Building a socially responsible higher education system in Latin America: Advances and challenges




Higher education, social responsibility, Latin American, comparative perspective, public policies


After one century of university reform in Córdoba, Argentina, the social responsibility of higher education institutions in Latin America is the subject of attention in this article. The higher education system and its role is analyzed through an interpretive-hermeneutic perspective, an analysis and interpretation of the growing number of legislations on the topic, as well as scientific articles that describe the main characteristics and conditions of social responsibility models that are developed and incorporated. In response to the impulses of a global system of higher education, which regulates supply and establishes quality parameters, the changes within Latin American higher education are discussed, as well as the impact that institutions can have on establishing the parameters of their social responsibility, so that they contribute to the response to the challenges within their regions.


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Author Biographies

Juan José Martí-Noguera, Institución Universidad Internacional de Valencia

Doctor por la Universidad de Valencia, trabaja en ámbito de desarrollo regional, responsabilidad social, tecnología y sociedad.

Ricardo Gaete Quezada, Universidad de Antofagasta

Doctor por la Universidad de Valladolid, académico jornada completa del Departamento de Ciencias Sociales, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Artes y Humanidades de la Universidad de Antofagasta en Chile. Investigador sobre la responsabilidad social universitaria y el acceso de las mujeres a los cargos directivos. 



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Martí-Noguera, J. J., & Gaete Quezada, R. (2019). Building a socially responsible higher education system in Latin America: Advances and challenges. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 27, 97.



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