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Vol. 1 (1993)

Published: Jan 19, 1993

Action Research and Social Movement

Stephen Kemmis

Educational Reform in an Era of Disinformation

David C. Berliner

The Devil's Bargain: Educational Research and the Teacher

Ivor F. Goodson

Three Book Reviews

Steven J. Fountaine, Susan Haag, Kent Parades Scribner

Students and Educational Productivity

Benjamin Levin

Anti-Intellectualism in U.S. Schools

Aimee Howley, Edwina D. Pendarvis, Craig B. Howley

Merging Educational Finance Reform and Desegregation Goals

Deborah M. Kazal-Thresher

Learning on the Job: Understanding the Cooperative Education Work Experience

Alison I. Griffith

Evidence, Ethics & Social Policy Dilemmas

Steven I. Miller, L. Arthur Safer

Technology Refusal

Steven Hodas

Why Production Function Analysis is Irrelevant in Policy Deliberations Concerning Educational Funding Equity

Jim C. Fortune

Is Water an Input to a Fish? Problems with the Production-Function Model in Education

Steven Hodas

Against "Values": Reflections on Moral Language and Moral Education

Kenneth A. Strike

Further Reflections on Moral Education: A Response to Strike

Rick Garlikov

A Reply to Mr. Hodas

David H. Monk