Impact of U.S. Overseas Schools in Latin America on Values


  • John J. Ketterer Jacksonville State University
  • George E. Marsh University of Alabama



Citizenship Education, Dependents Schools, High School Students, High Schools, Student Attitudes, Values


This study focuses on the attitudinal outcomes of schooling in American Overseas Schools in Latin America with respect to democracy and citizenship, the formation of views about the United States, and student attitudes about the American international school.


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Author Biographies

John J. Ketterer, Jacksonville State University

John J. Ketterer, Ed.D. is currently an Assistant Professor at Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, Alabama. He is a former school superintendent, and worked extensively in overseas assignments. His current research interests include the study of the impact of postmodern philosophy on school policy and programming, bilingual and multicultural education, the role of education in democracy, and distance education.

George E. Marsh, University of Alabama

George E. Marsh II, Ed.D. is currently a Professor in Instructional Technology at The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. His research interests include epistemological studies and applications to organizational theory and instructional design, distance education, and online delivery systems.




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Ketterer, J. J., & Marsh, G. E. (2001). Impact of U.S. Overseas Schools in Latin America on Values. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 9, 3.