Educational Policy in the United States: Context of Current Debates; Impact in Latin America


  • Mónica Eva Pini Universidad de Buenos Aires



Educational Policy, Foreign Countries, School Choice, Charter Schools, Voucher Program, Market Model, Democracy


The objective of this article is to analyze some of the most relevant debates about current educational policies in the United States, and to explore the universalility of some of the ideas and strategies which have already been put in place in Latin America. The policies I will discuss are Goals 2000 and school choice proposals, especially those of charter schools and vouchers. These policies question the key definitions of educational goals, the role of the state, and democratic values. Through the analysis of different documents, reports, and research studies, the political context from which they emerged, and a critical perspective, discourses and policies are interpreted. The market model and the strong forces behind many of these proposals makes it necessary for us to think about how these ideas affect the social distribution of education and democratic ideals, both in the United States and in Latin America.


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Author Biography

Mónica Eva Pini, Universidad de Buenos Aires

Es Profesora en Ciencias de la Educación y Magister Scientiarum en Administración Pública de la Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Actualmente es candidata al doctorado en el College of Education en la Universidad de New Mexico, USA. Sus áreas de interés son la política y administración de la educación. Ha trabajado como docente en el nivel primario, secundario, universitario y en Institutos de Formación Docente, ha participado en varios proyectos de investigación educativa en la Ciudad y en la Provincia de Buenos Aires, y en el Programa Nacional de Gestión de la Capacitación Docente en el Ministerio de Cultura y Educación.




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Pini, M. E. (2000). Educational Policy in the United States: Context of Current Debates; Impact in Latin America. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 8, 18.