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Vol. 11 (2003)

Published: Jan 1, 2003

High-Stakes Testing and the History of Graduation

Sherman Dorn

Policymakers' Online Use of Academic Research

John Willinsky

The Limits of Sanctions in Low-Performing Schools

Heinrich Mintrop

Varieties of Knowledge and Skill-Based Pay Design

Anthony Milanowski

Continuing Education Reform in Hong Kong

Chris Dowson

Differences in cognitive outcomes between cognitive and non-public school students and private secondary education in Argentina: A multilevel analysis

Rubén Cervini

Impact of Minnesota's "Profile of Learning"

Patricia G. Avery, Richard Beach, Jodiann Coler

Case Studies ofEmerging Ethnocentric Charter Schools in Hawai'i

Nina K Buchanan, Robert A. Fox

Impact of Instructional Assessment on Elementary Children's Achievement

Samuel J. Meisels

Exploring the Achievement Gap Between White And Minority Students in Texas

Thomas H. Linton, Donald Kester

Analysis of the concept of "teaching" college professors: A qualitative study

Gustavo Hawes Barrios, Sebastián Donoso Diaz

Teacher learning in context: The special case of rural high school teachers

Jay Paredes Scribner

Massachusetts Signing Bonus Program for New Teachers

R. Clarke Fowler

Educational Aspirations and Postsecondary Access and Choice

Shouping Hu

Teaching Children to Read : The Fragile Link Between Science & Federal Education Policy

Gregory Camilli, Sadako Vargas, Michele Yurecko

Networks of schools.

Robert W. McMeekin

Secondary Education in Argentina during the 1990s

Jorge M. Gorostiaga, Clementina Acedo, Susana E. Xifra

Longitudinal Effect of the Washington Assessment of Student Learning (WASL) on Student Achievement

Donald C. Orlich

Using Large-Scale Research to Gauge the Impact of Instructional Practices on Student Reading Comprehension: An Exploratory Study

Harold Wenglinsky

A Multilevel, Longitudinal Analysis of Middle School Math and Language Achievement

Keith Zvoch, Joseph J. Stevens

Some Salient Features of Guatemala's Public and Private School Sectors

Carlos R. Ruano

Local Impact of State Testing in Southwest Washington

Linda Mabry, Jayne Poole, Linda Redmond, Angelia Schultz

A National Crisis or Localized Problems? Getting Perspective on the Scope and Scale of the Teacher Shortage

Patrick Murphy, Michael DeArmond, Kacey Guin

High-stakes Testing: Another Analysis

Barak Rosenshine

Re-analysis of NAEP Math and Reading Scores in States with and without High-stakes Tests: Response to Rosenshine

Audrey Amrein-Beardsley, David C. Berliner

The Role of Theory and Policy in the Educational Treatment of Language Minority Students: Competitive Structures in California

Tom T. Stritikus, Eugene Garcia

Research or "Cheerleading"? Scholarship on Community School District 2, New York City

Lois Weiner

Reforms, Research and Variability:A Reply to Lois Weiner

Lauren B. Resnick

Comments on Weiner, Resnick and Scientific Debate

Jonathan Goodman

Embracing Pedagogical Pluralism:An Educator's Case for (at Least Public) School Choice

David J. Ferrero

Performance Standards': Utility for Different Uses of Assessments

Robert L. Linn

Charter Schools and Race: A Lost Opportunity for Integrated Education

Erica Frankenberg, Chungmei Lee

Wanted, A National Teacher Supply Policy for Education:The Right Way to Meet The "Highly Qualified Teacher" Challenge

Linda Darling-Hammond, Gary Sykes

Constraining Elementary Teachers' Work:Dilemmas and Paradoxes Created by State Mandated Testing

Sandra Mathison, Melissa Freeman

Communities of Practice and the Mediation ofTeachers' Responses to Standards-based Reform

Chrysan Gallucci

English Learners in California Schools: Unequal resources, 'Unequal outcomes

Patricia Gándara, Russell Rumberger, Julie Maxwell-Jolly, Rebecca Callahan

Systems of Practice: How Leaders Use Artifacts to Create Professional Community in Schools

Richard R. Halverson

The Allures and Illusions of Modernity:Technology and Educational Reform in Egypt

Mark Warschauer

Baselines for Assessment of Choice Programs

Paul T. Hill, Kacey Guin

Relationship between Exposureto Class Size Reductionand Student Achievementin California

Brian M. Stecher, Daniel F. McCaffrey, Delia Bugliari

The Effects of Full and Alternative Day Block Scheduling on Language Arts and Science Achievement in a Junior High School

Chance W. Lewis, R. Brian Cobb

The Public Accounts and the Education Sector in Portugal: assumption of the legal economy, efficiency and effectiveness

Prof. Doutor J. J. Marques de Almeida, Mestre Maria da Conceição de Costa Marques

Absent Assessment

Pablo E. Balonga

Teachers Voices Interpreting Standards

Leo C. Rigsby, Elizabeth K. DeMulder

Portfolios, the Pied Piper of Teacher Certification Assessments: Legal and Psychometric Issues

Judy R. Wilkerson, William Steve Lang

The Information Technology & Communication and University Evaluation Indicators in Spain

Antonio Cardona Rodríguez, Miren Barrenetxea Ayesta

University Strategic Planning in Cameroon

Terfot Augustine Ngwana

Basic Education in Cambodia: The Impact of UNESCO onPolicies in the 1990s

Sideth S. Dy, Akira Ninomiya

Ethnic Segregation In Context: The Case Of Education In Vallecas - Puente De Vallecas

David Poveda

An Exploration of the Pay Levels Needed to Attract Students with Mathematics, Science and Technology Skills to a Career in K-12 Teaching

Anthony Milanowski

Educational Policy Reform and its Impact on Equity Work in Ontario: Global Challenges and Local Possibilities

Goli M. Rezai-Rashti