Vol. 10 (2002)

Published: 2002-01-07

Technical and Ethical Issues in Indicator Systems

Carol Taylor Fitz-Gibbon, Peter Tymms 6

Women in Managerial Positions in Greek Education

Anastasia Athanassoula-Reppa, Manolis Koutouzis 11

Basic Education Reform in China

Chengzhi Wang, Quanhua Zhou 15

High-Stakes Testing & Student Learning

Audrey L. Amrein, David C. Berliner 18

Teacher Inequality

Andrew J. Wayne 30

The Question of the Student In Educational Reform

David P. Ericson, Frederick S. Ellett 31

Recovering Policy Implementation

Lee S. Duemer, Sylvia Mendez-Morse 39

Attracting Principals to the Superintendency

Aimee Howley, Edwina Pendarvis, Thomas Gibbs 43

Besieged Institutions and the Massachusetts Teacher Tests

Larry H. Ludlow, Dennis Shirley, Camelia Rosca 50