Educational Reform in an Era of Disinformation

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Data which suggest the failure of America's schools to educate its youth well do not survive careful scrutiny. School reforms based on these questionable data are wrongheaded and potentially distructive of quality education. Reforms of the kind proposed by those who have started from an assumption that America's schools have failed will exacerbate the differences between the "have" and the "have-not" school districts.


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Berliner, D. C. (1993). Educational Reform in an Era of Disinformation. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 1, 2.
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David C. Berliner, Arizona State University

David C. Berliner is Professor of Educational Psychology and Curriculum and Instruction in the College of Education at Arizona State University. He is co-author of Educational Psychology (5th edition)(with N. L. Gage), Putting Research to Work (with U. Casanova) and co-editor of Perspectives on Instructional Time (with C. Fisher). He is a past president of the American Educational Research Association and of the Division of Educational Psychology of the American Psychological Association. He is also a Fellow of the Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences. His interests are in research on teaching, teacher education, and education policy.

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