Moral Consideration Regarding the Arizona Tax Credit Law


  • Anthony G. Rud Purdue University



Court Litigation, Educational Finance, Elementary Education, Equal Education, Private Financial Support, Private Schools, School Choice, State Courts, Tax Credits, Values


I begin by commenting on the language used, both by the Arizona tax credit law, and by our commentators, and then turn to a discussion of a factor I believe fuels the impetus for sectarian education. I end with a consideration of questions related to the social, cognitive, and moral costs of such privatization, in contrast to a democratic commitment to education.


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Author Biography

Anthony G. Rud, Purdue University

Anthony G. Rud Jr. is Associate Dean in the School of Education at Purdue University. He did his undergraduate work at Dartmouth College, and holds a master's and PhD in philosophy from Northwestern University. In addition to his administrative duties, he teaches courses in philosophy of education, and a course in the cultural context of education for doctoral students in educational administration. Rud has also been heavily involved in teacher education curricular reform at Purdue. He is a founding member of the Editorial Board of this journal.




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Rud, A. G. (2000). Moral Consideration Regarding the Arizona Tax Credit Law. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 8, 39.