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Vol. 5 (1997)

Published: Jan 6, 1997

Markets & Myths: Autonomy in Public & Private Schools

Sandra Rubin Glass

Where Have All the Teachers Gone?

Mark Fetler

Testing Writing on Computers

Michael Russell, Walt Haney

Service-Learning in Costa Rica and Indonesia

David D. Williams, William D. Eiserman

Review of Howley, Howley & Pendarvis

Pat Clifford

Academic Freedom, Tenure, and Student Evaluation of Faculty

Robert E. Haskell

The Circle of Learning: Individual and Group Processes

Ernest Chang, Don Simpson

Response to Haskell's "Academic Freedom ... & Student Evaluation"

Jeffrey E. Stake

ROTC Policy Regarding Homosexuals

Lee S. Duemer

Cultural Differences and the Construction of Meaning

Robert A. Peña

Centralized Goal Formation and Systemic Reform

Kenneth A. Strike

Studying the Rural in Education

Craig B. Howley

Qualitative Research Methods: An essay review

Les McLean, Margaret Myers, Carol Smillie, Dale Vaillancourt

Rhetoric and Educational Policies on the Use of History

Jessie Y. Y. Wong

Evaluation and Policy Analysis: A Communicative Framework

Cynthia Wallat, Carolyn Piazza

Staffing Up and Dropping Out

Mark Fetler

Student Evaluation of Faculty: View from the Court

Robert E. Haskell

Student Evaluation of Faculty:Psychometric Validity of Court's Views

Robert E. Haskell

Factors Impacting Perceived Quality in School Organizations

William K. Poston

Use & Abuse of Socrates in Teaching

Anthony G. Rud

Administrative Use of Student Evaluation of Faculty

Robert E. Haskell

Off-loading Responsibility in Alberta's Post-Secondary System

Robert J. Barnetson