Recovering Policy Implementation


  • Lee S. Duemer Texas Tech University
  • Sylvia Mendez-Morse Texas Tech University



Communication (Thought Transfer), Educational Policy, Educational Research, Elementary Secondary Education, Program Implementation, Qualitative Research, Research Utilization


This study identifies themes in the theoretical literature on policy implementation that can then be used to develop a research-based framework for the scholar about how qualitative research can be used to analyze policy implementation through the investigation of informal and formal communication lines. This article draws from existing scholarship to bridge the gap between policy studies and qualitative research to explore innovative ways for scholars to expand our understanding of policy implementation. The article uses the literature to propose a framework that can be used to examine policy implementation. The framework is based on the concepts of Orientation, Degree, Resources, Activity, Autonomy, Societal Values, Institutional Values, Rationale and Power Relationship.


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Author Biographies

Lee S. Duemer, Texas Tech University

Lee S. Duemer is Assistant Professor in the Division of Educational Psychology and Leadership, College of Education at Texas Tech University. He received his Ph.D. in Social, Historical, and Philosophical Foundations of Education from The University of Pittsburgh. He teaches history of education, philosophy of education, and qualitative research. His research interests are history of higher education, and archival qualitative inquiry in higher education.

Sylvia Mendez-Morse, Texas Tech University

Sylvia E. Méndez-Morse is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Educational Psychology and Leadership, College of Education at Texas Tech University. She received her Ph.D. in Educational Administration from The University of Texas at Austin. She teaches classes on Communication for School Leaders, School and Community Relations, Organizational Communication, Instructional Supervision, and Gender Issues in Educational Leadership. Dr. Méndez-Morse has conducted research in educational leadership and educational reform, focusing on administrators leading educational change efforts which improve the instructional needs of language minority students. Her research interests are Latina educational leaders, leadership for social justice, and gender issues in educational leadership.




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Duemer, L. S., & Mendez-Morse, S. (2002). Recovering Policy Implementation. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 10, 39.