High School Size, Achievement Equity, and Cost

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The past decade has occasioned a dramatic increase in research on relationships between school size and a variety of outcomes, including measured achievement, high school completion rates, and postsecondary enrollment rates. An interesting interaction effect which has been found in replications across seven very different states is that as school size increases, the "achievement test score costs" associated with the proportion of economically disadvantaged students enrolled in a school also increase. In short, as schools get larger, average achievement among schools enrolling larger proportions of low socioeconomic-status students suffers. A traditional argument against smaller schools, however, is that they are simply


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Bickel, R., Howley, C., Williams, T., & Glascock, C. H. (2001). High School Size, Achievement Equity, and Cost. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 9, 40. https://doi.org/10.14507/epaa.v9n40.2001
Author Biographies

Robert Bickel, Marshall University

Robert Bickel is Professor of Advanced Educational Studies at Marshall University. His recent research has dealt with crime on school property, the nature of rural neighborhoods, and consequences of geographical mobility among high school students.

Craig Howley, ERIC Clearinghouse on Rural Education & Small Schools and Ohio University

Craig Howley directs the ERIC Clearinghouse on Rural Education and Small Schools at AEL, Inc., and is adjunct associate professor in the Educational Studies Department at Ohio University. His recent research concerns small rural high schools, rural school busing, and principals' perspectives on planning.

Tony Williams, Marshall University

Tony Williams is Professor of Advanced Educational Studies at Marshall University. His recent publications have concerned teen pregnancy and early teen pregnancy. He is also author of a widely used textbook on the history of West Virginia.

Catherine H. Glascock, Ohio University

Catherine H. Glascock is Assistant Professor in the educational studies department at Ohio Univeristy. She holds an MBA in Finance and Ph.D. in Educational Administration. Her research interests are school structures, including facilities and finance.