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Vol. 12 (2004)

Published: Jan 5, 2004

Reconsidering the Impact of High-stakes Testing

Henry Braun

Privatization of Rights in the Nineties: The Role Of Political Municipal Education

João dos Reis Silva Júnior

Below the accountability radar screen:What does state policy say about school counseling?

Angela M. Eilers

Group and Interaction Effects with "No Child Left Behind": Gender and Reading in a Poor, Appalachian District

Robert Bickel, A. Stan Maynard

Comparison of Academic Development in Catholic versus Non-Catholic Private Secondary Schools

Mikyong Minsun Kim, Margaret Placier

fragmentation of knowledge processes and institutional knowledge: The Case of the Argentine Research and Teaching (1989-2003)

Eduardo R. Saguier

Calculation of the Cost of an Adequate Education in Kentucky: A Professional Judgment Approach

Deborah A. Verstegen

The reaction of teachers to external evaluations of schools: Proposition of a Model

Diego Durán

Increasing Equity and Increasing School Performance ''Conflicting or Compatible Goals?:Addressing the Issues in

Jeanne M. Powers

Public Policy and the Shaping of Disability: Incidence Growth in Educational Autism

Dana Lee Baker

The achievement gap: Should we rely on SAT scores to tell us anything about it?

Dale Whittington

Reform Ideals and Teachers' Practical Intentions

Mary M. Kennedy

How Feasible is Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)? Simulations of School AYP "Uniform Averaging" and "Safe Harbor" under the No Child Left Behind Act

Jaekyung Lee

Education, Cooperation and Development: The Latin American Situation at the Beginning of the XXI Century

Isabel Neira Gómez, Marta Portela Maseda

Education and Alternate Assessment for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities: Implications for Educators

Mary C. Zatta, Diana C. Pullin

Policy issues for Australia's education systems: Evidence from international and Australian research

Gary N. Marks, Julie McMillan, John Ainley

What predicts the mobility of elementary schoolleaders? An analysis of longitudinal data in Colorado

Motoko Akiba, Robert Reichardt

Predicting higher education graduation rates from institutional characteristics and resource allocation

Florence A. Hamrick, John H. Schuh, Mack C. Shelley

A Multilevel Study on Factors of School Effectiveness in Developing Countries: The Case of Brazilian Resources

José Luis Gaviria, María Castro

Income and financial aid effects on persistence and degree attainment in public colleges

Alicia C. Dowd

The Effects of Performance Budgeting and Funding Programs on Graduation Rate in Public Four-Year Colleges and Universities

Jung-cheol Shinn, Sande Milton

The Influence of School Policy and Practice on Mathematics Achievement During Transitional Periods

Janet K. Holt, Cynthia Campbell

Effective Technological Delivery in Nigerian Polytechnics:Need for Academic Manpower Development Policy

J. K. Adeyemi, E. E. Uko-Aviomoh

Growth and Financing of Elementary Education in Uttar Pradesh:A Province in India

P. Geetha Rani

Do EMO-operated Charter Schools Serve Disadvantaged Students? The Influence of State Policies

Natalie Lacireno-Paquet

Educational Values and Sexual Difference: Reality and educational policies in the Spanish context

Isabel Carrillo

Gender-segregated Education in Saudi Arabia: Its Impact on Social Norms the Saudi Labor Market

Roula Baki

High-Stakes Testing in the Warm Heart of Africa:The Challenges and Successes of the Malawi National Examinations Board

Elias Chakwera, Dafter Khembo, Stephen G. Sireci

Modeling school choice: A comparison of public, private-independent, private-religious and home-schooled students

Clive R. Belfield

Colorado's Voucher Law:Examining the Claim of Fiscal Neutrality

Kevin G. Welner

Interrogating the Generalizability of Portfolio Assessments of Beginning Teachers: A Qualitative Study

Pamela A. Moss, LeeAnn M. Sutherland, Laura Haniford, Renee Miller, David Johnson, Pamela K. Geist, Stephen M. Koziol, Jon R. Star, Raymond L. Pecheone

Reasonable Decisions in Portfolio Assessment: Evaluating Complex Evidence of Teaching

Aaron Schutz, Pamela A. Moss

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Accreditation:Impact on Elementary Student Performance

Darlene Y. Bruner, Lance Lamar Brantley

Factors Predicting Achievement, Drop Out And High School Enrolment In A Sample Of Peruvian Rural Students Abstract

Santiago Cueto

Reclassification of English Learners

James B. Grissom

The Influence of Socioeconomic Factors on Kentucky's Public School Accountability System:Does Poverty Impact School Effectiveness?

