Secondary Education in Argentina during the 1990s


  • Jorge M. Gorostiaga University of Pittsburgh
  • Clementina Acedo University of Pittsburgh
  • Susana E. Xifra International Institute of Educational Planning-UNESCO: Buenos Aires, Argentina



Argentina, Reform Efforts, Secondary Education


The reform of secondary education has been a fundamental part of national educational policy in Argentina since the beginning of the 1990s. Along with the decentralization of responsibilities to provinces and a new structure of primary and secondary education, changes have affected the areas of curriculum design, teaching methods, teacher training, school management, and information and evaluation systems. This study describes the main policies on secondary education implemented during the last decade, including their objectives and rationales. Focusing on how the reform can be seen to relate to issues of access, quality and equity, the study presents an analysis of its implementation, and discusses some of its effects. We argue that political, economic and technical factors as well as the strategies chosen by the national government resulted in a limited implementation, and we highlight the need for considering more focused reform strategies, alternative models of teacher training, and a more active involvement of teachers.


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Author Biographies

Jorge M. Gorostiaga, University of Pittsburgh

Jorge M. Gorostiaga is a doctoral candidate in the Social and Comparative Analysis in Education program at the University of Pittsburgh. He has taught at universities in Argentina. His research focuses on educational reform. He is the co-editor (with Mark B. Ginsburg) of Dialogue among researchers, policy makers and practitioners: International perspectives on the field of education (Routledge Falmer, 2003).

Clementina Acedo, University of Pittsburgh

Clementina Acedo is Assistant Professor in Administrative and Policy Studies in the School of Education, University of Pittsburgh. She has worked as Education Specialist for the World Bank and as Researcher, Consultant and Professor in Caracas, Venezuela. Her recent research includes a book and articles on: Secondary education reform in the nineties in Argentina, Egypt, Kenya, Romania and Indonesia and topics of justice and development in social and educational policy.

Susana E. Xifra, International Institute of Educational Planning-UNESCO: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Susana E. Xifra is a consultant at the International Institute of Educational Planning-UNESCO (Buenos Aires). She has taught at primary, secondary and university institutions. She has worked as an educational official in Argentina at provincial and national levels.




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Gorostiaga, J. M., Acedo, C., & Xifra, S. E. (2003). Secondary Education in Argentina during the 1990s. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 11, 17.