Transference of Ethnic Difference in School


  • Serafín Aldea Muñoz Escuela Universitaria de Educación de Soria



Duality, Equality, Difference, Ethnic Minorities, Integration, Values


This article attempts to compile those concepts relating to the duality equality—difference, which appears with increasing frequency in our schools. Respect for ethnic minorities, integration, and the need to affirm certain values are part of the rights of children and of all persons. Nevertheless, this work provides evidence of the gap between theory and reality in the classroom. We also examine the difficulty of reaching an agreement as to what should be understood as tolerance or equality, which must be translated into didactic practice through behaviors and actions which go beyond the typical educational treatment or mere information about this worldwide problem.


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Author Biography

Serafín Aldea Muñoz, Escuela Universitaria de Educación de Soria

Profesor titular Departamento Psicología de la Escuela Universitaria de Educación de Soria. Director Sección Departamental Psicología de Soria. Coordinador de la Facultad de Filosofía de la UNED de Soria. Doctor en Filosofía y Letras-Psicólogo y pedagogo. Psicólogo Equipos Psicopedagógicos del MEC en Excedencia.



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Aldea Muñoz, S. (2001). Transference of Ethnic Difference in School. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 9, 20.