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Vol. 14 (2006)

Published: Jan 4, 2006

High-Stakes Testing and Student Achievement: Does Accountability Pressure Increase Student Learning?

Sharon L. Nichols, Gene V Glass, David C. Berliner

Successive Student Cohorts and Longitudinal Growth Models: An Investigation of Elementary School Mathematics Performance

Keith Zvoch, Joseph J. Stevens

Innovation As school life: A Case Analysis of Andalusia Using a "Concerns-Based Adoption Model"

José Gijón Puerta

The legend of the large MCAS gains of 2000-2001.

Gregory Camilli, Sadako Vargas

National Board Certification as Professional Development: What Are Teachers Learning?

David Lustick, Gary Sykes

The Democratization of educational inequalities in France and the United Kingdom: A Global Update, a Local Reading

Antonio Luzon, Mónica Torres

Effects of a State Mandated Policy (Site-Based Councils) and of Potential Role Incumbents on Teacher Screening Decisions in High and Low Performing Schools.

I. Phillip Young, Kimberly Miller-Smith

The Black-White achievement gap: Do state policies matter?

Henry I. Braun, Aubrey Wang, Frank Jenkins, Elliot Weinbaum

Educational liberalization under the AGCS/GATS: Analyzing the current state of negotiations

Antoni Verger

Small schools and the pressure to consolidate.

Aimee Howley, Craig Howley

The Contract-Programs in Universities: Lessons from the International Comparison

Ana M. García de Fanelli

Gathering evidence on an after-school supplemental instruction program: Design challenges and early findings in light of NCLB.

Madhabi Chatterji, Young Ae Kwon, Clarice Sng

The impact of language and high-stakes testing policies on elementary school English language learners in Arizona.

Wayne E. Wright, Daniel Choi

Examining instruction, achievement, and equity with NAEP mathematics data.

Sarah Theule Lubienski

The School and Cultural Diversity: Notes on Multicultural Education in Portugal

José Carlos Pina Almeida

Perceptions of the impact of accountability on the role of principals.

James E. Lyons, Bob Algozzine

On ideology, causal inference and the reification of statistical methods: Reflections on "Examining instruction, achievement and equity with NAEP mathematics data."

Harold Wenglinsky

Technical Problems and Political Uses of National Assessments in the Argentinian Educational System

Silvina Gvirtz, Silvina Larripa, Verónica Oelsner

The Impact of Lifelong Learning Teacher Education in Secondary School Results

Paula González-Vallinas, David Oterino, José Luis San Fabián

Federal, state, and district level English language learner program entry and exit requirements: Effects on the education of language minority learners.

Alex Ragan, Nonie Lesaux

The Eight-Year Study: From Evaluative Research to a Demonstration Project, 1930—1940.

Joseph Watras

Concepts of Education and Education for Women Clients of a Health Center in Rio De Janeiro

Isabela Cabral Félix de Sousa

NCLB: Local implementation and impact in southwest Washington state.

Linda Mabry, Linda Mabry and Jason Margolis

Funding for Performance and Equity: Student Success in English Further Education Colleges.

Ozan Jaquette

A look at the other devices in the Foreign Language Training: Isomorphisms of Language Policy and the Mediation

Teresa Yurén, Cony Saenger

Curriculum as praxis: Ensuring quality technical education in Singapore for the 21st century.

Tiew Ming Yek, Dawn Penney

The Argentine Universities in the Context of Policies of the 90s: The Case of the Joint Degree in Science Education UNICEN

Iris Richmond

School size, student achievement, and the "power rating" of poverty: Substantive finding or statistical artifact?

Theodore Coladarci

A Multilevel Study Based on PISA 2003: School Effectiveness Factors in the area of Mathematics

Covadonga Ruiz de Miguel, Maria Castro Morera

Relationships between high-stakes testing policies and student achievement after controlling for demographic factors in aggregated data.

Gregory J. Marchant, Sharon E. Paulson, Adam Shunk

No more aggregate NAEP studies? [editorial].

Sherman Dorn

The school in the Quechua peasant world: sociocultural tensions between modes of socialization of knowledge

Jaime Zambrana Vargas

Comparison of the enrollment percentages of magnet and non-magnet schools in a large urban school district.

Emily Arcia

Bias factors associated with assessing the validity of university teaching: a hierarchical linear model

Raciel Acevedo Alvarez, Nuria Mairena Rodríguez