Inclusive Education in the United States


  • C. Kenneth Tanner The University of Georgia
  • Deborah Jan Vaughn Linscott Fulton County (GA) Schools
  • Susan Allan Galis Commerce City (GA) Schools



Administrator Attitudes, Beliefs, Educational Change, Educational Practices, Inclusive Schools, Intermediate Grades, Junior High Schools, Mainstreaming, Middle Schools, Principals, Surveys, Teacher Attitudes, Teacher Collaboration, Teaching Methods


School reform issues addressing inclusive education were investigated in this nationwide (United States) study. A total of 714 randomly selected middle school principals and teachers responded to concerns about inclusion, "degree of change needed in" and "importance of" collaborative strategies of teaching, perceived barriers to inclusion, and supportive activities and concepts for inclusive education. There was disagreement among teachers and principals regarding some aspects of inclusive education and collaborative strategies. For example, principals and special education teachers were more positive about inclusive education than regular education teachers. Collaboration as an instructional strategy for "included" students was viewed as a high priority item. Responders who had taken two or more courses in school law rated the identified barriers to inclusive education higher than those with less formal training in the subject.


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Author Biographies

C. Kenneth Tanner, The University of Georgia

Kenneth Tanner is a professor in the Department of Educational Leadership at the University of Georgia, Athens, GA. He earned an Ed. D. from the Florida State University in educational administration and business management and holds membership in AERA, ISEP, and CEFPI. He has been recognized as a Danforth-Johnson Scholar by Stanford University and has published 4 books and 60 articles. His areas of research and teaching are educational policy analysis, school environmental desin and planning

Deborah Jan Vaughn Linscott, Fulton County (GA) Schools

Deborah Jan Vaughn Linscott is a special education teacher in Fulton County, Georgia Public Schools. She received the Ed. D. In Educational Leadership from the University of Georgia and the B. A. From the University of Arizona. Her areas of interest include the effects of inclusive education on students and methods of teaching special education. She may be reached at (770) 445-5031.

Susan Allan Galis, Commerce City (GA) Schools

Susan Allan Galis received her Ed. D. From the University of Georgia in Special Education. Currently she serves as Special Education Director for Commerce City Jefferson City, GA Public Schools. In addition she is a part-time Assistant Professor in the Department of Special Education at the University of Georgia. Dr. Galis received her BM degree in music therapy from Florida State University and is a registered music therapist. She is particularly interested in special education policy issues. She may reached at (706) 335-5500 or (706) 367-2883




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Tanner, C. K., Linscott, D. J. V., & Galis, S. A. (1996). Inclusive Education in the United States. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 4, 19.