Inclusion in Elementary Schools


  • Susan Allan Galis Commerce and Jefferson City Schools
  • C. Kenneth Tanner University of Georgia



Inclusion, Testing Programs, General Education, Action Research, Federal Legislation, Learning Disabilities, Education Testing, Elementary Education, Elementary School, Accountability, Teacher Collaboration, Interprofessional Relationship


This study of reform policy focused on inclusive education in the 1990s in the state of Georgia, United States of America. Program modifications including, individualizing instructional methods, adapting the instructional environment, and lowering maximum class size emerged as significant issues. We found that policies related to these areas were compounded by the less experienced educators not readily accepting change strategies for serving students. Apparently younger educators are engrossed in surviving daily routine and have difficulty coping with the complex demands of change. Regular education teachers have difficulty with the idea of inclusion. Legal aspects dealing inclusion need clarification, especially for regular education teachers.


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Author Biographies

Susan Allan Galis, Commerce and Jefferson City Schools

Susan Allan Galis received her Ed. D. From the University of Georgia in Special Education. Currently she serves as Special Education Director for Commerce City Jefferson City, GA Public Schools. In addition she is a part-time Assistant Pro the Department of Special Education at the University of Georgia. Dr. Galis rec BM degree in music therapy from Florida State University and is a registered mus therapist. She is particularly interested in special education issues. She may (706) 335-5500 or (706) 367-2883.

C. Kenneth Tanner, University of Georgia

Kenneth Tanner is a professor in the Department of Educational Leadership at the University of Georgia, Athens, GA. He earned an Ed. D. from the Florida State University in educational administration and business management and holds membership in AERA, ISEP, and CEFPI. He has been recognized as a Danforth-Johns Scholar by Stanford University and has published 4 books and 60 articles. His a research and teaching are educational policy analysis, school environmental desi planning. He may be reached at any of the following:; o Department of Educational Leadership, UGA, Athens, GA 30602; or FAX (706) 542- 5873, Phone (706) 542-4067.




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Galis, S. A., & Tanner, C. K. (1995). Inclusion in Elementary Schools. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 3, 15.




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