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Vol. 8 (2000)

Published: Jan 1, 2000

Teacher Quality and Student Achievement

Linda Darling-Hammond

America Y2K: The Obsolescence of Educational Reforms

Sherman Dorn

Social Science Research Findings and Educational Policy Dilemmas

Steven I. Miller, Marcel Fredericks

Technology & School Reform: A View from Both Sides of the Tracks

Mark Warschauer

Education Policy in Portugal

Jesus Maria Sousa

Higher Education Finance Reform in the Czech Republic

Matthew S. McMullen

Indications of the Implementation in the Process of Educational Reform in Uruguay

Marcos R. Sarasola

Asymmetry in Dual Language Practice

Audrey Amrein, Robert A. Peña

Gender Related Differences in Career Patterns of Principals in Alabama

William A. Spencer, Frances K. Kochan

Collegiate Grading Practices and the Gender Pay Gap

Alicia C. Dowd

Globalization, Macroregional Integration and Politics of Internationalization

Sylvie Didou

Top-Down, Routinized Reform in Low-Income, Rural Schools

Robert Bickel, Terry Tomasek, Teresa Hardman Eagle

Statewide Professional Development Conference

Paul V. Bredeson, Jay Paredes Scribner

Teachers and Tests Changes in the New York State Testing Program

S. G. Grant

Forces for Change in Mathematics Education: The Case of TIMSS

Donald S. Macnab

Relationship Between Reliability and Cost of Performance Assessment

Jay Parkes

The Appalachian Rural Systemic Initiative

Stephen A. Henderson, Wimberly C. Royster

Educational Policy in the United States: Context of Current Debates; Impact in Latin America

Mónica Eva Pini

Bridging the Gap between Testing and Technology in Schools

Michael Russell, Walt Haney

The equality of opportunities in the access of higher education

Ma. Jesus Freire

The System of Student Selction in Chilean Universities

Sebastián Donoso, Gustavo Hawes

The Influence of Scale on School Performance

Robert Bickel, Craig Howley

School-based Standard Testing

Craig Bolon

Education Reform in Hong Kong

Chris Dowson, Peter Bodycott, Allan Walker, David Coniam

Mathematics Achievement by Immigrant Children

Gary G. Huang

Governance and Financing of Chinese Higher Education

Chengzhi Wang

Distance Learning: The Case of Political Science

Steffen Schmidt, Mark C. Shelley, Monty Van Wart, Jane Clayton, Erin Schreck

Government Policy on Teacher Evaluation in Greece

Michail D. Chrysos

Whither Advanced Placement?

William Lichten

Performance Models in Higher Education

Janet Atkinson-Grosjean, Garnet Grosjean

Representations of Race, Gender and Ability in School Photography

Eric Margolis

Student Assessment as a Political Construction: The Case of Uruguay

Luis Benveniste

Economic Perspectives on Investments in Teacher Quality

Margaret L. Plecki

Implementation of Kentucky Nongraded Primary Program

Patricia J. Kannapel et al, Lola Aagaard, Pamelia Coe, Cynthia A. Reeves

State Standards & Opportunity to Learn in New Jersey

William A. Firestone et al, Gregory Camili, Michelle Yurecko, Lora Monfils, David Mayrowetz

Taxing the Establishment Clause: Revolutionary Decision of the Arizona Supreme Court

Kevin G. Welner

Arizona Education Tax Credit and Hidden Considerations of Justice

Michele S. Moses

Effects on Funding Equity of the Arizona Tax Credit Law

Glen Y. Wilson

Moral Consideration Regarding the Arizona Tax Credit Law

Anthony G. Rud

Advanced Placement: Access Not Exclusion

Wayne J. Camara, Neil J. Dorans, Rick Morgan, Carol Myford

The Myth of the Texas Miracle in Education

Walt Haney

Texas Gains on NAEP: Points of Light?

Gregory Camilli

Consistency of Findings Across International Surveys of Math & Science

Michael O'Leary, Thomas Kellaghan, George Madaus, Albert Beaton

Information Needs in the 21st Century: Will ERIC Be Ready?

Lawrence M. Rudner

The Social Construction of School Failure

Merylann J. Schuttloffel

Should Achievement Tests be Used to Judge School Quality?

Scott C. Bauer

Teacher Supply and Demand: Surprises from Primary Research

Andrew J. Wayne

Teaching and Learning Policy Review in Hong Kong and the U.S.

Orlan Lee

What Do Test Scores in Texas Tell Us?

Stephen P. Klein et al, Laura Hamilton, Daniel F. McCaffrey, Brian Stecher

Student Evaluation of Teaching: Methodological Critique

Robert Sproule

Findings from the Teaching, Learning, and Computing Survey

Henry Jay Becker

Support for parent participation in primary school

Judith K. Bernhard, Marlinda Freire, Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw

Logic in Educational Research and Policy Making

Rick Garlikov