No more aggregate NAEP studies? [editorial].

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This editorial reviews recent studies of accountability policies using National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) data and compares the use of aggregate NAEP data to the availability of individual-level data from NAEP. While the individual-level NAEP data sets are restricted-access and do not give accurate point-estimates of achievement, they nonetheless provide greater opportunity to conduct more appropriate multi-level analyses with state policies as one set of variables. Policy analysts using NAEP data should still look at exclusion rates and the non-longitudinal nature of the NAEP data sets.


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Dorn, S. (2006). No more aggregate NAEP studies? [editorial]. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 14, 31.
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Sherman Dorn, Education Policy Analysis Archives

Sherman Dorn is editor of Education Policy Analysis Archives and a member of the social foundations faculty in the University of South Florida College of Education.