Globalization, Governance and Public Policy Transference

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Globalization and governance pave the way for the ocurrence of policy transfer processes. This article shows that higher education policy in Mexico has been historically influenced by foreign educational models. By using the Policy Transfer Framework, this article also makes three claims: (1) the academic debate has been generally focused on the role of specific international organizations, so a limited perspective about the policy transfer approach emerges; (2) the process of identifying what objects are being transferred to Mexican educational agenda is blurred, and thus, (3) as a consequence of methodological weaknesses, it is difficult to validate whether or not policy transfer processes are taking place in this Latin American country. Therefore, further research needs to be done in order to broaden the understanding of the policy transfer processes in Mexico.


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Crespo, P. F., & Chávez, S. R. de. (2002). Globalization, Governance and Public Policy Transference. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 10, 41.