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Vol. 10 (2002)

Published: Jan 7, 2002

Testing and Diversity in Postsecondary Education: The Case of California

Daniel Koretz

State-Mandated Testing and Teachers' Beliefs and Practice

Sandra Cimbricz

Socratic Pedagogy, Race and Power

Peter Boghossian

Technology is Changing What's "Fair Use" in Teaching

Linda Howe-Steiger, Brian C. Donohue

Power-discourse Relationship in a Croatian Higher Education Setting

Renata Fox, John Fox

Technical and Ethical Issues in Indicator Systems

Carol Taylor Fitz-Gibbon, Peter Tymms

¿Exito en California? A Validity Critique of Language Program Evaluations and Analysis of English Learner Test Scores

Marilyn S. Thompson, Kristen E. DiCerbo, Kate Mahoney, Jeff MacSwan

Reactions to Bolon's "Significance of Test-based Ratings for Metropolitan Boston Schools"

Stephan Michelson

Confusing the Messenger with the Message: A Response to Bolon

Victor L. Willson, Thomas Kellow

Response to Michelson and to Willson and Kellow

Craig Bolon

Women in Managerial Positions in Greek Education

Anastasia Athanassoula-Reppa, Manolis Koutouzis

The Link Between Teacher Classroom Practices and Student Academic Performance

Harold Wenglinsky

School Rituals and Educational Practice

Magister Pablo Daniel Vain

Japanese Higher Education Policy in Korea (1910—1945)

Jeong-Kyu Lee

Basic Education Reform in China

Chengzhi Wang, Quanhua Zhou

Quantifying Quality: What Can the U.S. News and World Report Rankings Tell us About the Quality of Higher Education?

Marguerite Clarke

Are Increasing Test Scores in Texas Really a Myth?

A. Toenjes, A. Gary Dworkin

High-Stakes Testing & Student Learning

Audrey L. Amrein, David C. Berliner

Entrepreneurial Ambitions in the Public Sector

Linda A. Renzulli

The Amalgamation of Chinese Higher Education Institutions

David Y. Chen

The Possibility of Reform: Micropolitics in Higher Education

Susan Haag, Mary Lee Smith

Affirmative Action in Higher Education

Alfred R. Cade

School-Based Management: Views from Public and Private Elementary School Principals

Mary T. Apodaca-Tucker, John R. Slate

Lake Woebe guaranteed: Misuse of Test Scores in Massachusetts, Part I

Walt Haney

Restructuring Teachers' Work

Lisa Kirtman

Home Schooling in the United States

Kurt J. Bauman

Mentoring Narratives ON-LINE:Teaching the Principalship

Allison I. Griffith, Svitlana Taraban

Elm Street School:A Case Study of Professional Development Expenditures

H. Alix Gallagher

Case Study of Professional Development Expenditures at a Restructured High School

Sarah Archibald, H. Alix Gallagher

Teacher Inequality

Andrew J. Wayne

The Question of the Student In Educational Reform

David P. Ericson, Frederick S. Ellett

Teacher Absenteeism in Urban Schools

James E. Bruno

Politics of School-Based Management

Elaine M. Walker

Charter School Funding Issues

D. Sugarman

Learning to Teach for a Knowledge Society

Carlos Marcelo

Research and Rhetoric on Teacher Certification

Linda Darling-Hammond

The Effectiveness of "Teach for America" and Other Under-certified Teachers

Ildiko Laczko-Kerr, David C. Berliner

District Fiscal Policy and Student Achievement

Gary G. Huang, Binbing Yu

Recovering Policy Implementation

Lee S. Duemer, Sylvia Mendez-Morse

Multisite Case Study of Florida's Millennium High School Reform Model

Carol A. Mullen

Globalization, Governance and Public Policy Transference

Pedro Flores Crespo, Salvador Ruiz de Chávez

The Distribution of Emergency Permit Teachers in California

Laura Goe

Attracting Principals to the Superintendency

Aimee Howley, Edwina Pendarvis, Thomas Gibbs

Assessment of a Socio-constructivist Model for Teacher Training

Luiz Antonio Joia

Corrective Action and School Choice in NYC

Doug Hamman, E. Allen Schenck

Perceptions of a National Achievement Assessment Program

Marielle Simon, Renée Forgette-Giroux

Overview of Private Education Development in Modern China

Zeyu Xu

K-12 Voucher Programs and Education Policy

Dan Laitsch

Failing Georgia—The Case Against the Ban on Social Promotion

Donald R. Livingston, Sharon M. Livingston

Besieged Institutions and the Massachusetts Teacher Tests

Larry H. Ludlow, Dennis Shirley, Camelia Rosca