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Vol. 9 (2001)

Published: Jan 1, 2001

Segregation of Children Who Migrate to the U.S. From Puerto Rico

Luis M. Laosa

Testing Times: A School Case Study

Ivor Goodson, Martha Foote

Impact of U.S. Overseas Schools in Latin America on Values

John J. Ketterer, George E. Marsh

Factors Influencing Dropouts' GED & Diploma Attainment

Jeffrey C. Wayman

How the Internet Will Help Large-Scale Assessment Reinvent Itself

Randy Elliot Bennett

Teacher Test Accountability.

Larry H. Ludlow

Critique of "An Evaluation of the Florida A-Plus Accountability Program"

Gregory Camilli, Katrina Bulkley

Effects of Vouchers:Another Look at the Florida Data

Haggai Kupermintz

The Academic Journal: Has it a Future?

Gaby Weiner

Japanese EFL Teachers' Perceptions of Communicative, Audiolingual and Yakudoku Activities

Greta Gorsuch

Constructing Outcomes in Teacher Education

Marilyn Cochran-Smith

Affirmative Action at Work

Jack McKillip

Policy Variation among Japan, Korea, England and the United States

Jaekyung Lee

Education Reform From An International Perspective

Benjamin Levin

Benefits and Costs of For-Profit Public Education

Alex Molnar

Wealth Redistribution, Race & Southern Public Schools, 1880-1910

Kenneth Ng

Comment on Ng's "Wealth Redistribution, Race & Southern Public Schools, 1880-1910"

Sherman Dorn

One University's Experience with Foreign-trained Teachers

Belinda Bustos Flores

Generation and Construction of Professional Identity

Sonsoles San Ramon Gago

Transference of Ethnic Difference in School

Serafín Aldea Muñoz

Impact of Grants-in-aid on Collegiate Education

M. R. Narayana

The Political University in Argentina in the 1990's

Adriana Chiroleu, Osvaldo Iazzetta, Claudia Voras, Claudio Diaz

The Participation of National Minorities in Pre-Modern Educational Systems

Carlos R. Ruano

Alexander v. Sandoval:A Setback for Civil Rights

Kevin G. Welner

Occupational Trends and Program Priorities

Dan Rosenthal, Kitty C. Collier

Union Contracts and Teacher Professional Development

Paul V. Bredeson

Establishment of Modern Universities in Korea

Jeong-Kyu Lee

International Patterns of Teacher Discontent

Catherine Scott, Barbara Stone, Steve Dinham

The formation of Argentina's Masters program in Social Science

Ana M. Garcia de Fanelli

Finding Resources to Reduce Class-size

Allan Odden, Sarah Archibald

The "Private School Advantage" in Argentina

Gustavo E. Fischman

Autonomy and Accountability in Standards-Based Reform

Susan Watson, Jonathan Supovitz

Similarity of TIMSS Math and Science Achievement of Nations

Algirdas Zabulionis

Predicting Variations in Math Performancein Four Countries Using TIMSS

Daniel Koretz, Daniel McCaffrey, Thomas Sullivan

Professional Formation in Spain and Germany

Maria Jesús Martínez Usarralde

Profile of Chief Academic Officers

Brent D. Cejda, Kirsten L. Rewey

The Accountability Bind

Katrina Bulkley

Teachers Who Grow As Collaborative Leaders

Richard D. Sawyer

Analyzing the New York Global History and Geography Exam

S. G. Grant

High School Size, Achievement Equity, and Cost

Robert Bickel, Craig Howley, Tony Williams, Catherine H. Glascock

Progress on Addressing Contingent Work Issues in Academia

Daniel Jacoby

Significance of Test-based Ratings for Metropolitan Boston Schools

Craig Bolon

Public versus Private Education in Hawaii

Antonina Espiritu

Local Flexibility within an Accountability System

Benjamin Scafidi, Catherine Freeman, Stan DeJarnett

Elementary Principal/Superintendent Relationship as Perceived by Teachers

Catherine H. Glascock, Diane Taylor

Second Year Analysis of a Hybrid Schedule High School

James B. Schreiber, William R. Veal, David J. Flinders, Sherry Churchill

Knowledge Management for Educational Information Systems

Christopher A. Thorn

Information Technology & Goals of Standards-Based Instruction

Douglas A. Archbald

Does the Degree of Campus "Wiredness" Matter?

Shouping Hu, George D. Kuh

School Choice Policies in the Political Spectacle

Linda Miller-Kahn, Mary Lee Smith

Gender Barriers in Higher Education: The Case of Taiwan

Ru-jer Wang