A Coherent System of Teacher Evaluation for Quality Teaching


  • Accomplished California Teachers




teacher evaluation, quality, accountability


This article addresses the questions, “How should we evaluate the quality of teaching?” and “What kind of evaluation system will move all California teachers on a path of improvement throughout their careers?” The article, adapted from a report written by a group of accomplished California teachers, recommends seven core principles to develop a system of teacher evaluation that provides meaningful and ongoing inputs and moves teachers on a path of continuous improvement throughout their careers. It also addresses some of the elements of accountability that the state system writ large can adopt to create a system that fosters high-quality teaching.


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Author Biography

Accomplished California Teachers

Tammie Adams, Elena Aguilar, Ellen Berg, Liane Cismowski, Anthony Cody, David B. Cohen, Sandra Dean, Lynn Formigli, Jane Fung, Cliff Lee, Kathie Marshall, Nancy Skorko, and Silver White. 

The original report, A Quality Teacher in Every Classroom: Creating a Teacher Evaluation System that Works for California, was written in 2010 by a team of California-based teacher leaders, who were part of the Accomplished California Teacher (ACT) network operating under the auspices of the National Board Resource Center at Stanford University.




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