervention, and research regarding the developmental consequences of high risk birth. He has co-authored The Handbook of Early Intervention, the “Work Sampling System,” and the “Early Screening Inventory-Revised,” among many other publications.




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