Diversity approaches in primary school teacher training programs in Chile


  • Cecilia Paz Millán Universidad Católica Silva Henríquez




Teacher training, Chile, Primary education, Diversity approaches


This research analyses how the demands for inclusion and cultural diversity are addressed in the initial teacher training processes of 68 primary educators in Chile. The graduation profiles and the curriculum are analysed, including quantity of courses associated with diversity &/or special needs educations; the titles of the modules taught and the year of which these modules degrees are taught. It is a qualitative study, with an exploratory and descriptive scope, and an content analysis of information provided by the websites of each higher education institution involved. The results show that most universities dictate one module associated with diversity or special needs education, which are of secondary importance and isolated from the study program. The words most used in the title program are diversity and inclusion. Regarding the profiles of graduates, 65% of the degrees offer generic content on diversity, which do not indicate the priorities and approaches within the content. The use of the word “context” was predominant, but not described nor problematized. Also predominant was a focus on interpersonal relationships, but without a consideration of structural aspects of inequality, discrimination and conflict.


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Author Biography

Cecilia Paz Millán, Universidad Católica Silva Henríquez

Antropóloga por la Universidad Austral de Chile, Magíster en Investigación Social y Desarrollo por la Universidad de Concepción, Doctora en Ciencias Antropológicas por la Universidad Autónoma de México y Postdoctora de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Académica e investigadora del Centro de Investigación para la Transformación Socioeducativa (CITSE) de la Universidad Católica Silva Henríquez. Miembro e investigadora del Programa Alternativas Pedagógicas y Prospectiva Educativa en América Latina (APPeAL-México). Facultad de Filosofía y Letras de la Universidad Autónoma de México. Ha desarrollado diversas investigaciones vinculadas a la formación inicial y diversidad cultural, desigualdad educacional, reformas educativas y modelo neoliberal, movimientos estudiantiles, política y memoria.



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Millán, C. P. (2021). Diversity approaches in primary school teacher training programs in Chile. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 29(August - December). https://doi.org/10.14507/epaa.29.4702