Robert Lyons

Quality and Equity in Basic Education Brasileira: The Evidence SAEB-2001

José Francisco Soares

Voices from the Frontlines:Teachers' Perceptions of High-Stakes Testing

Brett D. Jones, Robert J. Egley

Conceptions About Curriculum, School Content and The teachers in the process to produce texts Curriculum in Argentina

Alejandra Amantea, Graciela Laura Cappeletti, Estela Beatriz Cols, Silvina Feeney

Co-Education and Gender:The End of the Experiment?

Ian Clark

Chronic Teacher Turnover in Urban Elementary Schools

Kacey Guin

Democratic education across school types: Evidence for the U.S. from NHES99

Clive R. Belfield

Gramsci and the critical tradition: Social Study Of Education

Daniel Suárez

The Relationship Between State and District Content Standards:Issues of Alignment, Influence and Utility

Elizabeth Dutro, Sheila Valencia

National Board Certified Teachers andTheir Students' Achievement

Leslie G. Vandevoort, Audrey Amrein-Beardsley, David C. Berliner

Privatization Public Policy: A Look At The Experience of managing schools from San Luis

Myriam Feldfeber, Analía Jaimovich, Fernanda Saforcada

Identifying Teacher, School and District Characteristics Associated with Elementary Teachers' Use of Technology:A Multilevel Perspective

Laura M. O'Dwyer, Michael Russell, Damian J. Bebell

Age & Achievement

James B. Grissom

After exit: Academic achievement patterns of former English language learners.

Ester J. de Jong

Latin America: Education, Knowledge and Competitiveness

Eduardo M. Andere

School Size and the Influence of Socioeconomic Status on Student Achievement:Confronting the Threat of Size Bias in National Data Sets

Craig B. Howley, Aimee A. Howley

Effects of High-School Size on Student Outcomes:Response to Howley and Howley

Valerie E. Lee

Music education for the 21st century: Epistemology and ontology as bases for student aesthetic education.

José Luis Aróstegui, Robert Stake, Helen Simons

High School Graduation Rates:Alternative Methods and Implications

Jing Miao, Walt Haney

Making research matter more

Ben Levin

An Approach to the Study of Organizational Culture Educational Centers

Marcos R. Sarasola

School Size, Achievement, and Achievement Gaps

Bradley J. McMillen

Intercultural Education in School and Recognition of the Other

Isabela Cabral Félix de Sousa

Systemic Reform in a Federated System:Los Angeles at the Turn of the Millennium

David Menefee-Libey

The support gap: New teachers' early experiences in high-income and low-income schools

Susan Moore Johnson, Susan M. Kardos, David Kauffman, Edward Liu, Morgaen L. Donaldson

There is another way: The faculty-developed Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Assessment for K-8 pre-service teachers

David Squires, George F. Canney, Michael S. Trevisan

Links Between Finance and University Organization: Comparative Analysis Spanish University

Sara Fernández López

Closing the Racial Achievement Gap:The Role of Reforming Instructional Practices

Harold Wenglinsky

Tangible and intangible costs of "protecting human subjects": The impact of the National Research Act of 1974 onuniversity research activities

Frederic Jacobs, Arina Zonnenberg

The Effect of Charter School Legislation on Market Share

Simona Kúscová, Jack Buckley

From centralization to decentralization in Chinese higher education

Xiaohong Qian, Jef C. Verhoeven

The Advanced Placement Expansion of the 1990s:How Did Traditionally Underserved Students Fare?

Kristin Klopfenstein

Discipline in School, Gender and Sexuality: Practices and Punishment production of identity

Maria de Fátima Salum Moreira, Lilian Piorkowsky dos Santos

Meeting NCLB goals for highly qualified teachers: Estimates by state from survey data.

Rolf K. Blank, Doreen Langesen, Elizabeth Laird, Carla Toye, Victor Bandeira de Mello

Autonomy vs. control: Quality assurance and governmental policy in Flanders

Kurt De Wit, Jef C. Verhoeven

More than teacher directed or child initiated: Preschool curriculum type, parent involvement, and children's outcomes in the child-parent centers.

Elizabeth Graue, Melissa A. Clements, Arthur J. Reynolds, Michael D. Niles

The Balance Between Higher Education Autonomy and Public Quality Assurance:Development of the Portuguese System for Teacher Education Accreditation

Bártolo Campos