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Vol. 15 (2007)

Published: Jan 21, 2007

Hugging the Middle

Larry Cuban

The Democratization of the Educational Administration in Argentina: A Comparison of Provincial Policies

Jorge M. Gorostiaga

Digital equity in education: A Multilevel examination of differences in and relationships between computer access, computer use and state-level technology policies.

Jonathan D. Becker

Change in the Mexican Technological Baccalaureate: The case of the Discipline of Science, Technology, Society and Values

Guadalupe Tinajero Villavicencio, Guadalupe López Bonilla, Carmen Pérez Fragoso

Responding to the education reform agenda: A study of school superintendents' instructional leadership.

Paul V. Bredeson, Brad W. Kose

Disparities in Access to Educational Media and Child Labor

Facundo Luis Crosta

Making use of what teachers know and can do: Policy, practice, and national board certification.

Julia E. Koppich, Daniel C. Humphrey, Heather J. Hough

Contextual effects of socioeconomic level on academic achievement in obligatory secondary education in the Basque Autonomous Community (Spain). Differential study about socioeconomic level of families and school centers.

Luis Lizasoain, Luis Joaristi, José Francisco Lukas, Karlos Santiago

Examining the streams of a retention policy to understand the politics of high-stakes reform.

Christopher P. Brown

Four conceptions about Educational Planning in Argentina’s Educational Reform of the 1990s

Flavia Terigi

Teacher community in elementary charter schools.

Marisa Cannata

Levels and Profiles of Functionality as Dimensions of University Quality: An Empirical Study of Universidad Complutense

Arturo De la Orden Hoz, Inmaculada Asensio Muñoz, Chantal-María Biencinto López, Coral González Barberá, José Mafokozi Ndabishibije

Bureaucratic discretion and alternative teacher certification: understanding program variation in Missouri.

Ethan B. Heinen, Jay Paredes Scribner

Decentralization, Local Powers and Social Participation in Education in Bolivia: The Cases of Tarabuco and La Paz (1997-2003)

Mario Yapu

Curriculum Reforms and Physical Education: the Theoretical-Conceptual knowledge of the Spanish School Population

Juan Luis Hernández Álvarez, Roberto Velázquez Buendía, Eugenia Martínez Gorroño

From policy design to campus: Implementation of a tuition decentralization policy.

Michael S. Harris

Attitudes of Dentistry Students at the UAM-Xochimilco Towards Their Professional Training

Laura Sáenz Martínez, Leonor Sánchez Pérez, Isabel Luengas Aguirre, Edgar Jarillo Soto

Fissures in standards formulation: The role of neoconservative and neoliberal discourses in justifying standards development in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Samantha Caughlan, Richard Beach

Do the Policies and Practices of Teacher Education Serve to Improve Education? A Response Based on the Analysis of the Social Construction of Teaching

Jesús Romero Morante, Alberto Luis Gómez

Teacher Teams in Compulsory Secondary Education: Possibilities and Uncertainties

Mª Teresa González González

A Pedagogical Model in a Non-Formal Educational Context: The Museum

Mª Begoña Alfageme González, Nicolás Martínez Valcárcel

School commitment and alcohol use: The moderating role of race and ethnicity.

Tamela McNulty Eitle, David James Eitle

Attention to Diversity: From the Deficit Model to the Curricular Model

Pilar Arnaiz Sánchez, José-Manuel Guirao Lavela, Carlos F. Garrido Gil

Financing Secondary Education in Kenya: Cost Reduction and Financing Options

Moses W. Ngware, Eldah N. Onsomu, David I. Muthaka