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Vol. 3 (1995)

Published: Jan 2, 1995

Mothering for Schooling

Alison I. Griffith

The Bell Curve: An Essay Review

John C. Culbertson

Beginning Teacher Programs

Carol B. Furtwengler

State Actions for Personnel Evaluation

Carol B. Furtwengler

Diversifying Finance of Higher Education

John C. Weidman

Educational Assessment Reassessed

William L. Sanders, Sandra P. Horn

Review of Hanushek "Making Schools Work"

Herbert Gintis

Review of De Young,"Life & Death of a Rural American High School: Farewell Little Kanawha"

Craig Howley, Paul Theobald

Brave New Reductionism: TQM as Ethnocentrism

Dion Dennis

Language Choice & Global Learning Networks

Dennis Sayers

Inflated Grades, Enrollments & Budgets

J. E. Stone

Educational Change in Alberta, Canada

Charles F. Webber

Charter Schools 1995

Thomas Mauhs-Pugh

Theory of Thematic Curricula

Carole Cook Freeman, Harris J. Sokoloff

Inclusion in Elementary Schools

Susan Allan Galis, C. Kenneth Tanner

Pursuit of the Ph.D.

Scott P. Kerlin

Surviving the Doctoral Years

Scott P. Kerlin

The Matthew Principle

Craig Howley

French Colonial Education

Thomas Clayton

Indicators of Research Quality

Ronald H. Nowaczyk, David G. Underwood