Hiring Policy in United States Spanish Departments

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The present study focuses on two inter-related factors specific to United States college and university Spanish Departments: the unique demographic profile of the entry-level faculty in terms of gender, ethnicity, national origin, and social class; the relation between these factors and hiring practices, especially regarding field of specialization, pay scale, and tenure-track opportunities. We believe these issues are important in that they underscore the value of considering questions of social class as well as ethnicity and gender when analyzing academic job segmentation.


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Hoeg, J., Cohen, E., & Fullen, C. (1999). Hiring Policy in United States Spanish Departments. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 7, 12. https://doi.org/10.14507/epaa.v7n12.1999
Author Biographies

Jerry Hoeg, Penn State University

Jerry Hoeg is Associate Professor of Spanish at Pennsylvania State University.

Eric Cohen, Penn State University

Eric Cohen is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Penn State.

Christine Fullen, Penn State University

Christine Fullen was formerly in the Department of Health and Human Services at Penn State. She now is employed by Fayette County in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.