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Vol. 18 (2010)

Published: Aug 10, 2010

Why Shouldn’t Rural Kids Have It All? Place-conscious Leadership in an Era of Extralocal Reform Policy

Kathleen M. Budge

The Citizen School: Inclusive policies and practices

Jose Clovis de Azevedo, Carolina Contreiras Rodrigues, Sumaia Fuchs Curço

Alberta’s 2002 Teacher Strike: The Political Economy of Labor Relations in Education

Bob Barnetson

Reflections about school dropout in Finland and Puerto Rico

Nancy Viana, Agustín Rullán

Reforming Educational Governance and Management in Egypt: National and International Actors and Dynamics

Mark Ginsburg, Nagwa Megahed, Mohammed Elmeski, Nobuyuki Tanaka

Different histories, similar opinions? Perspectives of presidents of public and private universities on Argentina’s higher education system

María Fernanda Arias

The Impact of Skills Development on Competitiveness: Empirical Evidence from a Cross-Country Analysis

Eldah Nyamoita Onsomu, Moses W. Ngware, Damiano K. Manda

Standardized Assessments: Six Critical Reflections

Ignacio Barrenechea

Premature celebrations: The persistence of inter-district funding disparities

Bruce Baker, Kevin G. Welner

Competencies in ICT of teachers and their relation to the use of the technological resources

Jesús M. Suárez Rodríguez, Gonzalo Almerich, Bernardo Gargallo López, Francisco M. Aliaga

Beyond Free Lunch: Which Family Background Measures Matter?

Sarah Lubienski, Corinna Crawford Crane

Trajectory and Leadership Formation of Mexican Women Scholars: The Morelos Case

Alejandra Montes-de-Oca-O'Reilly, Teresa Yurén Camarena

Mathematics Reform and Teacher Quality in Elementary Grades: Assessments, Teacher Licensure, and Certification

Annie Georges, Kathryn M. Borman, Reginald S. Lee

Cheating in the first, second, and third degree: Educators' responses to high-stakes testing

Audrey Amrein-Beardsley, David C. Berliner, Sharon Rideau

Understanding Agenda Setting in State Educational Policy: An Application of Kingdon’s Multiple Streams Model to the Formation of State Reading Policy

Tamara Viola Young, Thomas V. Shepley, Mengli Song

Identity and Motivation Among Hispanic ELLs

Francesca Lopez

Can school structures improve teacher-student relationships? The relationship between advisory programs, personalization and students’ academic achievement

Larry V. McClure, Susan Yonezawa, Makeba Jones

Citizenship, social and educational rights: Reflections for a pedagogy of human rights

Eduardo Salvador Vila Merino, Asier Martínez De Bringas

Using Assessments for Instructional Improvement: A Literature Review

Viki M. Young, Debbie H. Kim

Can professors be socialized in good teaching practices? The case of the Project Visibilidad

María Muradás López, Pilar Mendoza

The Black-White Achievement Gap Revisited

Henry Braun, Lauren Chapman, Sailesh Vezzu

Effective teaching strategies and inclusive education practices: A case study in Andalucia

José Maria Fernández Batanero

Value-Added Modeling of Teacher Effectiveness: An Exploration of Stability across Models and Contexts

Xiaoxia A. Newton, Linda Darling-Hammond, Edward Haertel, Ewart Thomas

The Teachers Union-Charter Impasse: Moving Forward from the New York Caps Fight

Lisa Michele Stulberg

Reflections About the Role of Intellectuals in Latin America

Judith Naidorf, Alejandra Beatriz Martinetto, Silvina Andrea Sturniolo, Julieta Armella

Beyond the Labor Market Paradigm: A Social Network Perspective on Teacher Recruitment and Retention

Kira Baker-Doyle

Distortion or Clarification: Defining Highly Qualified Teachers and the Relationship between Certification and Achievement

Jacob M Marszalek, Arthur L Odom, Steven M. LaNasa, Susan A. Adler

The Changing Distribution of Teacher Qualifications Across Schools: A Statewide Perspective Post-NCLB

Karen J. DeAngelis, Bradford R. White, Jennifer B. Presley

Examining the Effects of School Composition on North Carolina Student Achievement over Time

Stephanie Southworth

The STEM Pipeline: The Role of Summer Research Experience in Minority Students' Graduate Aspirations

Matea Pender, Dave E. Marcotte, Mariano R. Sto. Domingo, Kenneth I. Maton

Reflexiones y Demandas de Egresados de la Universidad de Granada sobre la Formación Práctica: Aportes para la Mejora del Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior

Mª Carmen López López, Alfonso Fernández Herrería

Rethinking Mentoring: Comparing Policy and Practice in Special and General Education

Leah Wasburn-Moses