Vol. 8 (2000)

Published: 2000-01-01

Asymmetry in Dual Language Practice

Audrey Amrein, Robert A. Peña 8

Top-Down, Routinized Reform in Low-Income, Rural Schools

Robert Bickel, Terry Tomasek, Teresa Hardman Eagle 12

Statewide Professional Development Conference

Paul V. Bredeson, Jay Paredes Scribner 13

The Appalachian Rural Systemic Initiative

Stephen A. Henderson, Wimberly C. Royster 17

Education Reform in Hong Kong

Chris Dowson, Peter Bodycott, Allan Walker, David Coniam 24

Distance Learning: The Case of Political Science

Steffen Schmidt, Mark C. Shelley, Monty Van Wart, Jane Clayton, Erin Schreck 27

Performance Models in Higher Education

Janet Atkinson-Grosjean, Garnet Grosjean 30

Implementation of Kentucky Nongraded Primary Program

Patricia J. Kannapel et al, Lola Aagaard, Pamelia Coe, Cynthia A. Reeves 34

State Standards & Opportunity to Learn in New Jersey

William A. Firestone et al, Gregory Camili, Michelle Yurecko, Lora Monfils, David Mayrowetz 35

Advanced Placement: Access Not Exclusion

Wayne J. Camara, Neil J. Dorans, Rick Morgan, Carol Myford 40

Consistency of Findings Across International Surveys of Math & Science

Michael O'Leary, Thomas Kellaghan, George Madaus, Albert Beaton 43

What Do Test Scores in Texas Tell Us?

Stephen P. Klein et al, Laura Hamilton, Daniel F. McCaffrey, Brian Stecher 49

Support for parent participation in primary school

Judith K. Bernhard, Marlinda Freire, Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw 52