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Making Schools Work is about the economics of educational policy. The Brookings Institution, publisher of the volume, is among the most respected institutions of economic policy research in the United States. The analysis and recommendations offered by Eric Hanushek, Professor of Economics at the University of Rochester, are based on original research financed by the Pew Charitable Trusts, and carried out by a distinguished group of economists.


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Gintis, H. (1995). Review of Hanushek "Making Schools Work". Education Policy Analysis Archives, 3, 7.
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Herbert Gintis, University of Massachusetts

He has jointly authored with Samuel Bowles (University of Massachusetts) Schooling in Capitalist America: Educational Reform and the Contradictions of Economic Life (New York: Basic Books, 1976), Democracy and Capitalism: Property, Community, and the Contradictions of Modern Social Thought (New York: Basic Books, 1986), and is co-editor with Samuel Bowles and Bo Gustafsson (University of Uppsala) of Democracy and Markets; Participation, Accountability, and Efficiency (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1993). In addition he is co-author with Christopher Jencks (Northwestern University) et al. of Inequality: A Reassessment of the Effects of Family and Schooling in America (New York: Basic Books, 1972), and is co-editor with Gerald Epstein (University of Massachusetts) of Macroeconomic Policy After the Conservative Era: Studies in Investment, Savings, and Finance (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1995). He has also written many journal articles, has been Visiting Professor of Economics at Harvard University and the University of Paris, Visiting Professor of Sociology at Harvard University, and a Fellow of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey. He is currently writing two books with Samuel Bowles (one on ``new microfoundations of economic theory,'' and the other an application of this theory to economic policy). He is currently co-editor of the journal Metroeconomica, and cochair with Professor Paul Romer (University of California, Berkeley) of the MacArthur Foundation research project ``The Human Side of Economic Analysis: Economic Environments and the Evolution of Norms and Preferences.''