Logic in Educational Research and Policy Making


  • Rick Garlikov Birmingham, Alabama (U.S.A.)




Achievement Tests, Educational Policy, Educational Quality, Educational Research, Elementary Secondary Education, Logic, Policy Formation, Test Use


While educational research is an empirical enterprise, there is significant place in it for logical reasoning and anecdotal evidence. An analysis of the article by Scott C. Bauer, "Should Achievement Tests be Used to Judge School Quality?" (Education Policy Analysis Archives, 8(46). Available: http://epaa.asu.edu/v8n46.html) is used to illustrate this point.


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Author Biography

Rick Garlikov, Birmingham, Alabama (U.S.A.)

Rick Garlikov is a philosopher and photographer who resides in Birmingham, Alabama. He holds a graduate degree in Philosophy from the University of Michigan. He is the author of The Meaning of Love, of Making the Most of Your University Courses: What to Expect Academically at College, and of Teaching About Thinking; Thinking About Teaching: Why Teaching "Facts" Is Not Enough, an online book of essays about teaching for reasoning and understanding. Rick conducts introductory philosophy instruction via e-mail and offers a free "homework help" service that tries to help students (or parents) understand in greater depth the material with which they are having difficulty, so that they can then work through their assignments (or teach their children) on their own. These materials and services are available at http://www.garlikov.com.




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