Priority Education Policies: Contributions from a European analysis to the Chilean case




Priority policies, inclusive education, focalization, educative policies, comparative education


This paper proposes an international comparison between the analysis realized in Europe about Priority Education Policies (PEP) and the Chilean case. The discussion related to “inclusive education” is framed in the analysis of educative dispositives that are focused on social segments with major needs, defined as “prior”. The author proposes a bibliographical revision of Chilean priority programs between 1980 and 2017, to realize a criss-crossed comparative analysis between European PEP theory and Chilean case. From the socio-historical perspective, I analyze secondary sources as discourses and dispositives, producing an archive and a genealogy. First I address the evolution of Chilean case using the European definition of the object “PEP”, which reveals similarities and differences, both in the roles assigned to the State and in the successive generations of PEP. Second, I analyze three dimensions of the Chilean PEP, raising tendencies associated to its deployment and its evolution over time. I develop here three main findings: (1) the expansion of the devices designed in the context of the PEP with a piloting function, (2) the semantic evolution of the notion of public, and (3) the privatization of the production of knowledge.


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Author Biography

Muriel Armijo Cabrera, Universidad Alberto Hurtado / Pontificia Universidad Católica

Postdoctoranda en Educación en la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (Proyecto Fondecyt Postdoctorado n° 3200674). Doctora en Educación en cotutela entre el Programa de Doctorado de las Universidades Alberto Hurtado y Diego Portales (Chile) y la Université Paris 8 (Francia). Masters en Ciencia Política (Paris 1) y en Ciencias de la Educación (Paris 5). Licenciada en Historia y Ciencia Política (Paris 1). Líneas de investigación: Infancia, Políticas Educativas, Diversidad.



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Armijo Cabrera, M. (2020). Priority Education Policies: Contributions from a European analysis to the Chilean case. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 28, 101.