Profile of Chief Academic Officers


  • Brent D. Cejda Texas Tech University
  • Kirsten L. Rewey St. Mary's University of Minnesota



Presidency, Carnegie Classification, College, University, Caucasian, Chief Academic Officer


Chief Academic Officer (CAO) is the most common position title before assuming the presidency of a college or university. Results from a national survey are used to develop a profile of the CAO in each respective Carnegie institutional classification. The typical CAO in four-year institutions is Caucasian, male, 54 years old, and married. He holds a doctoral degree, most likely in humanities or social sciences, and has held the CAO position for 5 or fewer years. Most often, the CAO served as a Dean or Associate Dean in the previous position. All CAOs have classroom experience, but 3% have never taught full-time. With only slight variances among the percentages, these characteristics are similar for each of the respective Carnegie classifications. Comparisons are also made between the characteristics of presidents and CAOs.


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Author Biographies

Brent D. Cejda, Texas Tech University

Brent D. Cejda is an Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Higher Education Program at Texas Tech University. His research on careers has focused on the position of chief academic officer at both two- and four-year institutions.

Kirsten L. Rewey, St. Mary's University of Minnesota

Kirsten L. Rewey is an Assistant Educational Specialist in the Department of Psychology at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Her recent research has focused on undergraduate writing styles and effective presentation styles for the classroom.




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